The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 82

Ironsally is back in Dalaran. She had gone to Mount Hyjal on hitting 82 for just a visit and ended up staying a while. She was somewhat disgruntled by being stuck in Storm Peaks on Fervor of the Frostborn. Not a hard quest for any normal character but she was getting smooshed repeatedly. This meant she couldn’t continue with the chain and see the The Brothers Bronzebeard reunited which she really wanted to do. She did the bidding of the Sons of Hodir, except for Thrusting Hodir’s Spear, he’ll have to take care of that himself. She didn’t think the possible XP would be worth the certain death. She hasn’t been looting kills as she really doesn’t need any money, bad idea.

She got stuck doing the Sons of Hodir quests so I looked it up and the quest item she was missing dropped from elites she had just killed with the help of a boulder. She had turned in the quest so had to go back and kill the elite without help. Luckily they weren’t very elite, so she managed.

She did a few quests in Icecrown, one of the first ones was like playing whack-a-mole. You’d save a soldier from being entombed in a cocoon and he’d buff you with Blessing of Kings I think it was and she’d be trying to kill spiders while hysterically trying to click off the buff so the Ironman Police wouldn’t see it.

Staying in Wrath is really, really, slow. Not because the quests are green but because of the rotten XP you get from kills. I had heard people say the quickest way to level was grinding, but never really thought about how much just your kills help you level. It’s depressing to kill things WITH rested bonus and get about 150XP, essentially nothing. In Cata she was getting over 3,800 XP a kill so it seduced her away from Wrath for a while.

Cata is HARD. Although it was not all terror and death, she took time out to have some fun and get an achievement!

Sally stayed in Mount Hyjal and quested and enjoyed that enormous XP per kill up until she was sent to Sethria’s Roost. These guys were level 81. She tried one and it was back to being a boss fight. It’s just as well something made her come to her senses and return to Wrath. Because of the linear questing in Cata if she gets stuck on one there it will be all over, so she really needs to go back and take advantage of every quest left that’s green or higher to get at least another level. Bye guys, I’ll be back. Yeah, I’m so sure they’re shaking in their boots to hear that.

So Sally headed back to Storm Peaks for one last try at Fervor of the Frostborn now that she was level 82. On flying over Brunnhildar Village she remembered the daily. Might as well do it for XP. What’s up with that! Have they changed these dailies to give you the mount on your first daily or is Sally that lucky. My other characters were not amused considering how many times they had to do dailies to get that bear. I was also surprised that she managed to complete one of my favorite quests, The Drakkensryd. I’m pretty sure there’s some mechanic there that won’t allow you to die because she really can’t kill much of anything without her voidwalker, but she did.

She finally managed to complete Fervor of the Frostborn at level 82. She used Soul Link which she never uses normally as the voidwalker’s health is more important than Sally’s. She also set the voidwalker on him there toward the end to distract him. Ironsally finally got to see the Bronzebeards reunited.

So now Sally’s back in Dalaran, she got a shoe shine, did some shopping and is about to set off for Icecrown. Or she could finish up some green quests in Zul’Drak. I’m not sure she’ll finish them. Stefan Vadu really gives her the creeps, I don’t know what it is about that guy, but something’s not right there, shudder.

13 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 82”

  1. I had forgotten just how linear the questing was in Cata – big problem if you get stuck on one that’s needed. That happened to Thriftee in Uldum, but he was fortunate that he could move on to Twilight Highlands – you are not so lucky – although I suppose you could give Vash’jir a go. Could be tricky till you got your sea legs though. But maybe alternating between the two zones might help? Dunno really – just contemplating what I might do if I get so far – lol.

    Given the vast amount of xp needed to go up a level for you now, I wonder if you will have to do all the remaining Northrend quests just to get to the next level?

    Huge congrats on getting this far – Ironsally is made of stern stuff! It must be incredibly difficult. Been tryna clck though your links but it seems Wowhead isn’t responding at the mo – so I will try again later.

    • Thanks Döra, I’m hoping that doing Mount Hyjal and Vash’jir will get me high enough to keep going. But I’m horrible in the water, seem to lose my sense of direction completely.

      It’s not really difficult, I’m finding I just need a lot of patience. She has to regain mana after every fight and learn how to except death more gracefully, lol. But I find what’s driving me crazy the most is the slow progress. I have this fear of getting all of Icecrown done and still being level 82!

      It is interesting what quests are hard and what aren’t, sometimes not what you’d think. Still fun though so as long as it is I’ll keep going.

      But I would give just about anything to find some sodden gear on the AH!

  2. I hadn’t heard about the Ironman challenge until I read this! Sounds fantastic & lots of fun! Will definitely try this.

    • Oops, I forgot to put the link to the rules on this post but any other of the Ironman posts has it if you’re interested.

      I am so glad Psynister and Vry thought this up. If you like leveling it really is fun. All my alts raced through with their heirlooms, skipping so many zones. I like this pace much better.

      And she sure doesn’t have to worry much about spending money on gear 🙂

  3. That must suck having to regain mana after every fight. I find it annoying that I have to bandage after virtually every fight, but at least that’s relatively quick compared to drinking or eating, and I don’t have enough patience to wait for my health to regen naturally. Fortunately I’m picking up enough cloth to keep me in bandages and I always pick up any bandages for sale on the AH 🙂

    I agree it’s interesting which quests are hard and which are easy – that constantly surprises me too. You having that fear of not getting up another level in Northrend is what prompted my question, as I’m wondering that too. Given your experience though – I’ve decided not to go anywhere near Northrend until I have cleared Outland (provided the quests remain green) – much as I hate outland.

    lol – ive never found a piece of gear on the AH yet, so good luck with that one 😀

    Keep going – only 3 more levels to go!

    • Yes, stay in Outland! Don’t rush off like I did because I didn’t like the low XP on kills. There were so many quests left to do there, I probably would have had her at 83 by now if I’d stayed.

      I must learn to be patient!

      Yes, I’m sure glad that bandages were allowed, I use them to heal the voidwalker as they’re quicker than his self heal and they’ve saved Sally’s life quite a few times!

  4. Congrats! It’s pretty amazing how far you’ve gone. 😀
    Also congrats on the Bear mount! (I do not believe that the drop rate has changed, so you are just very lucky!)

    Honestly, reading your updates always makes me want to dust off my Ironman toon, but it seems so redundant now that IronSally has gone above and beyond! 😀

  5. Have you tried doing the opening quests in Vashjir yet? That should get you a little xp.

    • I haven’t yet but I think when I go back to Cata I’ll do that. I can kind of shuttle back and forth between Vashjir and Mount Hyjal so hopefully nothing goes green too soon.

      I sure hope between the two I can get a few levels!

  6. So this is the post? Ok I don’t feel so bad if I wrote about it then Ancient, seriously it was blink and you’ll miss it!!!

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