The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 84

Ironsally finally reached level 84 but it wasn’t pretty. It has been the most painful level so far. Sethria’s pictured above as Sethria’s Demise is the quest where the feared linear leveling road block reared its head, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sally only managed to get to 83 and 8 bars in Icecrown. And even that was only done by abusing the many dailies and it was sucking the joy out of life. I had PROMISED myself I would never, ever, have to joust again but Sally wanted a title and it was XP, so joust we did.

After leaving Icecrown she decided to do a few Brewfest quests before heading to Vashj’ir. Really just stalling. Sally was ready to go, but not me. One of my many, shall we say “quirks” to be kind, is that I’m somewhat claustrophobic. I never really knew until I had to have an MRI. If you haven’t ever had one, I can only describe it as being buried alive in a storm drain while men with jack hammers try to hammer their way in to free you. All while you must remain perfectly still … and don’t breath. Yeah, that’s when I found out I was claustrophobic. I’m not going into the scene I made. Just imagine a lot of colorful language and thrashing around.

So the problem is Vashj’ir has kind of the same effect on me. I find I keep taking deep breaths irl. I can’t breath, help! As a warlock Sally even has underwater breathing, what’s wrong with me, we’re fine, geez. Get a grip you nut. I will not even log out a character there. I always go back to Stormwind to log out. I can’t leave them there, trapped under all the weight of all that water.

Things were going well, or as well as they can Ironman fashion, when we got to Fathom-Lord Zin’jatar, the first sign of trouble. Sally didn’t have enough mana or power to kill him, just couldn’t do it. She had been using Demon Armor for the increased survivability for Mak her voidwalker but it meant practically no spell power at all. She changed to Fel Armor, Mak’s health goes a lot faster but she has more spell power with Fel Armor.

Using Fel Armor and a Doomguard she finally took him down. Needing to get a breath of fresh air she went back to Mount Hyjal. Things went pretty well up until Sethria’s Demise. The quest requires you to take Sethria down to about 75% health to get her to change to dragon form. At that point you can call in reinforcements and all’s good after that. Sally could only barely scratch her health, I mean I think it was going down a little but not so you would notice before she ran out of mana. She finally Health Funneled herself to death from frustration.

Sally was stuck. She had about a half bar to go to 84 so she dejectedly decided to just grind the half bar to 84 and try again. At level 84 with a Doomguard, she finally completed the quest but it was close. I might have to lift the ban on Healthstones and Mana Potions if this keeps happening.

What’s next? Yup, aerial jousting. And you know what, I’m thrilled. Even if it is a form of jousting I am so happy to get to do something that doesn’t rely on Sally’s power, or lack thereof. Sally has the rest of Mount Hyjal and about half of Vashj’ir to complete. I don’t know what the next road block will be but I’m so hoping NOT to have to take her to Deepholm. Here’s hoping you’ll hear from her next time from the lofty level of 85.

Want to try the WoW Ironman Challenge for yourself? The Ironman rules are at Psynister’s Notebook.

8 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level 84”

  1. I am absolutely in awe that you have got this far without using healthstones or mana potions! Sounds like it’s really really hard for you now – but hopefully the closer you get to 85 the more determined you will will be to get to the finish line. 😀 Am really routing for you. Regarding claustrophobia and you description of the MRI – so true. I had one many moons ago and can remember it like yesterday – terrifying! I don’t suffer from claustrophobia but for anyone who does I can’t imagine how they would get through an MRI without sedation.

    In case you are wondering about Nerfiron – I’ve hit the boredom wall of Outlands – always happens to me in Outlands whether levelling normally or doing challenges – so am taking a little break from Wow at the moment to refresh my batteries and catch up on some RL stuff I’ve been putting off for too long. I’m very close to 70 – so I will be back soon 🙂

    One more level to 85! Wow – just Wow!

    • Hi Döra! Yes, it has become fairly hard now. In cata a comfortable level for her to kill would be 4 levels below her and there aren’t any!

      When I decided no pots or healthstones it was because I thought a pet class had kind of an unfair advantage but if they’ll make the difference between getting to 85 or not I’ll use them.

      Lol, yes, had I known beforehand I would definitely had them knock me out or something!

      I check on Nerfiron’s armory page every day so I knew you were close. My son-in-law was so impressed, he didn’t believe a rogue could get that far.

      I seem to take a break from Sally now every time she levels up. Not a WoW break but a “get on my main and kill things with ease” sort of break before I can go back to a Sally “one kill of a
      regular mob is excruciatingly hard” 🙂

  2. I love the fact you took this challenge and ran with it, and you have been running fast! You are so close, and even though I’m sure the mobs are hard and tedious work at this point, I’m rooting for you!

    (ps. about Nerfiron, yeah, I too thought a rogue would be damn near impossible)

  3. Saw this comment on WoWInsider and thought of poor Sally:

    “Rolly sums it up perfectly. If you’re willing to go slow enough and actually know how to play your class, you can kill [Cataclysm mobs] naked/ in white gear.”

    Probably an easy claim to throw about for all those Non-Ironmen & women out there, eh? lol

    • It is pretty much true. Interesting to try once, but repeatedly, not so much fun.

      I’m looking forward to finish getting my normal warlock from 83 to 85. It ought to feel incredibly easy after Sally.

    • Although, they might have meant “with a spec”?

      What I’m wondering is how much the spec makes up for.

      I’m probably gonna get stuck with my ironman-mage at some point, and when I’m there, I’ll start piling on “advantages” such as getting a spec to see how much further I can actually go.

      • I know, after I thought about it I thought, well yeah, you’d have a spec. It should be a piece of cake! I don’t know for sure but I’d think it would be a whole lot easier.

        If Elford decides to spec at some point but keep his executive look he can let us know. I’d think just getting the pet with a frost spec could make all the difference.

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