The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 45

Ironsally had planned on posing for you in her new embroidered armor when she hit 45 but after the time she had getting there all she wanted to do was sit down in beautiful downtown Gadgetzan and eat a horse … or a whole pig dammit. At level 43 she was questing in Thousand Needles. She was given a choice to Free Freewind Post or go to Tanaris so wanting a change of scenery she chose Tanaris. Oops, that may have been a little premature.

The mobs were one to two levels above her and strangely not any harder to kill but oh the misses sure hurt.  She frequently had three misses in a row on a level 45 which made her so low on mana that if she got an add she was in big trouble. Being a cocky Warlock she decided to stay and see how it went. She died three times trying to take down Captain Dreadbeard but other than that hasn’t had much trouble.

All she could think about was the new armor available at 45, her last set of store-bought whites. She also upgraded her wand from the Pitchwood Wand to the Blackbone Wand for a tiny dps increase but since the next possible wand upgrade isn’t until level 70 she wanted all the power she could get. There are no gray wands so the level 70 will be her last upgrade.

Her clothing situation is my big concern. If you look up gray cloth drops there are plenty of options all the way to level 82 but they have to drop for you. She hasn’t been very lucky with cloth drops and people don’t sell them very often, especially at the higher levels. In hindsight I see it that it would have been helpful to start her on Fenris. Every time I get a gray cloth drop with a character I go, Yes! … oh no wrong server.

Ironsally actually uses bandages. All my characters trained first aid but none of them ever really used bandages with the exception of the Rogue. Ironsally really loves bandages. When jumped by more than one mob and she’s low on health from Health Funneling her Voidwalker she can regain her health with a bandage while he fights the bad guys. It’s interesting that playing this way is so different than playing a regular Warlock. It’s certainly simplified, only a few spells are practical to use and it’s a dangerous land, she has to pay attention to her surroundings. None of those spoiled heirloom-wearing, talent-pointed, characters on Fenris do, pssht.

I had been checking the AH for gray clothing around her level but I think I will start looking at all levels and buy something if I see it. I just bought her a level 77 Frost-Rimed Cloth Hat how’s that for optimism!

2 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 45”

  1. Wow! You are doing really really well! Looks like it will get very interesting for you from here-on-in. I think looking to buy stuff at higher levels is very prudent also. Psynister warned of this hump, and I guess this will become a real stumbling block eventually, so in a way it’s kinda nice (for us) that you have now reached it. As you can give us all a taste of what’s ahead. 🙂

    Unfortunately some RL problem has kicked in for me at the moment so not had chance to play (or even use the computer at all) for a week or so, so I’m very behind with everything – hence my late comment.

    Keep it up – you are going great!

    • Thanks Döra, it’s good to hear (read) you! I’ve been wondering if all was okay.

      It’s so funny, I have a level 1 alt that obsessively checks the AH looking for gray cloth armor. You can’t believe how excited I was to see a pair of level 44 shoulders!

      So far I have found 2 high level pieces, there was another on the AH but it was listed for 150 gold. She’s not that rich, lol.

      My husband was out for most of the past weekend so it was all Ironsally all the time!

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