I Didn’t Mean to be a Jerk

Sometimes things happen in-game that really bother me, usually it has to do with me behaving in a way that could be construed as jerkish. I’m not here to be a left-hand apologist, well maybe a little, but to the person whose question I appeared to ignore yesterday I’m sorry. I really did answer you. It’s just that by the time I did, you had probably logged out, driven to the store, done your weekly shopping, put gas in the car, you know, it took a while for my response.

Above is a photo of my hands on my keyboard. What, wait, you say I’m too cartoony! Psshaw! Am not. Okay, I’m a hard person to buy gifts for. I don’t really want anything other than ibook credit so occasionally someone in my family gets creative. They obliviously know I love WoW and what better present than a gaming keyboard! Yay!

And it was a really good idea except it’s a right-handed keyboard and I’m left-handed. Not hurting my family’s feelings is more important to me than speedy typing while playing WoW so I manage. But as you can see my fingers are nowhere near the letter keys so to respond to anyone with something other than a macroed “Thank You” it takes a lot of time. First I have to kill that zombie that’s trying to kill me, then since this character is a little under-powered I have to mount and fly up out of harm’s way, then I have to slide that baby across the desktop, mouse usually falls on the floor, bend down to pick it up, bang my head on the desk, etc., then type.

I know being left-handed isn’t the only handicap people have to overcome in WoW. And yes, I know there are a lot of real, bona fide, class A jerks in WoW but I just wanted you to know that sometimes it’s just a lefty with a right-handed keyboard and I’m pretty sure you won’t find any Talandra’s Rose until you get to Zul’Drak.

Edit: I don’t know when you’ll hear from me again. I am taking a tent and living outside for the time being. I don’t know how people live where there are frequent earthquakes. And to make matters worse I was in the Utgarde Catacombs when it happened. Scary. I didn’t know I could move that fast, I think I beat the dogs outside!

12 Responses to “I Didn’t Mean to be a Jerk”

  1. You had an earthquake? I just looked up news for it, a 5.8 is what i’m reading. Must have been scary. I am so glad it wasn’t worse and that you are ok. Did you notice your dogs behaving strangely just before? I’ve heard that sometimes animals can sense these things before humans can.

    • We live in Virginia about 50 or so miles north of the epicenter. It was scary, I hope to never experience another one.

      I had gone upstairs and the dogs were asleep on the couch downstairs when it hit so I don’t know if they sensed it, I just ran downstairs and we all went out the door and huddled in the back yard. One of them was very upset but I’m not sure it’s wasn’t from seeing me running around like a lunatic, herding them out the door, lol!

      It only broke one thing but I did have a laugh as it opened all the drawers in our bedroom.

  2. Wow! Here in the UK we rarely get earthquake’s and nothing like on the scale you experienced, but I have actually experienced three. One was in the early 70’s at about 6am. I had just got up to go to work and I felt the ground lift & then drop. Only lasted a second & very few people noticed it. The second was similar, but it split the plaster on my bedroom wall with a loud crack. The third was a couple of years ago. I was in bed reading and my bed started rocking backwards and forwards. That lasted about 8 secs and did some structural damage near the epicenter – I was about 100 miles away. Again – no one I know noticed – but that one made the national news. It’s a really scary feeling when the ground under your feet moves.

    But my point being – for me – even those slight incidents were pretty scary, so for you it must have been terrifying. Hope you don’t get any more. Must have been wierd to see you drawers opened!

  3. Lol – Alex Jones has just covered this 😀

  4. Glad to hear you’re ok and all. I’m all the way down in NC and it shook the house like an old vibrating bed for about a minute or so.

    And now we got that hurricane coming up this way? Hmmm?

  5. I was just reading that there have been aftershocks, and that the washington monument is tilting and has cracks. Did you feel any aftershocks? Hope everythings ok.

    • Lol, I did, there was one last night I felt and my husband didn’t. Either my chair is a super earthquake detector or I am 😀

      We are fine here. Crooked pictures, open drawers, just one thing broken but the exterior of the house looks fine.

      Apparently masonry and brick building are more prone to damage. I guess our house just bent with it!

  6. lol – glad your ok 🙂 It’s not your chair – females are far more super sensitive beings – its a well known fact – haha.

  7. Must be tough being left handed. Sorry I didn’t respond to the main point of your post before – the earthquake kinda took over.

    I’m not left-handed, but have always been mystified at how people can fight and type – they must just be really good with the keyboard I guess. Other than the hassle typing – is the gaming keyboard better than a normal one. Did it take you a long while to get used to it?

    Very thoughtful present though 🙂 Wonder if the make left-handed gamers keyboards?

  8. […] not a problem, the keyboard is the problem. I had a weird Wolf King keyboard that looked like that. Perfect for left […]

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