Fine Print, WoW Goals and OMG!

I was feeling kinda mopey after Ironsally reached her goal. Ah, I know just the thing, real life! We went to visit my daughter and son-in-law. At lunch my daughter asked about the ads on this blog. “What,” I cried indignantly! “Ads, my blog has no ads!” Okay, there is a link to a dog rescue, but that’s not an ad. Whelp, turns out she’s right. I’m sure this was covered somewhere in tiny small print when I enlisted with WordPress but … well … I sorta don’t do small print. And it turns out that I can’t see them. If you’re logged into a WordPress account they don’t show up, sheesh, I just feel violated somehow. So anyway, sorry about the ads if you see them, I didn’t do it.

I decided to complete a few WoW goals, like get my Army of One guild to level 3. Huzzah!! We (well, me technically) have arrived! We now have Mount Up and hopefully my herbalist will now stand a fighting chance against those swoopy druids when she goes out to pick flowers.

I then decided to assess my mount and companion collection. Although some of them looked possibly good to eat to my druid she didn’t eat any, I’m woefully behind as it is I can’t spare another. I really love being able to check on what I have not collected on the armory. I was looking for a quest I might have missed that awarded a pet and I found one! Tiny Flamefly for completing the quest SEVEN! YUP!. You may have to go to Flamestar Post to pick up the quests that will get you to it, but at 85 they were quick and fun to do. Tiny Flamefly got me to 109. I’m trying not to buy them but at some point if I want to get to 125 I guess I’ll have to. Mounts, I only have 60. I’ve been a lazy slacker with my mount collection.

With my mount and companion collection sorted out I was at a loss for something to do so I decided to go to Uldum and check on how Ironsally was doing.

OMG! I knew it, I just knew it! I knew that after her 15 minutes of fame Sally wasn’t going to go quietly into the night. That girl is just out of control. She had summoned Ironyca’s Elford to Uldum with some story about wanting company while she stood around Ramkehen trying to get Stood in the Fire. I always thought she was sweet on him. I got there just in time, because she was texting Döra’s Nerfiron to come too. Who knows who else she has on speed dial. I am so sorry Ironyca, I promise it won’t happen again. It’s clear to me now that I have to find something to keep her occupied, apparently fishing wasn’t her cup of tea. Hmmm, maybe archeology? Maybe I can bribe a guard to keep her in The Stockade until I can find something to occupy her and keep her out of trouble.

4 Responses to “Fine Print, WoW Goals and OMG!”

  1. Hahaha, Elford that little bugger, going off on all kinds of adventures without me!

    With regards to the ads, Roleplaygear gets them too, especially ’cause it gets a lot of hits. It’s something wordpress does to keep the service free, but it is annoying knowing that you might have ads and that you can’t even see nor control this yourself.

    • Yes, I know, I don’t even know how she managed to summon him from an EU server!

      I can understand it since the service is free, I guess I’ll have to trust WordPress to serve up ads that I wouldn’t object to, I’ll have to log out and spy on me!

  2. Lol – I love that pic! You are great with the old photoshop. 🙂 Sorry Nerfiron missed your call – must have been in bed lol.

    Grats on getting your guild to level 3. As a one woman guild that takes some doing & is a feat in itself – I’m quite impressed!

    As for the adverts – I don’t see them – have an ad blocker in my browser. Does my blog have adverts?

    • Whew, I’m glad she didn’t get Nerfiron in trouble!

      I’m afraid getting to level 3 is a side effect of the lack of work I’m getting lately, way too much free time on my hands, lol.

      So many hosting companies selling cheap hosting with templated do-it-yourself websites has cut into my business, plus the crumby economy so the downside is no money but the upside is more time for WoW!

      I just checked and I couldn’t find any ads on your blog, maybe blogger doesn’t do it.

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