Transmofy … transmi … um, wait a minute, Transmogrification!

All the WoW bloggers are talking about transmogrification so in an effort to look like I stay current on everything WoW, I thought I’d better post about it too. My past experience with transmogrification is limited to trying to change one of our dogs into a reindeer at the holidays.

If you’ve been here before you’ll know this won’t be a well researched, well thought out, well written post about the topic. If you’re looking for ideas on how you want to dress once transmogrification is available you could consult The Visual Roleplay Gear List. If you’re looking for one of those well written posts, WoW Insider collected a few good ones.

Personally I think it’s terrific, I appreciate Blizzard giving the WoW community something a lot of people wanted. Unfortunately I’m not sure it will have much impact on me. My main is a feral Druid so even though I love her because of her many forms, in this case it’s a definite drawback. She is almost never in Night Elf form, she does that to avoid the Night Elf jiggle. I mean how can anyone take her seriously as a fierce warrior if she bouncing her … well … you know.

So to all those of you that are making your transmogrifying plans I wish you better luck with it than I had. I mean my dog only stayed in reindeer form for about a minute. Then he ate the antlers, sigh … it just didn’t take.

6 Responses to “Transmofy … transmi … um, wait a minute, Transmogrification!”

  1. Hahaa!f I love dogs!

    That’s a nice looking dog! To bad he doesn’t look too thrilled to have a sudden antler spurt, lol.

    • I know, he was so not amused by the whole antler thing but he puts up with me.

      He’s a handsome boy, our female dog is camera shy so he gets pestered by me and the camera all the time.

  2. lol – he looks sooo fed up! You can just see it in his eyes “What on earth is she doing to me now?” lol

  3. Haha, like the others I’m amused bu his attitude. Animals can be so expressive.
    When I was a child I dressed up our chubby tabby in all kinds of doll clothing and whatever I could find and took pictures (paper pictures back then). My mom insists to this day the cat was posing in every single shot, and I must say, it’s hard to disagree when our cat, like your dog, pulled faces like that.

    • Lol, yes, he sure wasn’t into it but he can be so easily coaxed with the promise of a treat.

      It’s the only way I manage to clean his ears too!

      Oh, I remember our daughter dressing up our cat too, he however was a cranky cat and let her know he wasn’t amused.

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