Muhahaha … Best Pet Ever!

Okay so I’m easily entertained, but this is the best companion pet ever! Hallow’s End (guide there if you need it) has always been my hands down favorite holiday event. I liked my new Feline Familiar to begin with, but this cat comes with their own ride, so we’ve been flying around while waiting in the queue for another attempt at getting The Horseman’s Reins.

Didn’t get it, instead my druid got the The Horseman’s Horrific Helmet which she’s kind of sad about because she’d love to be able to Use: Let the Horseman laugh through you. But it’s soulbound and plate so she can’t use it and no one else can but she hasn’t vendored it. She just won’t let it go. This girl has a problem, first the festival dumplings now this. No wonder I’m going to have to buy another guild vault tab.

She did A Time to Lose, as a druid she had no problem getting to the Wickerman undetected. I had hoped at 11:00 am there might be no one there defending it but there were. Unfortunately about six of them. I had promised myself if it was just one defender I’d make an effort to PVP instead of just standing there in shock but six, no way, I just went bear form so I’d live long enough to get somewhere where my corpse wouldn’t be camped. I need to take a remedial PVP class.

I wanted to get back at those horde for that but since I couldn’t actually get back at those particular horde players when I got back to Stormwind I stationed myself in stealth behind our Wickerman and took it out on anyone who tried to sneak in that way. See, Hallow’s End makes me crazy! PVPing no less. Except the warlock, I like warlocks so he got a pass. Oh yeah, well, to be honest there weren’t any other Alliance around when he showed up so I would have gotten my butt kicked.

After getting into the holiday atmosphere and ruining a few people’s attempts to complete their quest, as usual I felt guilty about it. I’d made my token attempt to defend Stormwind so that was enough. I also hate it when my side. whichever it may be, kills fishermen, ah come on, let ’em fish.

Now I have to quickly level up my warlock to 84 and see if she can queue for the horseman. I had thought she’d be able to get in at 83 but no luck. I’ve read differing opinions on whether you can queue at 84 or you have to be 85 so might as well find out for myself.

Well, gotta go, lots to do, level my warlock and hit the candy buckets with my druid. I need 150 Tricky Treats for my next purchase the Little Wickerman! Happy Hallow’s End!

Edit: For anyone looking for information on the required level to queue for the Headless Horseman 2011, it is level 84.

2 Responses to “Muhahaha … Best Pet Ever!”

  1. Argh! I had just decided I was content and didn’t need my non-achievement pursuing Main to do Hallow’s Eve stuff. My old achievement-whore is in retirement and was up-to-date on Hallow’s End last year and until now I hadn’t seen a reason to bring her out of retirement, but…

    Cat on a broom. Can’t help myself.

    • I know! It doesn’t get better than a cat on a broom! My druid is the only one who does achievements and last year I gave up on it as PVP was involved but I have an awful lot of G.N.E.R.D.S. candy so I just might try to complete Hallow’s End this year.

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