Stormwind News Team 9

Well, you know, I’m not really surprised. Ironsally has always been pretty brassy. I guess I should be happy that she won’t be getting into any more trouble now that she’s gainfully employed. Now how she landed a job as an anchor with Stormwind News Team 9 I’ll never know. She has no experience, I can’t imagine what kind of story she gave them. She must have capitalized on her 15 minutes of fame.

Apparently she’s going to specialize in interviews. Maybe they thought she’d be good for the job as she is rather persistent so maybe it will work out for her. I hope so. She’s not really speaking to me right now so I can’t congratulate her on her new job. She heard that I have a new druid Ironman and her nose is out of joint about it. I’ll send a card, she’ll come round. Once we’re speaking again maybe I can get the inside scoop on who her next interview’s with.

4 Responses to “Stormwind News Team 9”

  1. Very funny stuff. “Hey J, lets meet by the tree” Oh Thrall, don’t let Ogra find out!

  2. Lol! That is so funny 😀 Absolutely adore the clock. I think Ironsally has found her calling. haha

    • I think she has, I was worrying about finding her something to do and she found it on her own. I don’t know if there is going to be job advancement there though unless I can twist the arm of a male voice she’ll be doing interviews forever.

      I love it too, I spent many hours searching old computers to find that clock and was so happy to find I still had it. Brightens up the News Room I think!

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