My WoW Wishlist — Spectator Seats

I know if I thought of it many have before me, but I’m too lazy to search the forums. And scared. I always feel like I’ve wandered into the wrong side of town and I’m going to get mugged there. Or trolled, or spat upon, that’s a tough crowd.

But anyway I would so love it if Blizzard implemented an 11th, 26th, etc. spot in a raid. You would be in the same out-of-bodyness kind of state that you are when you’re dead, to keep you from inadvertently aggroing something and wiping the raid.

You could be a tourist, taking in the action and sights without having to worry about standing in bad. Guilds could use it as a teaching tool, it would be a great way for learning a new encounter for members.

Yeah, I know, now the stupid little non-raiders want to see the raids without any of the work. Yup, I do. But really, believe me when I say this. You DO NOT want me in a raid with you unless I’m in wisp form. I have one super-good hand and one working at about 50%. It was broken in a sort of, I don’t know, dog skiing accident and never really healed properly. It’s good enough for rl, but not so great on a keyboard. Let’s see, my eyesight is well, marginal. I have been wearing glasses or contacts since I was two, so I’d probably be standing in the fire wondering what you’re yelling about. Oh, and then I am after all, the ancient. Reflexes aren’t what they used to be, there’s a definite lag there. Occasional brain lags too.

The only problem I see with this, and the reason it would probably never be implemented is that price tag. I see all kinds of potential for abuse there. The top guilds would be selling seats for a bazillion dollars on eBay. But hey, it could happen. Now I’m going to go check my lottery ticket cause I’m pretty sure it might be that 1 in 175,711,536 that hits. Sheesh, silly little Night Elf dreamer.

14 Responses to “My WoW Wishlist — Spectator Seats”

  1. You know – that’s an absolutely brilliant idea! Plus there is a way of preventing abuse, by simply ensuring that the spectator has to have a certain amount of guild XP before they could have the ability to spectate. Like it!

  2. Yes, very good idea!

    As stated, just make it a Guild Perk. I’m in a guild that has reached max level and (although the current perks are good) I’m sure that the guild would like to see some more levels to get to.

    So establish a new set of guild levels and make that one of the perks! It will be a good training tool for new guildees.

  3. You… are… a… genius, I love it!
    And like the rest of the commenters say, it could be tied to guild membership and support a bridge between casuals and raiders.

    Some people would probably ask “what’s the difference between watching a youtube video of the fight and this if you just want to see it”. For some reason it’s a really appealing prospect to me, being able to float around watching from different angles, getting an experience of presence, something you don’t get from passively watching youtube.
    Also, imagine the possibilities for making videos, being able to pay more attention to the aesthetics, because your mobility is free….

    • Oh, that’s another really good idea. Guilds wanting to do a video of their raid would have a full-time photographer.

      I have watched videos of raids and it’s better than nothing but oh wouldn’t it be great to be right there!

  4. Our guild has been talking about this in terms of training. How many times have you wished that you could sit a new person and let them watch and learn? Or have the ability to sit your Raid Lead out of a fight he/she doesn’t need while still leading? Yes, we have some non-raiders who would like this too, but I think there would be big benefits for even hardcore raiders.

    • That’s another good point Awryt. The ability to have your raid leader still lead while giving their spot to someone who needs it.

      Hmm, maybe I will search the forums and see if there’s any discussion on this.

  5. I especially like the mobility suggestion! I’ve been so spoiled with my game’s UI that when I watch the dungeons on, I want to adjust the camera angles! LOL! I never seem to catch myself though! 🙂

  6. I think this is a brilliant idea. I really hope you post this on the WoW Forums and maybe even You’ve really come up with a great idea!

  7. I love this idea, but I would want to watch another guild’s fight not my own. We have guilidies with toons in a different guild. The other guild is #5 for the server, the shared guild? Yeah, were more like on boss # 5 in the original content. 🙂

    Maybe if you have the guild rep, you can invite spectators?? Or tie it to a real-id perk?

    • Hi Elkagorasa!

      Being able to watch other guilds fight would be awesome. The more comments on this the more I think Blizzard would be able to do it. I say that knowing nothing about how hard it would be to implement but I think it would be as popular with players as transmogrification.

      Yes, maybe through real-id would work! Sheesh, I’ve got to stop getting excited as though it was coming out in 4.3.

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