The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 69

Ironsally had planned on saying hello at level 70 but she takes copious notes, so to avoid an even longer wall of text she decided to say “Hi” from level 69.

How’s she doing?

Staying alive?

Not so much.

Dying, oh yeah.

Things didn’t really get noticeably harder until reaching the Blade’s Edge Mountains. The problem she’s having is that she can’t get any separation on levels like she could in Azeroth. Quests have to be done at yellow and she’s way too close in level to the mobs. My guess is that there are so many group quests in Outland that she has to pass on she can’t get ahead of the curve. Only time will tell but considering Wrath had many, many, group quests I’m guessing that 70—80 might be harder than 80—85 since Cata has no group quests that I can remember other than Crucible of Carnage. But then I remember just how hard Cata mobs were hitting a well-dressed character, geez, poor Ironsally.

Ironsally keeps whining about Healthstones, she wants me to lift the ban on them. I told her real Ironmen don’t need no stinking Healthstones but we might revisit that argument later on.

At level 66 irl it was thunderstormy and dark outside so I asked Sally to leave the dreary Bone Wastes for a while and move on to Nagrand where the weather was nicer. Higher level zone, but if you have to die it’s a lovely place to do it. She was really motivated to level as she had some level 67 clothes she was anxious to try on.

It’s interesting that on Zangarmarsh there are actually characters of an appropriate level in all the zones. I don’t think I’ve ever done a /who in Nagrand on Fenris and seen anyone other than an 85 in the zone. In Nagrand Sally finally gave in and started to take a death to thin a crowd if needed.

At level 67 armed with some new white armor (it’s hard to keep a straight face calling it armor) about the easiest quest she had in Nagrand was Murkblood Invaders. Three level 67’s, didn’t look good for her. First try she died, those Murkbloods seem a little smarter than the average mob. She sent in the Voidwalker, let him get aggro before casting and they still came running for her. Next try she decided to blow her mana and try sending in the big guns, the Infernal. That did the trick.

In Blade’s Edge, things started getting tough on Ride the Lightning. Getting hit by lightning 25 times took freaking forever as she could only live through two strikes, sheesh, wasn’t pleasant for Sally.

On dinging 69, the only quests that went green were Talbuk Mastery and Bring Me The Egg!. Sally went back to Nagrand and managed to take down Bach’lor but she didn’t try Bring Me The Egg. There’s been too much senseless death (Sally’s) lately and I remember the Matriarch being considerably harder than Bach’lor. She wanted a shot of her victory over Bach’lor and this was the best she got. She had to move on because the area was infested with Mountain Gronn and the Voildwalker kept complaining about the weeds cutting into him.

For anyone who actually finishes the Ironman I think there should be a new achievement, Catastrophically Common has a nice ring to it.

Ironsally had to pay 200 gold for her hat so thought she should at least see what it looked like. She was delighted, she thinks it makes her look very Harrison Jonesish. Hang on Harrison, she’s coming!

Planning on trying the WoW Ironman Challenge? The Ironman rules are at Psynister’s Notebook.

7 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 69”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats! And while I’m sure it’s no picnic for you, it is fascinating to see that there is a cap to where the Warlock’s “easy mode” way of life starts to crumble under the weight of the limitations.

    I’m kind of interested in which would be easier: WotLK vs. Cata zones. On one hand, WotLK mobs are ‘easier’ but there are more group quests, by comparison Cata mobs hit like a truck but almost all questing can be done solo. Hmmm…

    • Thank you, with the help of the Voidwalker single mobs are still easy, just slow but more than one of her level is getting harder.

      I’m hoping I get to find out. I’m famous for bailing out (Ironmary) if it’s no longer fun but so far it’s still fun just slowing down some.

      I really wonder what it would be like without a pet. Hmmm, maybe next a feral Druid!

      Or a true Ironman test for me, try to level a regular Mage to level cap!

  2. High fives for Ironsally! And yes, you really do deserve an achievement for all this.

    • Ironsally says thanks Sol. I don’t know if she’s going to get to 85. I could tell she could get to 70 but once she gets to Northrend I’ll have a better idea on how far she’ll be able to go I think.

  3. Am so glad to get an update, and yes it’s interesting to hear that things are getting a lot harder for you, although not so pleasant for you obviously, but nearly 70! Wow! Just Wow! I wouldn’t worry about your death count – have you seen mine lately? lol

    I’m interested about what you say about healthstones. Are these specifically prohibited? I would have thought that if you can make em – by dint of the fact you trained to make them, then why can’t you use them? Surely they are part of the class mechanics? Not that I know anything about warlocks 🙂 I mean – we can use plain old health pots, so why not healthstones if you can make em yourself.

    Lovin the hat 🙂

    • Yes, isn’t that hat great!

      I don’t know why I’m so squeamish about dying (in-game :)) it’s not like it’s that inconvenient. I’ll have to get over that!

      The Healthstone thing is self-imposed. When I started Sally right after Mary I felt she had too many advantages compared to Mary so I thought I’d take one away. I might need to use them later on to be able to keep going though. You get the ability from training so I think they are legal.

    • Oh and you have no idea how much I think about Thriftee while leveling.

      I told Ironsally Thriftee stuck it out to 85 don’t you be a quitter!

      And Ironyca is still doing the excruciating job of leveling an Ironman Mage so Ironsally must go on.

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