The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 65

Ironsally longs for Azeroth, the land of mini hubs that send you out with 3 or 4 quests all nicely grouped together. The land of easy drop rate. Kill ten tigers, get ten tiger toes. Now she’s in Outland, need ten worg tails, kill eleventy billion worg. She shouldn’t complain, it’s xp however slow. You know those kill ten fill in the blank quests you get that you just blow through? Now they matter, everything matters.

Every little aspect of each quest is important now. I don’t know how long Sally spent hovering over Raastok Glade to be sure she knew the number of stealthed Warp Stalkers in the area so she’d know a safe position to land. All this for a kill ten Warp Stalker quest. Everything has slowed way down but I don’t really notice as I have to do so much planning and thinking over simple tasks.

There have been moments of terror. Sally had food she got in a Package of Identified Plants, she thought it was just regular old food and ate some. Imagine her horror when she saw a buff pop up. She clicked that off so fast and threw away the food, looking over her shoulder. Cheater, cheater, it’s like Sally thought the Ironman Police were lurking behind a mushroom.

There was a moment in Zangarmarsh that she felt almost godlike. She was on a killing spree. This isn’t that hard, I don’t know why I was thinking it was. She’d been killing Spore Bats for a quest and hadn’t noticed she got the buff Energizing Spores. You wouldn’t believe what a difference that attribute increase of 30 made. She went on a Spore Bat killing rampage but never got it again, it was five minutes of bliss.

She hasn’t had any lolnoob comments on her attire yet but I attribute that to the fact that she plays off peak hours and doesn’t go into town. She’s dying more now, sometimes it’s just stupid player mistakes like touring Zangarmarsh by air and not paying attention and getting one shot by a guard in Zabra’jin, another time she got swarmed by Ravagers. She had a hell of a hard time with The Path of Anguish particularly the Flamewaker Imps.

To be honest Hellfire Peninsula has always creeped me out so I was probably an influence in her decision to move on to Zangarmarsh to gain a level before coming back to Hellfire. The mobs were higher level but by picking easier quests, and not having the stress of listening for Fel Reaver footsteps she did fine and returned to Hellfire with another level under her belt.

As far as killing she opens with Curse of the ElementsImmolateCorruption, and Bane of Doom  after that it really depends on who she’s fighting, what her mana and heath situation is and whether it looks like there might be the danger of adds. She just got Incinerate so once in a while if she’s sure there won’t be adds and she’ll have time to get her mana back after the fight she’ll use it, well, because it’s fun. She also moves mobs around with her Voidwalker a lot more than my regular Warlock does to minimize adds.

Occasionally the Voidwalker glitches and refuses to help, not a problem with one mob but a really serious problem with an add, I think he does it to make her appreciate him more. Sally thinks she’ll make it to 70 but after that she’s not so sure, just have to wait and see. Since it gets a little lonely out there and the Voidwalker isn’t much company, he just complains all the time like a kid on a long car ride, she purchased a cat. He’s good company although he keeps scaring the heck out of her by running up behind her out of nowhere. Silly cat.

She sends her love and says she’d imagine it will be a while before you hear from her again. She’s shooting for 75 next, I got my fingers crossed for her but we’ll see what happens.

9 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 65”

  1. Haha Cheater! lol I laughed so much when I read that! But I know what you mean about fearing the Ironman police. I once (really early on) equiped a green item by fogetting this was Ironman, not Thriftee. I realised my mistake very quickly but I was terrified someone would notice! lol. And at one time I had several plain old health potions in my bag but scared to use them until I had checked if they were ok with Vykerion.

    Like you – no one has called me lol-newb yet either, but I have caught people inspecting me quite a few times. I keep hoping they will say something so I can get a screenie like Ironyca. It was the same with Thriftee. Even when I was in the Cata zones with leather gear no one said anything, although one person did wonder why I was still using bear and kept offering to lead me to a place where I could tame a better pet lol. I remember it took quite a bit of explaining that I didn’t have the ability to tame pets. 🙂

    Personally I am looking forward to getting to level 50 (if I make it that far) in order to get the passive ability ‘Leather Specialisation’. A whole 5% Agility increase! Now that might make me well OP! 😀

  2. PS. Well Done!! You are doing amazingly great.

    • Lol, I’m glad it’s not just me. When I realized what I’d done I got so upset you’d think Fel Reaver had stepped on me or something.

      I only had to explain myself once. I got a guild invite from a very nice person who whispered me so I told him although normally I would love to join his guild it was against the Ironman rules.

      Thank you, I think the minion makes all the difference. I’m thinking of making a Druid Ironman to see how that would go, I definitely have ruled out a Mage, I don’t know how Ironyca keeps going, I would be pulling out my hair by now but I so love Elford.

  3. Haha, I recently got a fortitude buff while in Stranglethorn. I noticed right away and clicked it off. Then I noticed the priest nearby and didn’t want to be rude by just taking off the nice buff she had just given me, so I ran away straight after hoping she wouldn’t notice and take offense of stubbornly rebuff me.
    And of course, grats on 65!

    • Lol, yes, I had a Druid buff me when I was trying to do The Path of Anguish I had the same reaction you did but as it turned out I didn’t need to worry as they flew off and then I was immediately killed by a Flamewaker Imp!

      That Elford is a crazy man! I see he’s level 35, I don’t know how he does it, that maging was way too hard for poor Ironmary!

  4. Wow! 65 already! You have my respect and my [Dropped Jaw of Awe]. (It’s okay, you can equip it. It’s a white item.)

    As for the ‘cheating’, as one of the self appointed and totally not official official commissioners of the Ironman Challenge, I hear by proclaim this a code A04-B, a “Shame on you. Don’t do again. :P” This is why I only eat food from town vendors. They never put any special ingredients in anything. 😀

    Honestly, I’ve been thinking of switching classes on Ironkerion. I just can’t bring myself to play Ironkerion because well… he’s boring. The pet mechanic just nullifies too much of the excitement for me. I know people voted me to do it, but I might have to say sorry and go gnome warrior or rogue. Something we’re I’m fighting to survive! Rawr!

    • OMG, OMG, the Dropped Jaw of Awe dropped for me!! Thank you.

      So far leveling a Warlock through the Ironman has made it just hard enough to be enjoyable again. For me it’s perfect, I’m having fun. Really reminds me of my first character and the level of difficultly she had.

      Yes, yes!! I vote for a gnome warrior!

  5. freddyboomboom Says:

    My Ironman warlock is only about 20 or so, because I’m usually playing one of my 3 “mains” on my usual server.

    So congrats on getting 65. I know exactly what kind of work it is to get there in Ironman fashion.

    • Thanks Freddy, It’s nice to know a fellow Warlock Ironman!

      Yes, my poor Druid main is cooling her heels in Stormwind and isn’t very happy about my fascination with the Ironman Challenge.

      /wave from Ironsally.

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