I Need Transmogrification for Dummies

I thought this was going to be easy but it’s turning out to be harder than I expected. Above are the two sets I wanted for my druid. The Tier 4 set on the left would be her good clothes for things like, I don’t know, WoW job interviews or something and the set on the right would be her everyday work clothes.

After consulting WoW Roleplay Gear, I set out to get the Malorne Harness. I got the head and glove token first time in Karazhan, hey, this is going to be easy! Next stop, Magtheridon’s Lair for the chest token. Piece of cake … not so much.

The Magtheridon fight was a lot harder solo than anything in Karazhan, but he finally went down. I wasn’t paying much attention when I looted him and flew back to Honor Hold to see what good new stuff I now owned. It didn’t even occur to me that I might not get the chest token. Well, I had three tokens and all of them were Paladin, Rogue, Shaman. Arghhh … no, I have to do that again? But I did get his Satchel, what’s cooler than stealing a Pit Lord’s bag, not much.

Next was a quick attempt at Gruul’s Lair. It was quick because it didn’t take long to realize this wasn’t going to be one of those fights where you could just show up unprepared and wing it. I ran off and Shadowmelded to save on repairs and I’ll have to study up on this one. High King Maulgar was beating on me the whole time I was trying to take care of his four friends, there was a lot healing and fearing going on so it looks like I need to come back with my PVP trinket and a strategy, sigh … no spur of the moment attempt possible here.

As far as her work clothes go I was lucky to finally find the Bandit Jerkin on the AH much to my delight. Blackened Defias Leggings however are not showing up on the AH and they only drop from a Defias Overseer in the Deadmines of which there are only two. I’ll have to step-up my attacks on The Deadmines I guess.

Some of the pieces I may be able to find a look alike for. I really, really want the Dark Leather Gloves but they haven’t been on the AH and the drop rate for the pattern doesn’t look good enough anywhere to try to farm it. I guess I could ask my paladin to try fishing it up in Lakeshire.

Oh, she is such a sweetheart. In spite of the lousy weather in Lakeshire she agreed to go there and try to level up her fishing and possibly fish up The Dark Leather Gloves pattern. It’s getting kinda creepy though, once again she closed her eyes just as I took the shot … just like I do, weird. This is turning out to be a lot of work, but I guess being stylish isn’t for the faint-hearted!

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