House Guest from Azeroth and What’s in a (Guild) Name

On occasion I get visitors from Azeroth here, I mean it seems only fair since I spend so much time in their world. I should have seen this one coming though. My warlock wanted to visit to see what our Hallow’s End decorations looked like. That sounds innocent enough doesn’t it? Considering she’s a warlock I should have known she’d be up to no good, but this!

I happened to look out the window (sorry, the photo was taken through the window screen so it’s a little blurry) and OMG, she was stalking deer in the backyard and she had her Creepy Crate with her. I managed to get out there before anything happened but it was close. She didn’t see my point, she kept saying that they were only critters. I told her we have strange customs here and that we absolutely do not let Creepy Crates eat our critters. She was a little put out, said she thought she was doing me a favor as she’d heard me complain about the deer population eating all my Azaleas last year. Anyway, if you decide to let any of your characters visit, watch out, make sure they know the local customs. Avoid a bloodbath.

My guild is a hand-me-down that I was really lucky to get. I love having all those bank tabs to store all my junk. I was really lucky too in that the name was fine, Starflare, not “I Ate your Mother’s Underpants” as it so easily could have been. Trouble is, it wasn’t MY name, I didn’t get to pick it. I wanted to name my guild. This is kind of stupid as in all the time I’ve been playing I think only two characters got to have my first choice name, somebody’s always beaten me to it.

So yeah, as soon as I saw yesterday that you could now pay (real money) to change your guild name I rushed to Blizzards’s site to “read” (that’s what I told myself) about it. It would be silly to pay to change the name of my one person bank guild, really.

Yup, of course I did it. I did have a limit that I wouldn’t go over, I decided I WOULD ONLY PAY up to 25.00 for this service and it turned out to be 20.00. I wanted to name the guild “Tyranny” kind of an inside joke with myself, but no, already taken. I don’t know how many variations on tyranny I tried, still no luck.

Ah! Tyranny in another language, maybe that will work. I asked a bilingual friend how to say it in Spanish and that’s what I named it. Amazing what will float your boat but I’m so pleased with my new guild name, it’s the best thing ever. I just hope, really, really, hope that my friend wasn’t pranking me. It wouldn’t be above her to tell me the Spanish word for tyranny and it was actually “I Ate your Mother’s Underpants” in Spanish. Geez, I hope she didn’t do that, WoW is serious business.

2 Responses to “House Guest from Azeroth and What’s in a (Guild) Name”

  1. I love the ‘use another language’ trick. 😀

    My goblin’s name is actually a deliberate misspelling of the German word for ‘Profit’.

    • I get so many (what I think) are clever ideas for names and then, darn, someone was clever AND faster than me!

      Lol, profit is a great goblin name, I wonder if there’s a Goblin named BottomLine.

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