Today’s Special, Fried Blog!

It kinda sounds like a seafood dish, fried blog. Anyway, like The Boots of Canine Restraint I once again find my mind’s making up stuff. Behind my back. I think it may have to do with the fact that I’m trying to cut back on what I eat this week. I’m trying to make up for the orgy of brownies, chips, salsa, chocolate milk, that I ate over the weekend. I don’t know, I think it was caused by the impending hurricane. Only hours to live, let’s go out eating!!!

So once again I’m attempting to make up for a gluttonous weekend by starving all week. I don’t know how many times in my life I’ve gained and lost the same five pounds. So I’m a little hungry right now and I’m reading WoW blogs and it came to me that I think of them like restaurants.

Need information about your spec? Going to head to one of those theorycrafting, incredible with numbers, with painstakingly thought out spreadsheets blogs? When I do, I think of it as going to a five-star restaurant. I can only think of an equivalent restaurant in my area but it would be like going to The Inn at Little Washington. And the really great thing about blogs is I don’t have to pay them for their five-star information.

There are blogs that I go to because I like the sound of their voice. Yes, I know they’re words but they still have a tone to me. Some blogger’s words are soothing, great place to go to read if you’ve had a bad day. It’s the equivalent of going to a family restaurant and being served homemade meat loaf with a side of macaroni and cheese. All is well with the world (of warcraft) after a visit here.

There are blogs I go to because they’re funny, I think of these as fast food. You can count on them to give you exactly what you’re looking for, a chuckle, a smile, maybe even a full on ROFLMAO.

What am I? I like to think of my blog as one cheese doodle. That’s right, just one cheese doodle. Why, I really can’t defend this hypothesis it’s just how I think of it. One cheese doodle. Okay, I’ll get a grip, I’ll stop. MUST NOT THINK ABOUT FOOD.

OMG, the next blog on my list to read is The Gamer’s Fridge, I’m doomed!

9 Responses to “Today’s Special, Fried Blog!”

  1. Can’t say if I would think of you as a cheese doodle because I don’t know what a cheese doodle is – but they do sound tasty whatever they are. Your blog is def of my favourite places to stop by. I would describe you as my morning coffee pick me up. Always leaves me feeling great after drinking in your funny thoughts 🙂

    Lol just love the Boots of Canine Restraint – and where on earth did you get that dog collar?

  2. It’s a bright orange cheese puff kind of junk food. I’m pretty good at staying away from sweets but cheesy, savory things are my downfall!

    Thank you Döra! Being a morning cup of coffee sounds even better than being a cheese doodle!

    Believe me, if they sold such a thing I would buy it for him but I just photoshopped it on him. He does pwn though!

  3. Well you certainly are good a photo shopping then – lol – I thought it was real 😀

  4. Cheese Doodle? 🙂 Always a good read do I find here!

    *psssstt, btw, extra cheese doodles gladly accepted here*

  5. Haha! Thank you for the shout out. I hope The Gamer’s Fridge doesn’t tempt you too bad:)

  6. I like your portrayal of blogs, and I think you’re just getting better and better at writing. You always manage to tie some humour in there or pair your post up with an interesting picture. I really enjoy it.

    I used to struggle with the fact that so many WoW blogs seem to be class based and that there’s an expectation to have at least some sort of guide. Some people even sort their blogrolls after what class the link represents and I fall completely outside of that. Your post reminded me of this and I liked the way you expressed it, we’re all different, we serve different courses to different people and that’s okay.

    • Thank you Ironyca!

      I know, I fell victim to the category thing. I used to skip over blog titles that looked like they were about, for example, healing or raiding.

      I found I was missing out on a lot of good writing that way so now I try not to pay attention to the blog title or class before reading it.

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