WoW Love Gone Wrong

A little while ago The Rusty Shield had a post about break-ups, the WoW kind. He talked about  the all too frequent gnashing of teeth and general lamentations that the game isn’t as good as it was, it’s ruined, it’s in decline. He compared it to love gone wrong which I’ve always thought was an apt analogy.

I was thinking about it when I logged into my first character recently to have her transmute some volatile air. That’s about all she does anymore. I felt kind of guilty. I decided instead to fly around visiting zones that had good memories for her (me) and maybe take a few screen shots.

I went to Arathi Highlands and I thought I’d pay a visit to Deneb Walker in Stromgarde Keep. Arathi Highlands holds a lot of memories. It’s around the time I found a great guild and started learning how not to be a noob. Everything was new and exciting. I remember the guild leader’s wife asked in gchat if anyone was in Arathi and could get her the First Aid book that was sold by Deneb. I volunteered and spent about an hour wandering around trying to find him. That was back in the day when Thottbot was the go-to guy for all things WoW and I didn’t even know about it. I finally found him. What a feeling of accomplishment and excitement. I found an NPC who sells potions and scrolls! Yeah, everything was new and shiny back then.

The saying about nothing being certain except death and taxes I’ve always felt needed just one more word … change. Change in life is a certainty, it’s normal and change in Azeroth is too. Is it better or worse, no, it’s just different. Some changes we like, some we don’t. I will never, ever, ever, miss Weapon Skill. Ever. I will always miss Auberdine.

I started playing WoW in vanilla and it’s changed a lot, so has my life in that time period. That’s … well … life. Maybe all those shrill, shriekers of doom are 12 year old’s who don’t realize things are going to change because life really hasn’t done that to them yet. I don’t know.

Cataclysm has not been my favorite expansion for many reasons. Arthas was ever-present and menacing, Deathwing is underwhelming and after rearranging Azeroth while we were busy installing Cataclysm he went off to skulk wherever giant dragons skulk. Maybe I’m just bitter because my main hasn’t Stood in the Fire. I don’t like the way my husband puts his dirty clothes on top of the laundry basket instead of in it but I’m not leaving him because of it. So I’m hopeful the next expansion will bring changes I like. Not so hopeful about dirty clothes IN the basket though.

What I do know is I can never get back that excitement I felt when I started playing, that’s not the game’s fault and it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it now, just differently. It probably also explains my bevy of alts spread across servers, each new character I create retains some of that excitement for me. If the game’s not fun anymore you should leave it, and take the good memories with you. And just shhhh with the negativity dudes, you’re harshing my mellow.

Oh, P. S. that’s right Deathwing. I did just compare you to a pile of dirty laundry. Are you going to take that or what?

P. S. S. I promise, this is the last edit but I have a photo of my daughter’s commute that explains everything. This is apparently why I haven’t seen Deathwing in Azeroth, he’s here!

5 Responses to “WoW Love Gone Wrong”

  1. Great post and thanks for the pink back!

    I too visited some areas that were fun to me to realize that they have been forever changed by Cataclysm. (Like Loch Modan) I didn’t realize that I no longer can just ride into Badlands. (like I ever REALLY wanted to)
    I believe some of the QQ’ers about WoW could be children with short attention spans and no tolerance to change, but the people/players that made me snap into a rant were adults. Adults with websites and followers and (more importantly) people who signed into those sites to get their opinion and tips on the game.
    I feel sorry for the complete newbee that wants to try out WoW but is TANTED by the venomous comments spewed by bored ego swollen jerks.

    When I initially submitted my post, I thought it was too harsh. I don’t think it was harsh enough though, but I think I made my point.

    Let new players enjoy what WoW has to offer them. Keep your negativity to yourselves and find a challenging, mindblowingly graphic MMO that you can enjoy! Ok. . .no more rant.

    • Yeah, I can’t figure it out. I think constructive criticism is fine but I don’t understand angry ranting. There’s an awful lot of passion there. The games I’ve tried and left just kind of faded away, I didn’t feel angry about it.

      An occasional rant’s good for you!

  2. I think that it’s because Wow is just so good that you actually do fall in love with it in a very visceral way. Then, as the love fades you start to feel angry and upset and resentful for the lost love – that the good times & the passion you felt is finally over.

    To me it just shows how good a game Wow is to engender such feelings in people – but it is a great shame to taint new player’s perceptions. Like saying to a teenager – don’t fall in love and get married just because your own marriage fell apart after 10 years.

    • You’re so right Döra. I never felt about other MMOs the way I do about WoW. Although the excitement of the first year is gone I still can’t imagine a day when I’d want to leave this world but then I reread books every decade or so because I don’t want to leave those worlds either, lol.

      I’ve been rereading Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy since I was about fourteen.

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