The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level Demoralized

Ironsally unfortunately had to move on to Deepholm. I feel foolish now.  Looking back on Ironman posts I made where I said it was hard. Psshaw. Playing Sally may have been hard compared to playing normally but it certainly wasn’t agonizingly painful to play. It’s now so painful I make up excuses to avoid it. Oh, ah Sally, I … ah … have to go pick up all the dog poop in the backyard, later. I’m not a complete nut, had this challenge been so unenjoyable at practically ANY OTHER level than 84 and a half and one bar I would have ditched poor Sally, Ironmary can attest to that.

In Hyjal, Sally and I were feeling pretty confident. She completed all of Mount Hyjal. I was surprised, I didn’t think she’d be able to do the last three but on Magma Monarch and Death to the Broodmother the voidwalker didn’t need healing so she could Life Tap to her heart’s content and The Firelord just took a few attempts but she finally completed it.

Sally went back to Vashj’ir to continue from Nespirah. Not many problems other than her handler doing thinks like getting her lost and having Sally pop up in places like Tenebrous Cavern. O hai guise!!! They weren’t amused. At this point if I had to try to describe it, playing seemed sort of like playing with Resurrection Sickness but certainly doable. She finished everything up until the 130th quest, … It Will Come. She died twice and was tired of being underwater. She decided to read up on it and come back later, but now on to Deepholm.

She was tasked with Gunship Down and there was a quest to kill five of the elementals in the area, I can’t remember the name. Killing five elementals took approximately a half an hour and seven deaths. Sally wasn’t happy, if she had to die she wanted to do it out in the sun, I think Sally may suffer from SAD.

I tried to tell her Uldum would be even harder but Sally refused to listen and off we went. We took the caravan ride and then pretty much immediately hit our cata roadblock. Kavem the Callous, we need that key. Summon Doomguard didn’t help, Summon Infernal, no help. Kavem’s health isn’t budging and Sally has to heal so much that the voidwalker can’t keep aggro.

I convinced Sally to go back to Deepholm and die in the dark but she’s coming back to get Kavem with a plan. Now might also be the time to stock up on some mana pots and fire up the Healthstones. She’s going to try to kite him out of his building after clearing the area but I’m afraid since killing three 83s will take so long, they’ll respawn while she’s out there.

Oh the plus side, while not being competitive in the least, her handler is EXTREMELY STUBBORN. This has been pointed out to me many, many, times. In this case though I see it as a good thing. While Sally could certainly get to 85 by doing dailies in Northrend for six months, I want her to get there questing where she’s supposed to quest no matter how bad it gets. I’m not above sending Sally to ride some rams to pad her XP but that’s about it.

So is there a moral to this story of demoralization? Yup, if you want to try the WoW Ironman Challenge learn from my mistakes. Do not leave Azeroth before you’ve exhausted ALL the green quests. Do not grow bored and leave Outland before you’ve finished ALL the green quests, really. If I had done that Sally wouldn’t be in the pickle she is now.

It’s all my fault … I admit it … geez Sally, give it a rest, I said it was my fault, they know. It may be a while before we hear from Sally, she’s going to be busy padding her death count.

Okay, maybe I spent too much time in Vashj’ir but doesn’t this dog look like part of the scenery there? This seems to be the latest thing in China. I think this is a Chinese Wow player’s tribute to Vashj’ir, but I must say I think that dog looks embarrassed about the whole thing. My dog would never allow that, only the horde emblem works for him.

Want to try the WoW Ironman Challenge for yourself? The Ironman rules are at Psynister’s Notebook.

12 Responses to “The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Level Demoralized”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Keep up the good work! Don’t let a few hard quests keep you from your goal! I’m thinking about doing the challenge, possibly hunter. Looks like quite the challenge, but a lot of fun.

    • Thanks! It’s amazing the difference the use of one Healthstone made. Sally’s unstuck and moving again.

      I think a hunter would be great, just remember to leave no green quests undone. It really has been fun, I’ve even been considering doing it again as a feral Druid after Sally’s done but I might need a break first!

  2. I wish you a resurgence of motivation!
    Even though we’re all holding our breaths “when will she do it, when will she hit 85”, you’re doing the right thing in not playing when you don’t feel like it. Otherwise you might grow to dislike poor Sally, and Sally is just doing her best.

    I’ve been staring at your photoshopped screenshot, the light is so realistic it looks like it could exist in game – Skills!

    • I was so down last night. I was afraid it was the end of the road. This afternoon I logged in and did the brewfest ram racing and went back to Deepholm. I had been stuck on a quest so finally used a Healthstone and between the Healthstone and a bandage managed to have enough health to turn into mana and got Maziel down.

      Yay! She’s on the move again.

      Lol, I was so disillusioned this morning that I really beat poor Sally up in that screen shot!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Not long now methinks! 😀 I am so on pins wondering when you will get to the finish line & have no doubts whatsoever that you will do it. Loved your description of it’s like playing with ressurection sickness – so true, and I am definitely gonna take your advice and not move to Northrend until I’ve squeezed every last drop out of Outland that I can.

    Go Sally!!

  4. Oops – think I might have posted earlier anonymously by accident 🙂 Can’t remember what I said, but the post hasn’t showed up so don’t know if it actually got sent. lol

    I am so routing for you now – you are sooo close! Plus I am so pleased to read in your last comment that ‘you are on the move again’ – that is fabulous. You are achieving something really great here you know, and I hope you are really really proud of what you have/will have accomplished. Way to go!!!

    • Hi Döra, and thanks!

      I think Nerfiron has been more sensible than impulsive Sally about being patience and doing the green quests, I’ve learned my lesson if I do this again.

      When I logged off last night I was stuck again but this time I’m not going to panic, I have other quests available so I’ll come back to the earthinator later and try again.

      Now for the part I’m glad my husband won’t read. Did you become really attached to Döra and Thriftee? I find I’m really invested in this character. I’ll have to find something for Sally to do once this is over. I’m not sure she’s going to want to “retire” 🙂

      • Well I was impulsive early on, but I think I realised once I got to level 35 – 40 or something that I had better look for easier quests or I wouldn’t have any hope of getting very far as I was struggling. I wish now that I had struggled earlier tbh, as it was a lesson I would have liked to have realised earlier now I look back.

        Yes I am really attached to both of them – Döra in particular, so I’m always on the lookout for fun stuff for her to do, although it’s pretty difficult to find anything at the mo – but next expansion? Fingers crossed.

        Having Nerfiron has made it easier for me to retire Thriftee (for the time being). The thing is, is that I want to keep my character’s ‘as is’ – so it’s difficult to find stuff for them to do. But yes I really feel at a loss once a challenge is over because the investment you put into those characters is so great that you identify with them very strongly, so it’s hard to let them go.

        ps. I’m still on a break with Nerfiron at the mo – gone and got Deus Ex:Human Revolution on Onlive and it’s pretty addictive, and the beauty is it only cost me a quid! lol But it’s a game with an end, so I will be back to Wow in a bit 😀 Next break after that will probably come with Mass effect 3 next year – lol

      • Yes, I want to keep her “as is” too. Maybe she could try for the Seeker title, it would be nice to take her back and let her bonk low levels and feel powerful, lol!

        Oh, I’ll have to check out Onlive. I have the Old Republic ordered so will soon be trying that out too.

      • Just wanted to throw in here that I also feel really invested with Elford and he’s not even that high leveled, compared to both of your characters.
        It’s strange, I have another mage, whom Elford has just outleveled and I am ten times more excited about him than my other gnome mage.

  5. I know, I have two former mains that have been around for years and I feel closer to Sally than I do to them.

    I guess it has something to do with the anguish of leveling them, when another level gained is really a feat not just a ding.

    In Elford’s case though I think it’s also his personality that we all can’t resist!

  6. The Seeker! Now that’s a great idea! That’s something I could try for on Thriftee too! Nice one!

    And yes Ironyca – Elford is such a wonderful personality – you just can’t help loving him 😀

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