When WoW Imitates Life and Other Random Bits

First off, what I’ve been doing is stalling. When I have something to do that’s going to be a long, arduous, pita I stall. Stalling for me means spending hours doing what I think of as free association web browsing. What I’m trying to avoid right now is a switchover from one computer to another. On the one hand I’m absolutely overjoyed to have a shiny, new, fast, quieter, smaller-cased computer. On the other hand I am so not looking forward to locating my mish-mash of downloaded and boxed software, remembering to locate and copy all my FTP login info for the websites I maintain, oh geez, the list goes on and on so I stall. So pretty much all of this post is a result of my stalling.

I seem to have a new Ironman. I don’t know how far I’ll take her but meet Ferricat my little, very serious, druid entrant in the Ironman Challenge. I recently had to take her to the Barbershop to change her hair color. I had inadvertently made her hair the same as my level 85 main which was causing all kinds of trouble. I couldn’t seem to remember that she WAS NOT all powerful and needed to pick on things well below her level. Now she’s a black cat which helps me remember — four levels below her is who she needs to pick on.

So she was doing the quest (see shot above), The Dawning of a New Day and I was watching the Moonbrook Rally unfold and it just seemed a little eerie. Maybe it was because I had just watched the evening news but I felt like I was at an OCCUPY TOGETHER rally. WoW imitating life? And there had to be some sort of prescience involved on Blizzard’s part as Cata released well before these rallies started. I wonder if that’s a job requirement at Blizzard. Okay, and then I found this.

Diego Stocco – Music From A Dry Cleaner from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

I love this, I need this in my WoW playlist. This is just aaaaawwwsssome, don’t know what else to say.

After that I did my usual WoW blog browsing. I could subscribe and read these through Google Reader but I seem to have this visual thing that I HAVE to go to the actual blog to read it, I have to be there. So I frequently find a great post at a new (for me) blog and I think I’ve bookmarked it and then when I remember that I wanted to go back, I can’t find it. So Yay! I found it!

This post on self-consciousness in WoW at Tree Heals Go Woosh was so spot on for me. Ignorance was indeed bliss. Like Tzufit, when the realization hit me that I had a lot to learn I was determined to learn it. But unlike Tzufit I never got over the self-consciousness and performance anxiety so I became a solitary player. Only person to judge me here is me. Yeah … I know … go ahead. /chicken.

Alrighty now, enough rambling and stalling. It’s time to attack the software closet from hell. I mean I have a box with SCSI cables in there. I KNOW, why? It’s like a computer parts and software museum in there.  There’s a Jaz drive, I bet I’ll find floppies even. It’s like a wayback machine in that closet.

I don’t know, maybe I should wait ’til the weekend, yeah, I think this is a weekend job. I really don’t think I can lift this space hog of a computer by myself, I need help, yeah …

Okay then that’s settled. Lookout interwebs, here I come!

8 Responses to “When WoW Imitates Life and Other Random Bits”

  1. Ooh! Now I need to find more Diego Stocco. I lost a bunch of music like this in my Great Computer Crash last year. When I went looking, I kept getting distracted by other music I found without finding my original target!

    I recently had to purchase a 3.5″ floppy to USB to move a bunch of older digital photos to CD. I know where my Jaz drive is.

    • Isn’t it great, I just keep playing it over and over.

      Oh, I’m so happy someone else remembers a Jaz drive. I remember how happy I was when I got it, all that memory. The other day I bought a 8GB jump drive for $13.00, times change fast!

  2. I commented on the druid blog you linked to, very neat blog!

    I also always go to the website instead of reading someone’s post through a reader. The reader always ignores formatting and is generally ugly to look at in my opinion. I find it easier and more pleasurable to read people’s posts at their sites.

    • Wasn’t it great? So really by stalling I found a new blog to read so I think it was worthwhile.

      Yes, the formatting is awful and I like to be on the blog I’m reading’s site. The graphics and colors I’m expecting are there and I feel at home.

  3. Thanks very much for the link! I’m glad you like to read blogs on the actual webpage rather than through the feeders – I’m guilty of doing this too often because the number of items I subscribe to is fairly, um, out of control. But you miss so much of how the author intended the post to look when you do it that way!

    Your comparison between the Westfall storyline and the Occupy Together rallies is really fascinating. I’d not thought of the events in Westfall in that context, but it makes complete sense. Very interesting post!

    • You are quite welcome!

      I had just watched the news and they were interviewing people at Occupy DC. I think when Vanessa got to the “… we take a stand as men and women, not nameless, faceless numbers!” I did a mental double-take because I had just heard something so similar in the interview.

  4. That took me down memory lane lol. I have fond memories of my old jaz drive, and my even older zip drive. I think I got my Jaz drive after my zip drive developed the click of death. If yours still works it might well be worth hanging on to. Might be worth something 🙂

    I too prefer to browse peoples actual blogs – The design of the blog adds a lot of personality and flavour. Thanks for the link to Tzufit’s post – that was REALLY interesting 🙂

    • I still have my zip too, I even saved one of the early Macs that didn’t have any internal memory and you had to shuffle floppies in and out of it. I just can’t get rid of it, it’s history!

      I’m glad to hear that so many people also have to read posts in their natural habitat. I am not alone!

      Yes, that was a excellent post. I sometimes think I roll so many alts to try to get back the feeling of that time of happy ignorance.

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