True (WoW) Confessions :o

I have nothing interesting or edifying to say today but I’m not going to let that stop me. Okay this is a little embarrassing. I keep making these Blood Elf characters, um, male characters. Not on my server but you know, around. Usually they’re Death Knights cause they come with an outfit. I log in once in a while and /flex, /dance and run around, leaping about in The Ebon Hold. I’m sorry to say not one of them has ever actually left The Ebon Hold. After a few minutes of dancing I’m happy, log out and get on with serious business. What! Hey, like you guys don’t do this. No, I do not believe every single naked dancing Blood Elf, Night Elf or Draenei woman I see is being operated by a twelve year boy. Just thought I’d come clean.

This leads to my next confession, you know that “What I Read” over there? Well it’s a big fat lie! Sure I read those but I read a whole heck of a lot more than that. I’m like a WoW blog addict. And I have fallen in love, one word, Fabulor, isn’t he dreamy, sigh. Yes, I know there are incredible posts on lore and all manner of fine things there, but he has FABULOR! Anyway, I’m thinking sometime when I don’t have rl work I should just add a page with my enormous, really real list and call it “What I Really Read”.

Let’s see, what else have I done, oh, oh, I pre-ordered SWTOR. My son-in-law pre-ordered it and I know he’s going to catch hell for it so I did it purely to give him some moral support and because we might get to play it together and because my husband didn’t know what to get me for my birthday so I bought my present for him, and no I’m not leaving WoW.

Hmm, since I’m on daytime US Eastern and it’s pretty quiet out there I decided to check out an Oceanic Time Zone server to see if there were more people about over there at midnight. It was an interesting experience. On my US server everyone assumes that I’m a dude although my character is female. I thought it would be pretty much that way everywhere. Not so, I was followed around by numerous characters asking me if I were female irl and upon hearing I was wouldn’t leave me alone. Was it the time of night or are you Aussies just more romantic than your US counterparts. I finally gave up and went back to my daytime wasteland.

Okay this last one isn’t a confession, just a weird observation. You know how if you want to comment on some blogs you have to fill in a captcha to prove you’re a human. I’ve noticed that some of them, I think it’s Blogger seem suspiciously like Japanese car names, like Altima, Impreza. The kind of words that you’re almost sure are real, but not. Makes me wonder if Toyota and Honda are branching out into social networking, maybe, maybe not.

4 Responses to “True (WoW) Confessions :o”

  1. Ok…I confess.

    I’m one of those guys that has a drainny female I like to undress and make dance…..(don’t judge me! They’re hot!)

    Besides, my wife caught me doing that and just shook her head and walked away. 🙂

    Besides, don’t do such things to get guys to help me with my quest and such . . . hmmmmmmmm. . . oh uh, just kidding 🙂

    • I will not judge you, after all you were a real man and ‘fessed up, lol.

      Also can’t judge you because I do the same thing with my Blood Elf, although he’s never required to disrobe!

  2. Lol Tomeoftheancient – there are more layers to you than meets the eye!

    Hmm – that SWTOR looks good! Might just buy that myself. Although I would be happier if they put out a trial version so I could have a go and see if I like it first.

    Still, it’s something to look forward to. Might get my kids to buy it me for Xmas. 🙂

    • Lol, I know, I used to see the dancing females and think, sheesh men, and then came the Blood Elves. Now I can no longer point a finger.

      I’m kind of excited about SWTOR and yes, a trial would be good but at least I got my husband’s birthday gift sorted out. The older I get the harder it is to come up with ideas for gifts. Saying I want world peace or a cure for the global economy just gets me rolled eyeballs from my family. 🙂

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