Mad Deeps and Old Man Barlo

I’ve had some spare time on my hands, not a lot of work lately. I’ve spent it finding even more WoW blogs to read. Somewhere along the way I must have seen a WoW related T-shirt which made me stop and think, hey, I don’t have one. Not one single WoW T-shirt. That’s just wrong. Ever since I stopped working for someone else and started working for me my business wardrobe has consisted of dog-smelly jeans and T-shirts. I have a vast collection of T-shirts with the names of places I’ve never been courtesy of my mother, who feels compelled to buy something with the name of where she is on it for me. I now have a work wardrobe that honors her journeys about the country.

I also have some that are strictly sentimental. I have an Alienware T-shirt that I’m really fond of. Not because it’s Alienware, I have a hate-love-hate relationship with Alienware. I love my computer when it’s working, so that means most of the time I hate it. The one I have now has been working for quite a while only because the shop I took it to for repair replaced virtually everything but the case. I decided next computer I’m just having the repair guys build for me. But they kind of shot themselves in the foot as this baby isn’t breaking down. They shouldn’t have fixed it that well. Where was I? Oh, this T-shirt is sentimental because when one of our dogs was a puppy he kept diving at my chest like a torpedo trying to attack the little alien head. Truth be told I’d be hard-pressed to find something to wear if I needed to dress like a grown-up. I have some suits that I guess I could get by wearing by saying they’re “vintage” or “antique” clothing but I don’t think I could pull it off as they’re only a decade or two old.

Anyway, I looked around the interwebs for a WoW T-shirt. I couldn’t find anything I really liked. I wanted something super-secret that only another WoW aficionado would get, you know, like a secret hand-shake or that oh so cool flip of the hand Harley riders give to each other.  The kind of thing I could wear and have teenagers looking at me in shocked horror. It might even shock them back into studying at night rather than playing for fear they might unknowingly be playing with someone my age.

First I thought maybe something commemorating Ironsally’s Challenge. How ‘bout murlocs. She has had issues with them, those swarmy little mutants. The general public doesn’t know what a nuisance murlocs are but they’re instantly recognizable to a WoW player. Nah, as deadly as they are, they are still sort of … well … cute.

Then it hit me, I’d recently watched Rolling with Mad Deeps. Now I took mad deeps to mean “really darn good dps” which I hope is correct and I won’t look it up at Urban Dictionary and find I’ve put the equivalent of a big F YOU or worse on my chest. This was perfect. I took a look at CafePress and I could make my own T-shirt for about the same price that I would have paid to buy one. Not only would this be a secret “wave” to other WoW players, it was an inside joke only I got. I don’t know if the “mad” part was meant to be used in the “angry” context or the “demented” context but either way, it’s so not me. I am only ever “slightly angry” dps or “mildly neurotic” dps, I am so not map deeps, but it’s our secret.

It came and it’s in the wash, I’m going to wear it tomorrow walking the dog and completely intimidate any neighborhood WoW players who see me.

And I don’t know what’s up with my main. Every morning for about the last week she’s had the urge to do Old Man Barlo’s fishing quest. I guess it’s an excuse to visit Zangarmarsh and Nagrand. Either that or the mage banker is still after her to get her a Noble’s Monocle.


5 Responses to “Mad Deeps and Old Man Barlo”

  1. Really love the T-Shirt! I would love a WoW T-Shirt as well & like your idea of being more subtle. Mind you I did hear once (on a podcast I think) about someone with a “For the Alliance” car sticker who was stopped at traffic lights. Someone in another car rolled down their window and yelled “For the Horde!” I would love something like that to happen to me 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, I entertained the idea for a while of buying a license plate that read “DPS KITTY” and seeing if I got any reaction but I knew my non-gaming husband would think I’d gone over the edge so I resisted.

  2. I love the T-Shirt too!

    I think the word ‘mad’ in this context means ‘over the top’ or ‘amazing’ rather than an expression of an emotion. Like you might come out of the movies after watching a great film and say ‘Wow that was mad!’. So I think you’ve got the meaning of ‘Mad Deeps’ correct – although what do I know? lol

    • Thanks Döra , I’m happy to finally have a WoW T-shirt to wear rather than a “I Love Boston T-Shirt” a place I’ve never visited!

      Good, I’m glad you think I read it right too, I didn’t want to be running around with a big insult on my shirt!

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