Infinitesimally Tiny Sad Post — 5 Levels???

I know, I know, my mother always told me if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all, but, really, someone tell me it’s a mistake. Level cap 90? I’m happy for those people who may be excited to play a Pandaren, I’m happy for those psyched by the thought of playing a Monk class … but I am a very sad … well … panda.

4 Responses to “Infinitesimally Tiny Sad Post — 5 Levels???”

  1. I’m kinda feeling the same way. Confused tbh. I like the idea of a new class. 5 levels – well I wish it could be more. The new challenge dungeons I hate the idea of – just an excuse to pile on the ‘go-go-go’ attitude even more. I’ve even heard (but don’t quote me because I haven’t had it from a confirmed source yet) that hunters are losing their melee weapons. If that’s true – bye bye melee only hunters 😦

    The 12 month subscription offers some nice benefits, but you would think that blizz would have offered it at a smaller price rather than keeping the current £8.99 per month price – say £7 per month. The way I’ve been feeling for the last few months I don’t know if I will still be playing 12 months from now – so a price reduction for a 12 month contract might have sweetened the deal for me.

    I kinda like the new pet combat system, but… as I like to play solo I can’t really see me challenging other players to pet duels – lol.

    I keep looking for ‘what is there for the solo player?’ and I can’t find much. I bet even Dora wont be able to get to the new zones – no doubt they will be portaled off.

    Mixed feelings for me.

    • Yup, I’ve seen that hunters are losing their weapons too. I would definitely try the Monk class but I don’t think I’d roll a Pandaren.

      I probably should read more before saying the sky is falling but I was hoping for a return to 10 levels an expansion.

      What I really want to know is the release date.

  2. I think they are going with the 5 level model until level 100 is the max. I heard somewhere at some point (I know, not very resourceful) that 100 will be the max level. So that puts the game at three more expansions.

    • Döra remembered reading that too. That’s good then, maybe by level 100 I’ll be ready to move on, lol.

      I’m fine with change but I’m a little impatient, I wish the time between expansions wasn’t so long but I guess if I played as intended they’d last longer.

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