Through Your Interface — Inspiring Imagery

Finally, Day Twelve of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge. I think I’m unstuck now.

I was never a fan of Stormwind. I was always getting lost in that town. I was a Darnassus girl, next best would have been Ironforge, never Stormwind. So I was less than enthused when I heard that hanging out in Stormwind would be almost a requirement come Cataclysm.

I had stationed myself in Stormwind so my first login after the Cataclysm would be there. This is what I saw. Of course Defenders of Azeroth also helped. I was inspired, Deathwing had attacked and the Alliance was still here. A little crispy round the edges, but still here. I grew a little fonder of Stormwind, okay, alright, the color-coded roofs helped a lot too!

2 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Inspiring Imagery”

  1. lol – I had no idea that Stormwind has color coded roofs – even though I am there quite often 😀 I must look properly the next time I’m there.

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