Through Your Interface — A Fond Memory

Day Thirteen of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, A Fond Memory. This one was easy since I have managed to salvage so few older screen shots.

Even if I had all my old screen shots I still might have picked this one. My Druid when she was much younger in levels taking in the fireworks at Booty Bay. The whole world was still ahead of her, places to explore, mysteries to uncover, wrongs to right.

She even wore her hair differently back then. I think she was born in 2007 and became my third main. It was touch and go until she got cat form, my first attempt at Druid got deleted at about level 17. Someone told me you have to stick it out until you get cat form so I tried again and she’s been my number one ever since.

She’s not feeling the love for me right now though. I’ve been spending way too much time with a certain Ironman on another server. I’m kinda worried we’re going to have words when I log back into Fenris, ugh, awkward.

2 Responses to “Through Your Interface — A Fond Memory”

  1. I love this shot – the statue on the island as it was before the cataclysm and the fireworks 🙂 I get very nostalgic when I think of my early days in wow – everything was so fresh, new and exciting, knowing that there was so much to discover and so many adventures to be had.

    • I get nostalgic too. I always leveled my characters in Darkshore and Ashenvale because I liked it. Now I try to avoid the area as it saddens me to see what Deathwing did to it. I also get sniffly about what happened to Camp Taurajo.

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