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These are not my People

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I’ve been spending a lot of time in rl this week, I have to finish packing and moving my mother, and then settlement on her home next week. She’s moving into a senior apartment where there will be eternal bingo and sunshine, I hope she’s going to like it. Yesterday we spent a fair amount of time there signing contracts and paying up. When you have to accomplish something like this there are certain behavioral expectations that are well, expected of you. If I decide to play along I wear the face above. You know, you dress appropriately, don’t pick your nose, those kinds of things. It’s not really the real you, but it’s the socially acceptable version of you that you dust off for certain occasions.

Unfortunately I was pressed for time yesterday and rather than get there late I came as I was, in my usual attire. Looking more like this, just not as well dressed.

Since I started working from home I’ve kind of gone native. I’m not much for beautying, I used to get frequent hair cuts and dye my hair but kinda let that go. WHAT!! I’m PREMATURELY gray. My mother says my father’s hair was completely gray at 24, so seriously it’s prematurely gray. The woman that cut my hair and bullied me into making appointments quit, I don’t know, three years ago. That was the end of the dying and the cutting so imagine one of those guys wearing jeans and a ten year old Alienware T-shirt and you’ve got me.

I’m getting to the WoW part, just hold on. Now I’m sure that being judgmental was a seriously useful survival trait back in the day but nowadays it gets a little trying. After eyeballing the Mad Woman of Borneo and her mother we were left to cool our heels in a lovely reception area that had a freaking huge piano playing show tunes. I thought I would die, I wanted to die. If that was my punishment for looking so unconventional, man, those old folk specialists know their stuff, sadistic fiends. I’m still having audio flashbacks.

Anyway, my mother started wandering around “meeting people” and I was left there to amuse myself. On long waits I amuse myself by playing the guess who plays WoW game. Before WoW I used to play the game where I’d imagine the people around me and myself were suddenly in one of those horror movies and I’d try to guess who would be the hero, who would be the first to get killed, etc. Now it’s the WoW game.

Admittedly this was a little tougher than usual since I was in a Senior Living complex, but hey still doable cause you can include the people who work there too. People kept coming by assuring me someone would be with us in a moment. They were frighteningly cheerful. Imagine a squee wrapped in furry pink polka dots and velvet ribbons. These are not my people.

We were finally collected and first, given a tour. We came to the computer room, I inquired about the activities. This woman was late twenties I’d say, and replied that you’d be able to use the computers to browse the internet for news and such. I asked about games and got a blank stare. These are not my people.

No where could I find a possible WoW player. Not that they weren’t there, but if they were, they were exceedingly skillful at hiding behind their socially acceptable facade. Finally finished, we walked back to my car. The place is new and there’s construction being completed on the outside. I got hit on by a construction worker. God love ’em, you can always count on them. They weren’t really rude enough though. I miss my people. I am so ready to login and queue for the headless horseman where no one will say hello and if anything goes wrong blame will be flying. Oh, it’s good to be home. These are my people.


Disclaimer: All Ye Who Enter Here …

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Eeeeeeee, I am so excited, I’ve hit the big time, I’m in the catbird seat, I have arrived!! No power in the verse can stop me now! Woohoo! I know, I’m supposed to be digging in my closet of computer curiosities but I had to post about this. What has caused this jubilation?

This comment on my YouTube Channel:


I feel like I’m really a citizen of the interwebs now. This blog is just about a year old and not one rude comment, not once, a lot of spam but everyone that comments here is exceedingly polite and kind. I know I don’t say anything controversial, mostly because my WoW space is my “happy space” and I don’t want no steeking negativity here but I thought considering the denizens of WoW, I’d still get some.

I should have known YouTube would come through for me. YouTube is the other side of the tracks, a really scary place inhabited by scary people. I don’t even know what some of the dirty words in comments there mean, and I worked in the headquarters of a macho labor union for years, so I know most of them.

Anyway, without thinking, I responded with a snarky comment:

Lol, perhaps you should make better use of your time then. And you wasted even more precious life commenting here, tsk, tsk.

I love the word snarky, I also love underused antique words like strumpet, and scofflaw, but I rarely get to use them so I’m happy snarky works just right here. After thinking about it a little I decided I’d been too hasty, I’d wronged dragonlord540 and I should do something to avoid the chance that some other unsuspecting innocent may lose valuable seconds of life viewing my videos.

My few videos on YouTube pretty much mean nothing out of context of this blog, it’s debatable whether they mean much IN context but just for argument’s sake we’ll assume they do. There they are, sitting on YouTube where anyone might accidentally view them. I haven’t even found out if there’s a way to delete the mistakes, like when I uploaded the wrong one and the things on the desk are hovering mid-air. SOMEONE MIGHT VIEW THAT and waste valuable seconds of life so I thought I should put up some kind of disclaimer on each one in honor of poor dragonlord540 or else this might happen again, oh the tragedy, the horror, when this could have been so easily averted.

Would something like this work?

Disclaimer: All ye who enter here, warning! This YouTube Channel holds nothing of interest to you. Valuable seconds of life WILL BE WASTED if you view them. Proceed at your own risk. These videos are meant to only be viewed in conjunction with posts at Tome of the Ancient (another second stealer if there ever was one) and if you proceed you risk a life shortened by seconds!!!

What do you think? I could call it something like The Dragonlord Alert to honor the channel’s first victim. So dragonlord540, I salute you. You’ve done well today, countless seconds will be saved and you’re responsible. Attaboy!

When WoW Imitates Life and Other Random Bits

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First off, what I’ve been doing is stalling. When I have something to do that’s going to be a long, arduous, pita I stall. Stalling for me means spending hours doing what I think of as free association web browsing. What I’m trying to avoid right now is a switchover from one computer to another. On the one hand I’m absolutely overjoyed to have a shiny, new, fast, quieter, smaller-cased computer. On the other hand I am so not looking forward to locating my mish-mash of downloaded and boxed software, remembering to locate and copy all my FTP login info for the websites I maintain, oh geez, the list goes on and on so I stall. So pretty much all of this post is a result of my stalling.

I seem to have a new Ironman. I don’t know how far I’ll take her but meet Ferricat my little, very serious, druid entrant in the Ironman Challenge. I recently had to take her to the Barbershop to change her hair color. I had inadvertently made her hair the same as my level 85 main which was causing all kinds of trouble. I couldn’t seem to remember that she WAS NOT all powerful and needed to pick on things well below her level. Now she’s a black cat which helps me remember — four levels below her is who she needs to pick on.

So she was doing the quest (see shot above), The Dawning of a New Day and I was watching the Moonbrook Rally unfold and it just seemed a little eerie. Maybe it was because I had just watched the evening news but I felt like I was at an OCCUPY TOGETHER rally. WoW imitating life? And there had to be some sort of prescience involved on Blizzard’s part as Cata released well before these rallies started. I wonder if that’s a job requirement at Blizzard. Okay, and then I found this.

Diego Stocco – Music From A Dry Cleaner from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

I love this, I need this in my WoW playlist. This is just aaaaawwwsssome, don’t know what else to say.

After that I did my usual WoW blog browsing. I could subscribe and read these through Google Reader but I seem to have this visual thing that I HAVE to go to the actual blog to read it, I have to be there. So I frequently find a great post at a new (for me) blog and I think I’ve bookmarked it and then when I remember that I wanted to go back, I can’t find it. So Yay! I found it!

This post on self-consciousness in WoW at Tree Heals Go Woosh was so spot on for me. Ignorance was indeed bliss. Like Tzufit, when the realization hit me that I had a lot to learn I was determined to learn it. But unlike Tzufit I never got over the self-consciousness and performance anxiety so I became a solitary player. Only person to judge me here is me. Yeah … I know … go ahead. /chicken.

Alrighty now, enough rambling and stalling. It’s time to attack the software closet from hell. I mean I have a box with SCSI cables in there. I KNOW, why? It’s like a computer parts and software museum in there.  There’s a Jaz drive, I bet I’ll find floppies even. It’s like a wayback machine in that closet.

I don’t know, maybe I should wait ’til the weekend, yeah, I think this is a weekend job. I really don’t think I can lift this space hog of a computer by myself, I need help, yeah …

Okay then that’s settled. Lookout interwebs, here I come!

Stormwind News Team 9

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Well, you know, I’m not really surprised. Ironsally has always been pretty brassy. I guess I should be happy that she won’t be getting into any more trouble now that she’s gainfully employed. Now how she landed a job as an anchor with Stormwind News Team 9 I’ll never know. She has no experience, I can’t imagine what kind of story she gave them. She must have capitalized on her 15 minutes of fame.

Apparently she’s going to specialize in interviews. Maybe they thought she’d be good for the job as she is rather persistent so maybe it will work out for her. I hope so. She’s not really speaking to me right now so I can’t congratulate her on her new job. She heard that I have a new druid Ironman and her nose is out of joint about it. I’ll send a card, she’ll come round. Once we’re speaking again maybe I can get the inside scoop on who her next interview’s with.

Kitties, a Year in Review, and What to Do

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Yeah … no. I got nothing. I was going to put Kitten Standard in the title but that would have been implying that I had some deep thoughts on the topic, which I don’t, so just kitties. I’ve been reading blogs and I see the points on both sides, just a sea of gray as usual. Not that I can’t still get passionate about issues. Show me a politician of ANY flavor and I’ll get out the pitchfork but I’m not sure what to think about this yet. On the one hand, if sanctioned gold selling stopped hackers from stealing accounts then I’m all for it. On the other hand, I hate free to play games and this is, to me, the first (maybe not first but first I couldn’t ignore) rumble of things to come. I know games have a limited shelf-life, but I don’t want to be reminded. What? Sticking my head in the sand? Well, yeah, lol. Why do you think I spend so much time in WoW, I come here to avoid rl issues. I don’t want any negativity here too. So anyway, I’ll keep reading what smarter minds have to say about it.

Speaking of free to play, I’ve been trying out Glitch. Well, I don’t think I’ve actually been in the world more than 20 minutes but I am training the hell out of all the skills. Every time I check email I see I’ve finished learning something so I learn something else. I know the expectation is that I’ll enter the world and do something, and then spend real money for a new outfit but the joke’s on them. I’m probably not going to, but I sure like learning all those skills. I’m getting a big sense of accomplishment for free. But you said you hate free to play! I do, on some level I must think that I’m getting back at them by signing up and then refusing to buy gold with real money. Take that, stupid little free to play game. Sheesh, I’ll calm down in a minute. It’s just that when I checked Facebook this morning I had all these requests to send friends all kinds of crap in games that I don’t play but I signed up for so they could have more “friends”, sigh … it’s okay, I’m alright now, don’t want to turn this into a rant.

I noticed that this blog is almost a year old. I remember the reason I started was because I just couldn’t wait for Cataclysm and I had no one to squee about it with, so I decided to subject all of you to my squeeing about WoW. I looked at some of the old posts, shudder, I was doing the Argent Tournament dailies this time last year. I was slowing going insane from it. It’s true, if you looked me up you’d see I’m officially branded insane, and not from what you think … it’s was the Argent Tournament that did it. Must have every pet, must have more heirlooms. Strangely, I opened up all of the Firelands vendors and then just quit. If I do dailies it’s Tol Barad dailies, must have mounts.

What to do now. I have abandoned projects. My male worgen experiment is sitting at level 18 and not very happy about it. I started a personal challenge, level a mage to 85. I now have a goblin mage at 17, but it’s not been much fun as it’s stupid easy leveling with heirlooms. I started a druid Ironman, she’s level 12 I think. I wanted to see if I could do it with a melee character, I’m just all over the place.

I think I remember Döra warning me about this. Alternative leveling is addictive and I just need to come up with the right one. Hmm, now there’s a job for Ironsally, research. I’ll get her on that, fire up the Google Sally.

Fine Print, WoW Goals and OMG!

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I was feeling kinda mopey after Ironsally reached her goal. Ah, I know just the thing, real life! We went to visit my daughter and son-in-law. At lunch my daughter asked about the ads on this blog. “What,” I cried indignantly! “Ads, my blog has no ads!” Okay, there is a link to a dog rescue, but that’s not an ad. Whelp, turns out she’s right. I’m sure this was covered somewhere in tiny small print when I enlisted with WordPress but … well … I sorta don’t do small print. And it turns out that I can’t see them. If you’re logged into a WordPress account they don’t show up, sheesh, I just feel violated somehow. So anyway, sorry about the ads if you see them, I didn’t do it.

I decided to complete a few WoW goals, like get my Army of One guild to level 3. Huzzah!! We (well, me technically) have arrived! We now have Mount Up and hopefully my herbalist will now stand a fighting chance against those swoopy druids when she goes out to pick flowers.

I then decided to assess my mount and companion collection. Although some of them looked possibly good to eat to my druid she didn’t eat any, I’m woefully behind as it is I can’t spare another. I really love being able to check on what I have not collected on the armory. I was looking for a quest I might have missed that awarded a pet and I found one! Tiny Flamefly for completing the quest SEVEN! YUP!. You may have to go to Flamestar Post to pick up the quests that will get you to it, but at 85 they were quick and fun to do. Tiny Flamefly got me to 109. I’m trying not to buy them but at some point if I want to get to 125 I guess I’ll have to. Mounts, I only have 60. I’ve been a lazy slacker with my mount collection.

With my mount and companion collection sorted out I was at a loss for something to do so I decided to go to Uldum and check on how Ironsally was doing.

OMG! I knew it, I just knew it! I knew that after her 15 minutes of fame Sally wasn’t going to go quietly into the night. That girl is just out of control. She had summoned Ironyca’s Elford to Uldum with some story about wanting company while she stood around Ramkehen trying to get Stood in the Fire. I always thought she was sweet on him. I got there just in time, because she was texting Döra’s Nerfiron to come too. Who knows who else she has on speed dial. I am so sorry Ironyca, I promise it won’t happen again. It’s clear to me now that I have to find something to keep her occupied, apparently fishing wasn’t her cup of tea. Hmmm, maybe archeology? Maybe I can bribe a guard to keep her in The Stockade until I can find something to occupy her and keep her out of trouble.

The WoW Ironman Challenge — Warlock Final Ding!

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Ironsally has made it to the lofty level of 85! Yay! Dancing in the streets! She modestly said she couldn’t have done it without her main man, or … er … tormented demon, Mak. Since I now have Fraps and WoW Model Viewer to play with, it was inevitable that I would attempt my first machinima to make a tribute to Sally. It is mercifully short, but it was fun to make.

At 84 and a half and one bar Sally and I were both tearing our hair out with frustration so the ban on Healthstones was lifted. It made the difference on a few quests that were blocking her way and leveling resumed. At three bars until 85 Sally was good and truly Cataclysm roadblocked. She absolutely could not down Haethen Kaul for Fight Fire and Water and Air with … I had thought this one going to be an easy quest with having the fire, water, and air wards but noooo it was not. He casts an Earthbolt that you can’t avoid and you aren’t protected from, so Sally didn’t stand a chance. I never noticed this with any other character and after one death I watched another player down him at level 83 and the Earthbolt had almost no effect on them.

Troggzor the Earthinator had proved impossible so far. He kept throwing Sally’s voidwalker about a mile away and running after him so the voidwalker was about dead before she could get into range to heal him. That left Kavem the Callous in Uldum. Not likely she could do it but she had to try. Nope, not even close.

Since Sally liked dying in the sunny weather she stuck around Uldum and killed some crocolisks hoping they’d flip for her. With rested bonus a level 83 gave over 8,000 XP. Killing a level 83 is about 60/40 in Sally’s favor. Sally was excited to find she could take care of those Thieving Little Pluckers, never had she felt such power as when wielding that mallet. She decided to scrounge around Uldum and see if Harrison Jones might not care if Sally had downed Kavem and stolen his key.

He didn’t care! He had quests for her. She could only manage Field Work and Do the World a Favor, she could not manage Just the Tip. Luckily she then remembered the quest chain with Anduin Wrynn. Sally returned to Stormwind and completed up to the part where she had to defend him from three attackers, yeah right, so not happening, she gave it her best but no luck.

Nothing to do but give Troggzor the Earthinator another try. Success! Sort of, I think Mak, Troggzor, and Sally all had about 5 hp left at the end but she outlasted him and that was with the help of a Healthstone. This opened up the roadblock and she managed to continue to 85.

I’ve learned a few things on this challenge. You don’t need heirlooms, you don’t need to obsessively upgrade gear every level like I have in the past. I don’t think it would be a great idea to queue for dungeons with gear 20 levels below you, but I think I’ll be fine with wearing something a few levels old.

I will no longer be looking askance at players I run across that seem to be doing something strange. I will now assume they’re on their own personal challenge and wish them luck with it. Although they really maybe did just forget to equip their weapon instead of a fishing pole, it could also be a “level with fishing pole equipped challenge”, you just never know.

I am grateful to Vrykerion at The Land of Odd and Psynister of Psynister’s Notebook for thinking up this challenge. I’ve really, really, enjoyed it. Okay, Sally and I may have panicked at that 84 and a half bit, but other than that it’s been more fun that I would have expected.

I last saw Sally in Uldum. I told her that it really wasn’t a safe place for her to hang around. She wouldn’t listen, she’s rather strong-willed. She wasn’t very happy at our parting, I have the feeling I’ll be seeing her again. I somehow don’t think she’s going to take up fishing and retire gracefully. I’ve even heard a rumor that she’s considering doing an endorsement for Tasty Puffballs.

Me? I think my main has some plans for me. She wants me to help get her guild to level 3, woohoo! I might do some rare spawn hunting. After that, who knows. Anyone got a good challenge in mind?

Want to try the WoW Ironman Challenge for yourself? The Ironman rules are at Psynister’s Notebook.