Dumplings, Envy, … and Ben Franklin Builds a Hot Rod

Oh my, this is embarrassing. I’m still thinking about my third wish I’d like to be granted by the supernatural being known as Blizzard. I took this shot to illustrate my need for tabard storage but … ah … I KNOW, what is up with that. What is up with all those Festival Dumplings. My druid seems to be in need of a festival dumpling hoarding intervention. I had no idea this was going on, well no conscious idea. I mean I can see saving the tabards and the pirate outfit, but dumplings. Sorry, really, but WTF druid! If you don’t do something about that I’m stepping in.

Sheesh, it’s amazing what they get up to behind your back. The two other things I’d like — being able to change my guild’s name and being able to change my mind mid-flight on a rental flight and jump off  with a parachute.

I was pretty lucky on the name of the guild I inherited. No misspellings in it, no weird combination of special characters and it’s not rude. It’s just … okay.  My husband thinks it should be “The Army of One” but I’d go more for something like “Tyranny” because I do have unrestrained exercise of power over it.

And soooo many times when I take a flight, half way through it I remember that I wanted to make a stop DOWN THERE, hey, hey, can you just drop me here? PLUEEEZ! Nope, they won’t do it. But none of these wishes seem big enough for a third wish. I’ll have to keep thinking.

Now the envy, sigh … I can’t help it. I read so many blogs where the authors talk about playing WoW with their husbands and I’m jealous. That would be so incredibly wonderful. He could be whatever he wanted, I don’t care what race, what class he wanted to play, just play. But alas it will never happen. I’ve been trying for almost 5 years without him taking even a budge toward taking up arms for Azeroth.

What does he like to do? He reads history, lots and lots of “real” history. Not the history of Azeroth like me. War, war, war, he seems to like it, why not here? The other thing he does is watch shows where some guys build muscle cars and hot rods. We have a twenty-five year old Corvette taking up the garage but nothing’s ever been done to it as we keep having to do stupid boring things like replace the water heater, or heat pump, or dishwasher.

So I’m convinced that he’d jump at the chance to play an MMO where he’d get to be Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson and build hot rods. I’ve fudged this screen shot to show him how in WoW he could play historical figures and build a rocket car. What … oh come on! I can so see Ben being a goblin, really. And the ride is so Ben, he was quite the ladies man when he was in France I’m told, he’d totally be styling those custom Zhevra hide seats.

4 Responses to “Dumplings, Envy, … and Ben Franklin Builds a Hot Rod”

  1. lol Thats a lot of dumplings! 😀

    I know what you mean about how it would be nice to have your husband play. It would be a talking point – he would understand!

    I suppose I’m lucky because although my son doesn’t play wow – he is a gamer, and has played for a few months in the past, so he is very open to talking about what I’m up to, and enjoys the fact that I enjoy Wow. Other than him though – there is not a single person in my life who understands why I play – which is a shame as it makes it a part of my life that I can’t talk about and share with others. That’s probably the reason that I have a blog tbh 🙂

    • I know! what was I thinking!!

      I know, it’s the reason I started a blog. I mean he listens, but he has this face on when he does. I’m sure he doesn’t realize it, lol. It’s kind of let’s just humor the crazy person face, although polite.

      It’s not so bad now though cause I always know I can talk to you!

  2. Well as you know I do have the experience of having my husband playng WoW. It’s mostly good….!! I like it when I say “I’m so stressed” and he immediately knows it’s because I’m worried about a dungeon or lack of gold or something! But I do sometimes fear our conversation sounds odd to the wider world & he gave me a row the other day for annoucing loudly in the supermarket “I haven’t polymorphed in ages!” So it has good & bad points. Could you just get him to log on & take him on a guided tour? Or ask him to play 5 levels only and then decide? By about level 2 I was hooked 🙂

    • Lol! My son-in-law and I embarrass my daughter by talking WoW in public. She threatens to call the dork police on us.

      I’ve tried everything, I even said he should get a brand new Mac (we’re bi-computer, I’m PC, he’s Mac) and even that didn’t budge him.

      I think I may have missed my big opportunity, he recently wanted to buy a motorcycle and I just said sure, I should have made trying WoW a condition. Boy, I blew my chance!

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