I’m not looking forward to the rest of the day, it started out inauspiciously and I’m hoping it’s not going deteriorate further, sheesh. I spent ten minutes this morning trying to get an eyelash off my face, just couldn’t get a hold on it. I finally dug out a magnifying mirror and to my horror found out that I’d been picking at a wrinkle, yeah, it’s a permanent eyelash. Once I had my contacts in I saw I also had a big zit right on the tip of my nose. Considering the available square inchage on my face it seems unfair that it selected the EXACT middle of the tip of my nose … really, like it used a ruler to be sure it was in the optimal position to be prominently displayed for everyone to appreciate. I have a big lump on my lip; I don’t know how I got it. I’m starting to wonder what goes on here at night, anyway …

I wanted to go to the store as we’re out of grape jelly. I don’t NEED grape jelly but it’s one of those things I feel is essential to have on hand at all times, like ketchup, and mustard and peanut butter. If a disaster hits I want to be fully stocked with condiments. But NOW with this thing on my nose I don’t want to venture out.

I don’t have any work right now. Clients aren’t shy about calling at all hours of the day or night when they want something. I do find however that when what they want requires them to provide you with something, this triggers an immediate communication lockdown. You don’t get an email saying they’ll get back with the information, they just go stealth mode. So great time to play, but the servers are down for about four more hours.

OMG, how cool is that! I decided to write this in Word for a change rather than directly in WordPress. I see Word has given me a semicolon, something I never use. This is really lazy because if The Oatmeal explains it to me I can usually grasp it, but I’m not a writer. If I could communicate strictly through pictures I probably would, which brings me to what all this rambling is about.

I’m having a hard time keeping up with all my alts. Where are they, what level, who has the heirlooms, what professions need leveling. So I decided to come up with a visual way to track them. I thought it would work much better than the little scraps of paper I use. I misplace them and I can’t read my writing half the time and when I can the notes are rather cryptic. I mean what does “mo croof fen” indicate? Whatever it is, someone apparently needs ten of them.

So rather than go to the store and endure the check-out guy staring at my nose I’m going to work on my visual alt tracking device. At least until the servers come up or my client resumes normal communication. He’s at like DefCon 1 now but he might come down to a 5 later today. Probably just when the servers come up, it’s that kind of day.

4 Responses to “Altland”

  1. Hey! Sorry your day is starting out so bad!

    But look at it this way. Your zit is semetrically perfect to your nose! 🙂

    And may I suggest an Addon called “Altoholics?” It keeps track of you characters. It tells you what is in their bag and bank slots. (even the guild stuff) It also keeps track of stuff you mailed and to who.

    Hope that helps! Besides, our little blemishes give us character! 🙂

  2. I hear that character is good, it’s suppossed to make us stronger…..or something like that. Anyway, if you start off on a low note then you’ll most likely end the day on a high note.

    I tried this theory out on Esie once. She had started her day out falling down an empty elevator shaft in Undercity. Of coarse, death was instant and she was quite upset with me. Uttered some rather harse words about my theory.

    Hope your day got much better 🙂

    • It went pretty well, the client never got in touch with the info I needed so that meant I could play WoW. Got my little pally to level 31 and sold some Darkmoon cards so a pretty good day!

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