There is your way and there is my way. There is no wrong way.

I have a habit that I need to break. When the blogs that I follow aren’t talking and I start browsing their blogrolls I tend to skip over names that appear to be about something I don’t do, like healing or raiding. The other day I saw this Game Priorities – Please Mind Your Business, Not Mine on a blogroll which led me to Heavy Wool Bandage.

It is such a great feeling to read a post that says what you’d like to say only better. I used to wonder why WoW players displayed such aberrant behavior but I’ve come to believe it has nothing to do with being a WoW player it’s just people without the constraints of real life. I don’t get it, but it’s the only answer I can come up with.

Back towards the end of BC I was doing Children’s Week and got on a boat at Darkshore. Boarding with me was a person in one of the top raiding guilds at the time. They began an unsolicited critique of my gear, not whispered, to the whole contingent on board. They said something like “… not a bad attempt but you’re weapon’s completely wrong and …”.  I tried to imagine a real life parallel. Would they walk up to me on the street and say “nice try, but to pull off those boots you’re wearing you need to lose ten pounds”? I mean it’s the same thing.

Again back in BC I wanted an enchant for my wrong weapon, my “correct weapon” dropped in a raid where I couldn’t get it so I thought I’d make my wrong weapon as good as it could be. This was back in the old days before enchants could be purchased on the AH and you had to deal with an actual person. Now I’m free to just enchant my weapons in whatever willy-nilly fashion I desire but it wasn’t true back then. I was so happy one Saturday I logged in and there was an enchanter in Shatt so I whispered to see if he had the enchant, he did and the price was set but when he saw the weapon he said it’s the wrong weapon. I said I know, I don’t raid, it’s the best I’m probably going to get. It’s the wrong weapon. Yes, I know but … after much back and forthing he decided he just couldn’t enchant that weapon, just couldn’t do it.

The end of BC is when I started going truly feral. As in strange loner solo player. It became more and more evident that the thing that was ruining my enjoyment of the game was, well, people, the wrong kind of people.

When I started playing WoW I joined a guild, ran instances with them, I wasn’t the life of the party but I conducted my WoW life in a fairly normal fashion. I didn’t worry about my dps, I just played to have fun. The more people told me what was wrong with everything I did the less fun it became and I finally did the equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and yelling, nah, nah, nah, I can’t hear you. I created a guild of one. It’s very peaceful here, all the characters are free to pursue whatever ridiculous missions they care to. Whatever floats your boat, have at it. If the most important thing to you is catching the The Tauren Chieftains perform no one will say a thing.

6 Responses to “There is your way and there is my way. There is no wrong way.”

  1. That was a great post by Glorwynn over at Heavy Wool Bandage.

    I have never thought of it that way – but yes – if you transpose that kind of behaviour into a real life situation it really exposes just how obnoxious and aberrant it really is. These people just wouldn’t be tolerated in the real world if they behaved like that.

    I think you would find (if you did a poll of wow players) that there are a lot more loner, solo players out there than people think, and there is a lot to be said for the freedom of having things ‘your own’ way. 🙂

  2. I know, it was a great post. I think I found it on your site when I was checking to see if you had a new post. I have to stop missing good blogs because I think they are only about healing or tanking or raiding.

    I’m sure you’re right about solo players too. I’m sure that Druid is not the only one hanging out in the World’s End Tavern on occasion!

  3. I remember when they changed it so that others could inspect your spec too. I felt so naked and exposed and that essentially my spec was my issue, not other’s. But as your story from BC shows, everyone are seemingly everyone’s business.

    Often I think those very judging players need to have their own competency relfected in how others lack it. The more they can point out the fails of other players, the better they look to themselves.

    • I know! And then the armory where people could look you up and see what you’re doing. I too felt like I was running around nekkid, help!!

      Then I calmed down and realized there wasn’t anyone on my server anymore that knew I even existed so no one was looking me up anyway, lol.

      I think you’re right, I’ve met people like that irl so it stands to reason that some of them play WoW where they are free to let the inner demon run rampant!

  4. This is the very reason why I will not upgrade my account past Burning Crusade. I really enjoy that expansion and love everything about it.

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