Have Gun … um … Axe Will Travel

I’m just all about my Paladin right now, just can’t stop playing her. Since she’s got to take a temporary break because her quest hub was just barbequed I thought I’d talk about her instead. I have started many Paladins before and they were always deleted before ever reaching level 20. There must be something about the race/class combination that clicked this time. But I have many questions.

I don’t know enough about Paladins to know whether they are really this powerful or is it just the heirlooms and the easier 1 to 60 content. When I started playing her I looked for beginner Paladin guides and couldn’t find any. There are a lot of fine guides if you’re at level cap but I wanted something more basic. As it turns out she doing fine without it, I just randomly mash any key that’s cooldown is up. Now is that what I’m supposed to be doing?

I have to keep moving to new zones looking for a little more challenge, but that doesn’t always work as the quest givers won’t give her a quest because she’s too low a level although she can easily kill the mobs in the area.

Who knew! I guess I now know why Paladins are so popular. She doesn’t even have plate other than the heirlooms yet and I still feel omnipotent while playing her.

Another first is the pace. I have no idea whatsoever why I race to level 85 like the devil’s chasing me. I always do it, which is stupid and it’s why I immediately have to roll another character because I missed stuff, which was the whole point. Aside from having to do quests below your level to get The Loremaster I like to do quests the first time on a level appropriate character. The Paladin is the first character that’s taking her time. She fishes, cooks, piddles around, levels her professions and generally is more laid-back than any of my other characters.

Okay, those quest givers must have reincarnated by now, back to work saving the day. For the Light! Or whatever good Paladins say, I’m not up on proper Paladin etiquette yet. Any experienced Paladins out there feel free to stop me before I let her run into a dungeon alone, because it sure feels like she could do it!

4 Responses to “Have Gun … um … Axe Will Travel”

  1. Aye, I’ve been wondering how your Pally was doing, so it’s good to know she’s coming along so well! I’m sure though that it is hard to hold her back. I have the same trouble with different alts no matter how tight I hold their reins in, lol.

  2. Well if you are a Prot Pally, you could enter a dungeon and be just fine! Especially if you are killing everything quickly at appropriate level.

    I’ve enjoyed leveling mine, but he’s temporarly sidelined cause I re-started leveling my baby Warrior. I need to take a page from your book and spend more time on my secondary professions and try to save a little money while slowing down.

    My Pally is Holy at 64. Waiting till 70+ dungeons to turn Prot. This is all new for me too, cause I used to delete my pallies after level 15.

    • She’s ret but I might dual spec her, but I wanted to figure what I’m doing as ret first. Yes, I never kept one until now and I sure like her.

      I stop leveling to fly around and find recipes for cooking, fly somewhere else to hunt bear to cook, I’m leveling her at a more leisurely pace than I usually do.

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