They Walk Among Us

Okay, I’m sorry, cheap trick, but I just couldn’t help it. Pass up a chance to use H.R.Giger’s Alien? Never happen. But no, not them. If they’re here we’ll know soon enough.

I decided to try to find a normal level 73 warlock to compare stats with Ironsally to see just how gimped she really was. I was curious about health, mana and spell power. What does a normal level 73 warlock have in comparision to Ironsally? Here’s Ironsally’s info.

She’s sporting an epic ilevel of 60! You go girl! And she has a whopping 137 spell power, yeehaw! Yeah, I know kind of underwhelming isn’t it. So I set out to find normal level 73 warlocks. This proved to be difficult. You can search the armory filtering for level and class but only within a guild. I searched names that I thought would be common to get a list of guilds and then looked for guilds with high membership. I soon tired of this inefficient method. Level 73 warlocks are a rare commodity apparently. Plenty of 85s but only one level 73 warlock did I find. This one.

Notice anything strange? Is this a closet Ironman? They were wearing typical gear for their level, not bad, not great. But they have no talents, none. The only warlock I could find and they have used no talent points. Is this someone that’s been away from the game and just came back and is unaware that we now have wonderful talents points to use? I mean Sally’s been tormented every ding that proclaims YOU’VE EARNED A TALENT POINT with fancy graphics and all. You really can’t miss it. Wouldn’t you be curious? I guess it will have to remain a mystery. I might try finding a comparable warlock again at a higher level.

I know, probably not that interesting to you but I felt an overwhelming need to communicate using my precious electricity. The news people keep telling me that I won’t have it much longer, and further torment me by saying it could be out for a long time. Hurricane Irene is soon to visit.

I figure we’ll get an aftershock in the middle of the hurricane. Could someone send Mother Nature a gift certificate for a night out or something, seriously. Next week we’ll be serving up volcanic eruptions! Nah, just kidding … I hope.


6 Responses to “They Walk Among Us”

  1. Wishing you safety as Irene passes through…I am also on the east coast, although we have only tropical storm warning here, so hopefully it will not be too bad.

    • Thanks Imraith! I’m hoping that all the hysteria on the news is just hype.

      We figure since I just made a batch of brownies and we have wine, we’re good, lol.

      You stay safe too!

  2. Oh god the difference in spellpower!

  3. You know how they say great minds think alike? This is one of those posts – haha. As Nerfiron is approaching Ernee’s level (he’s now 61) I had in mind do a post when Nerfiron hits 61 comparing Nerfiron with Ernee – but you beat me to it lol. Although very weird that the only warlock you found had no talents. But just look at the differences! Amazing!

    I also have been worried for you regarding the Huricane. I saw a report where they had declared a state of emergency in your area, then I read last night about 25 mile long traffic jams of people evacuating their homes. So I have been hoping that this storm passes you by. Stay safe!

    • Oh, I hope you still do it. I’d love it see the comparison between a normal (and talented) rogue and a Ironman rogue. I’ve been peeking at Nerfiron’s armory page! She is on fire!

      I was moving right along feeling fine and then I saw those stats, Geez, now I know why it takes her so long to kill anything and the poor Voidwalker has to be beaten on all that time.

      I think we should be fine. We live in a house surrounded by really tall trees so I always get nervous when strong winds are predicted. We had one blown down in a storm but it was far away from the house.

      My husband laughed at me when I said me and the dogs were going to sleep in the basement, I think he thought I was kidding!

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