The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 80

Ironsally hit 80 in Sholazar Basin and she put on her new clothes and celebrated by setting off the fireworks she received in the “Atta Girl!” care package you get on hitting 80. Yay! Woohooo! Ding! Yeah, that didn’t last long. Now she’s in a depressed funk but we’ll get to that. Oh and I love that care package, lots of potions she couldn’t use but whoever thought that up, well done, good job. I know some of my alts got to 80 just to set off those fireworks.

Nothing terribly exciting happened in the three levels to 80. Truth be told, Sally kinda goofed off a lot. Her obsession with rare spawns continued, here she is posing over a downed Aotona. I don’t know what she’s bragging about, as you can see she had a LOT of help.

She’s been doing a lot of zone jumping as she finds some of the higher level zones are easier for her than some of the quests in lower level zones. Sally is an impulsive adventurer, not much of a deep thinker so she hasn’t give much thought as to why this is so.

She’s had some technical difficulties that at the time didn’t seem much to worry over but now seem more troublesome. She was having a great time doing the Brunnhildar Village quests but has stalled at Cold Hearted as it’s bugged and you can’t mount the drakes. If she can’t go forward she is missing a lot of quests. I don’t know what kind of priority Blizzard gives to fixing old expansion quests but I hope it’s pretty high. She needs those quests. She can’t get back into Brunnhildar Village either as the disguise isn’t working so her new friends would kill her if she lands, geez. Come on guys.

She went to the Argent Tournament. No, she hasn’t done any quests yet in Icecrown she was just sightseeing and shopping. She was hoping for a “I survived Icecrown” tee shirt but didn’t find one. But that might be a little premature anyway as it remains to be seen if she will survive it.

After setting off her fireworks, she headed to Stormwind. She has learned her lesson and will stay in Northrend until she exhausts all the quests but she just HAD to go and kill just one Cata mob. Just one, she promised.

Well …

She flew to Mount Hyjal and went up to the first thing she saw, one of those Scalding Rock Elementals that hang around the Inn. No big deal, right. It was a boss fight. She survived, but the elemental didn’t die until she was under 5% health from trying to keep the void alive and she was out of mana. It was nigh on impossible. I told her to look on the bright side, she got an achievement out of it. In response to that all I got was a … rude gesture, she was not amused.

So Sally’s pretty depressed right now, poor girl. I’m not sure she could survive Cata even if she were already level 85. Her strategy now is to do every single quest available in Northrend and see how many levels she can add before leaving and see how it goes, but it doesn’t look good.

I had wanted to say “She-could-go…all…the…way! “ about now but I’m not feeling it.

Aw c’mon Sally, here take another tissue. Look, why don’t we go to Stormwind and get some Ice Cream and then visit Döra and see what Ironman Nerfiron is up to, you always like that.

Sheesh, she’s really having confidence issues, I’ll have to think of something to cheer her up.

Want to try the WoW Ironman Challenge for yourself? The Ironman rules are at Psynister’s Notebook.

8 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 80”

  1. Ow Wow – huge congratulations!!! The first Ironman to get to 80 – that is some achievement believe me. Am so proud of you, and I hope once the melancholia leaves you you will feel the same way too.

    Believe me – it’s quite natural to feel a little down at this stage – I’ve felt it on every challenge I’ve done so far – either when I have just finished, or when I’m getting close to the end. It kindof hits you like a ton of bricks – but in my experience, once a couple of days have gone by it just fades.

    Annoying about the bug – that’s bad news, but maybe it will right itself after the next server restart, and I’m sure that if you can get another level or two under your belt those cata mobs might start to look a little easier.

    Now here’s something I hope will cheer you up.

    For all your commitment, you need The Commitments.

    Congratulations Sally!!

    • Thank you Döra! That did cheer both Ironsally and me up! I love that song.

      I decided to give Sally a rest (and some rested bonus) for a little while and took my main to do The Ballad of Maximillian because I had to know how he nearly ended up naked. You were right, a fun quest!

      I can see how finishing one of these challenges could leave you feeling low. I’m even worrying about what to do with all her money, lol. Even though she’s been spending wildly (750 gold for her hat) she still has almost 3,000 left. Maybe I should buy her some Ruby Shades so she can retire to the armory looking smartly dressed!

  2. Yeah – good idea to get some rested xp bonus. Also don’t forget you could explore three of the cata zones (from the air) if not all of them (not sure if you can explore Vash’jir by flying over it) – that should give a bit of extra xp too.

    It’s a hard one wondering what to do with your challenge characters after the challenge is over – you put so much time and effort into them – they become part of you, and then what? I know the feeling well. But I do have a load of fun on the journey & for me that’s the main thing.

    I think I have pretty much exhausted all the things I can do with Döra – but new expansions often come with new areas to explore & maybe new things like BBKing etc, so she waits. On the other hand, with Thriftee I am not sure what to do with him at all, as I trained riding on him at a whim once I had done the challenge – lol, so he is hardly thrifty anymore.

    Glad you had fun on the Maximmillian quest – I thought it was hillarious 😀

  3. /salutes Ironsally with respect

    Well done!

  4. *applause* *standing ovation* *clap?*

    A huge congrats on making it this far! Truly Ironsally is made of sterner stuff. 😀

    I heard it was theoretically possible to get to 84 doing nothing but Northrend quests, of course I can’t recall if that was WITH heirlooms & guild perks, so that might be moot.

    I can’t wait to see what Ironsally is able to accomplish!

    • Thank you Vry! Ironsally says it’s all Mak her Voidwalker’s doing!

      I’ve been wondering how far I can get without leaving Northrend. I have a lot left to do but I’m worrying the quests might go gray. If she could get to 84 there then there still might be a chance at 85!

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