The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 55

Ironsally hit 55 in Winterspring. She still has quests here so she’s not moving on yet. After leaving Thousand Needles without completing all the quests she’s learned her lesson. Stay in a zone and do everything before moving on. She’s had a few near death experiences in Winterspring. She was doing the quest Altered Beasts and didn’t realize she was standing in Brumeran’s flight path, he of course did a flyby while she was engaged in wiping out altered beasts. And yike, he was four levels above her. She is getting so good at bandage management!

Right before she hit 55 she finally had a cloth drop that she could use. Twill Vest dropped and although she hated to, she replaced her Silver Dress Robes with it. I mean you can’t overlook a whopping 8 point armor increase, yeehaw!!

So many of the spells she’s trained aren’t really useful because of the amount of mana required. I think the most useful she’s trained has been Nethermancy, 5% more intellect, yes! And although as much as she’d like to she won’t be summoning many Doomguards or Infernals because of the mana required.  So far her best ace in the hole for ohshit moments has been a soulburned Soul Fire and those unsexy bandages, nothing fancy. The Voidwalker holds aggro just fine if Ironsally is patient and gives him a moment before casting.

Her wand, which really had helped out with mana, now doesn’t do much. She still uses it to finish mobs off in the hope it’s doing 1 or 2 damage, and it helps the morale. Can’t have the Voidwalker thinking she’s just standing there letting him take all the heat while she does nothing.

Ironsally is having fun, although she admits to being a little apprehensive about hitting 60 and leaving Azeroth for the Outlands. She says she needs time to collect an appropriate wardrobe.

She wanted me to show you her slooowwwly growing gray cloth collection. I was further depressed by checking this morning on Fenris to see if there were any gray cloth for sale there. I knew I shouldn’t look but I couldn’t help it. There must have been five or six auctions that she could have used and they were reasonably priced. Come on Zangarmarsh, sell those gray cloth drops please!

And if you’re interested in trying the WoW Ironman Challenge yourself you can check out the rules at Psynister’s Notebook.

8 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 55”

  1. Congratulations on 55!

    As far as I’m aware, you’re leading the pack as far as levels are concerned.

  2. Yay – nice one – you are doing so well 🙂 And yes – I think your leading the pack. Haha – love the picture with all your stored items lol. You sound like you are having so much fun with this, which I can completely appreciate. Alternative levelling is awesome.

    Keep it up – I’m routing for you all the way 😀

    • I really am having a lot of fun. I am so glad they thought this up. It’s kind of addictive now I know why you did it! But I really could never do a thrifty challenge, I like spending money way too much.

      I’m having trouble staying at the Inn in Winterspring, I so want to buy the Winterspring Cub from Michelle De Rum, lol. But I must save the money in case Zagarmarsh starts selling gray armor!

  3. Awesome! Grats. 😀

    You should try to get the entire Twill set for it’s super secret set bonus (+1000 to all stats, or so I’ve heard the legends say). ^_-

  4. You are crazy! 55?? CRAAAZY
    I believe you are going to prove the ironman challenge to be possible, at least on the token warlock, great job so far 😀

    • Lol, I am that! But hopefully in a good way. It’s getting a lot harder now she’s in Outland. Starting to die more often. I feel like she may be able to get through Outlands but not sure about Wrath and really not sure about Cataclysm.

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