Ironman Challenger Commissions Portrait

Not really. Ironsally didn’t commission it, I did it for her. At level 80 she was feeling a bit down and I thought it would cheer her up. Meet Makdok, the reason Ironsally’s made it this far. Her beloved bodyguard. Okay, he’s just horsing around, just some hijinks … MAK! Send him back NOW!

“Send him back NOW” is the title of this incredible portrait of Mak. I feel an addition to my business wardrobe coming. It all started when I was doing my morning check to see if any of my favorite blogs had a new post. I found a new comment on one, with a link to deviantART. I’m nosy and it was ART! I must follow. I found this post by Furrama. I looked at her gallery at deviantART and went to her J. Christine Leach website.  I thought holy moly, I’ve got to contact this woman before she changes her mind!

She graciously agreed to accept the commission to portray Sally’s blobby Voidwalker. The only input I gave her was he’s really mean and buff. Before you know it I received her sketch.

It was perfect! Just how I imagined him. Sally was going to be so happy. I told Christy he was perfect so she said she would commence with the inkaning, one of those fancy highly technical terms artists use I guess. I then bounced up and and down on my computer chair in anticipation. Luckily for my chair, turnaround was amazingly fast and within days I received Sally’s beautiful Mak in all his glory.

I received a smaller web-sized version and a large version suitable for print. Ironsally was so pleased she’s managed to drag herself to within three bars of 82. So if you have a character you’d like to immortalize for all time, check out Furrama’s gallery, it’s really worth seeing. Ironsally loved it Christy, thank you!

9 Responses to “Ironman Challenger Commissions Portrait”

  1. That is amazing! Now that is something definitely worthy of an individualised t-shirt – lol. Something to remember your Ironsally adventure once you get to 85 😀 Congrats on almost 82! Those levels do take an age – don’t they? I can’t begin to comprehend how tough it must be for you and Ironsally at this level.

    • Isn’t he great! I know he will definitely be going on a T-shirt!

      Oh, they are taking forever now. She got to 82 so she went back to Mount Hyjal to have a go at the same mob she killed at 80. Easier but not by much.

      I’ve been peaking at Nerfiron and she’s really moving!

  2. Nerfiron really moving? Lol I wouldn’t say that – I feel like I’ve slowed down loads. Outland always feels like a slog – Thrifty hated Outland and it’s half the reason I haven’t got Ernee any higher 😦

    Just wondering – Do you still have lots of quests in Northrend? Are they green?

    • I think she moving fast to me as I’ve been creeping along!

      I’m in the process of being an idiot. I have the whole of Icecrown to do and I see I even have some I missed in Zul Drak and they’re still green but am I doing them, nooooo.

      I went to Hyjal and I’m dying my way across it, lol. I think when I get tired of dying and it gets too expensive in repairs I’ll come to my senses and go back to Wrath!

      I keep trying to find a method or rotation that kills them but conserves mana. So far no luck.

  3. Haha! I can understand fully why you are doing that – I think you are like me – a glutton for punishment – but it does feel more satisfying doing it that way, doesn’t it?

    Just be careful those green ones don’t turn grey on you though, ‘cos then there’ll be no turning back 😀

  4. I’m so glad you liked him ^-^ Thank you for the nice write up, I’ve never been so spoiled.

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