My WoW Wishlist — Adjustable Quests

My druid is still on her “doing the BC fishing dailies” thing. She’s nostalgic for the days of yore. An excuse to visit Nagrand, Zangarmarsh and other locations close to her heart. I’m very fond of BC, those were the glory days on Fenris. You could get a group for Durn or the Ring of Blood and meet new people. Times have changed but I still like to go back and visit.

I was flying around Zangarmarsh looking for Marticar and saw Fhwoor had a quest I’d apparently missed. Great I’ll stop and do it. He proceeded to aggro everything he could, I’m kind of glad I didn’t do it at the appropriate level. It was just nice to do something in an old zone.

Hey, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if you could wander ’round low levels looking for quests you’d missed and select the level. It’s not much fun bonking level sevens over the head at 85. If you’re going for The Loremaster or doing a quest chain for the lore, sure, but otherwise it’s not much fun.

Just like my other wish I’m not sure how it would be implemented or just how hard it would be to do. Maybe when excepting the quest you could select a level range, like 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. I guess this would have to be done by phasing. To me it seems to be a great way to recycle old content and spread players out over the world.

Yes, I have a bad case of the “I wants” maybe I should make my wishlist a category but I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted my creativity with two ideas. If I ever get a third idea maybe I will. I suppose I should really try to come up with a third, I mean aren’t you supposed to get three wishes granted by a big supernatural being (Blizzard)?

4 Responses to “My WoW Wishlist — Adjustable Quests”

  1. Great idea! – It’s one of the reasons I’ve never done loremaster, although I keep telling myself that I really aught to do it one of these days. Right now I just wish that when you pick up a quest that says ‘go bonk ten of these’, that it would say ‘go bonk ten of these – they are level 65-66’. That way when Nerfiron enters a new zone, which is below her level – but not her capabilities – she could determine which quests to do first. lol

    • Lol! I never thought of that. It would sure help with the Ironman Challenge.

      I did loremaster while I was waiting for Cata. Some of the quest chains were interesting so those were fun, but killing 15 level 13 boars, not so much fun!

  2. I totally agree – it would be great to be able to do older quests you’ve missed but at a higher level.

    Get your third wish out & then click your heels or something & it will happen!

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