Disclaimer: All Ye Who Enter Here …

Eeeeeeee, I am so excited, I’ve hit the big time, I’m in the catbird seat, I have arrived!! No power in the verse can stop me now! Woohoo! I know, I’m supposed to be digging in my closet of computer curiosities but I had to post about this. What has caused this jubilation?

This comment on my YouTube Channel:


I feel like I’m really a citizen of the interwebs now. This blog is just about a year old and not one rude comment, not once, a lot of spam but everyone that comments here is exceedingly polite and kind. I know I don’t say anything controversial, mostly because my WoW space is my “happy space” and I don’t want no steeking negativity here but I thought considering the denizens of WoW, I’d still get some.

I should have known YouTube would come through for me. YouTube is the other side of the tracks, a really scary place inhabited by scary people. I don’t even know what some of the dirty words in comments there mean, and I worked in the headquarters of a macho labor union for years, so I know most of them.

Anyway, without thinking, I responded with a snarky comment:

Lol, perhaps you should make better use of your time then. And you wasted even more precious life commenting here, tsk, tsk.

I love the word snarky, I also love underused antique words like strumpet, and scofflaw, but I rarely get to use them so I’m happy snarky works just right here. After thinking about it a little I decided I’d been too hasty, I’d wronged dragonlord540 and I should do something to avoid the chance that some other unsuspecting innocent may lose valuable seconds of life viewing my videos.

My few videos on YouTube pretty much mean nothing out of context of this blog, it’s debatable whether they mean much IN context but just for argument’s sake we’ll assume they do. There they are, sitting on YouTube where anyone might accidentally view them. I haven’t even found out if there’s a way to delete the mistakes, like when I uploaded the wrong one and the things on the desk are hovering mid-air. SOMEONE MIGHT VIEW THAT and waste valuable seconds of life so I thought I should put up some kind of disclaimer on each one in honor of poor dragonlord540 or else this might happen again, oh the tragedy, the horror, when this could have been so easily averted.

Would something like this work?

Disclaimer: All ye who enter here, warning! This YouTube Channel holds nothing of interest to you. Valuable seconds of life WILL BE WASTED if you view them. Proceed at your own risk. These videos are meant to only be viewed in conjunction with posts at Tome of the Ancient (another second stealer if there ever was one) and if you proceed you risk a life shortened by seconds!!!

What do you think? I could call it something like The Dragonlord Alert to honor the channel’s first victim. So dragonlord540, I salute you. You’ve done well today, countless seconds will be saved and you’re responsible. Attaboy!

8 Responses to “Disclaimer: All Ye Who Enter Here …”

  1. Why did he have to post that and as you rightly said in your response waste more seconds of his life writing that? Why be so – let’s be frank- mean? I despair of some people I really do. I had an awful comment in response to a comment I made on another site a few weeks ago & since then I’ve been approaching all responses to anything I write with complete trepidation. No matter how much I try to brush stuff like that off I find it hurts. But…your disclaimer is great! You could also think about it in terms of you doing a public service – if idiots like him are wasting seconds on your site at least they’re not elsewhere causing trouble. So well done. You’ve taken one for the cause & I salute you 🙂

    • I am always a bit confused by things like this but I imagine some 13 year old boy that’s been bullied at school coming home and searching YouTube for someone to take it out on. That always helps!

      Yes, I lurk on blogs for months deciding whether it’s “safe” to post there, lol. And sometimes that doesn’t work as someone other than the author will take you to task.

  2. Lol. (I’m laughing at your post, not the troll) 🙂 I love the disclaimer – wasting seconds of peoples lives is definitely a crime of earth shaking proportions so it’s important that you indemnify yourself against litigation.

    Just a thought. It might be a good idea to put a link in the description of each video guiding viewers to the relevant post in your blog. That way it might bring the curious to read your tomes of wisdom that go with your videos. Although that could bring the trolls here.

    Alternatively, you could make your video’s ‘unlisted’. That way only people you give the link to can see them. That way you can post them on your blog, like you have been doing, and only the readers of your blog will know they are there.

    I am glad you seem to find this funny, although I suspect that you were shocked and a little upset at first. It’s not my video but I’m angry for you. I’m happy you wasted 15 seconds of his life and then some – he deserved it! 🙂

    • Oh Döra, I didn’t know you could do that. I thought if I made them private no one would see them here, genius! I’ll have to do that.

      It’s really funny what bothers me and what doesn’t. I am extremely shy but I’ve never been afraid of public speaking which people find weird. I guess I just can’t chit chat well, or for any length of time and when I’m forced to afterwards I’m exhausted. It’s the same with WoW and this comment. At first I am always shocked when someone’s rude but this time I started loling so hard at the absurdity I decided to post about it.

      I am so happy, I now have Kaspersky and Firefox loaded on this computer! Next priority WoW!

  3. Hahaha, I thought your response to dragonguy was hilarious. I might go to your video just to cheer you on!

    I’ve had rude comments on my blog, a few has been completely disconnected, where the person just threw some random insults at me and I decided not to approve the comment. That has happened a few times.
    But Youtube, yeah… I’m sure the absolute lowest of commenters reside there and get a kick out of finding random videos where they can say something offensive. I’m sure dragondude wasted more seconds on someone elses video too, and I think he secretly likes wasting them (don’t we all?).

    • Yes, I’ll bet he did waste many more valuable life seconds on other videos! The funny thing was he was mad about the one that just shows my druid’s “dream” druidy outfit and the description said, “WoW Druid trying on different gear in anticipation of transmogrification.” Not very exciting, unless he thought she was going to strip and dance before she changed, lol.

      • You have a youtube channel? And a video showing a Druid trying on different gear?


        You do know some of us will find those 15 seconds the highlight of our day, don’t you? I searched through, ensuring there wasn’t some hidden link on a picture on off the “About” page. Did I miss it? I have no problem searching for it on youtube, but I’d think you’d prefer folks that know the context to watch it, no?

  4. Hi Kallixta!

    http://www.youtube.com/user/tomeoftheancient is the YouTube channel address.

    The post that had the video that offended Dragonlord was https://tomeoftheancient.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/wow-fashionista-edition/ about how I think my druid would dress.

    I realized that I didn’t “see” her wearing all the beautiful armor I was collecting. I see her in tattered, possibly bloody (not hers :)) clothes but it turns out these might be a whole lot harder to get!

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