Cleaning Virtual Closets

I thought I should log off and get a little work done. Not money-paying work, the other kind. My husband has injured his knee and has to limp around on a cane right now. I think it’s safe to say he’s not going to be able to rake the leaves. That darn cane would keep sinking into the ground. It looks like it’s up to me and the dogs. The kitchen floor needs cleaning, I mean really, really needs it. It is a lovely off-white, such a perfect color to accent muddy dog paws. Yup, this is what I should do. But, you know it’s kind of windy. I should wait for tomorrow. Then ALL the leaves will be down and I won’t have to do it again. Same with the kitchen floor. It’s wet and rainy out; it will be muddy again in an hour. Yes, definitely, I’ll wait until tomorrow. Instead I’ll face the task I’ve been dreading, who will live and who will die today.

Who says WoW is all game and no housekeeping. I have to prune my characters. I don’t like it but if left unattended something like this can happen.

Yes, that’s right. The Great Dumpling Fiasco, the only time my Druid and I had words. It wasn’t pretty when I had to confront her about her dumpling hoarding tendencies and I don’t want to let the character situation get out of control.

I really wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t at the cap of 50 yet, almost but not quite. I think a lot of them were created a few years ago when Blizzard would take whole Battlegroups down for some type of upgrades that I don’t remember now. I’m very proud that my elite fighting force is now down to a manageable 26. Okay make that 27, there’s one on an Oceanic server too.

Most of the characters were low level, so there were no big emotional partings. I was surprised though that a lot of them reminded me of a time or an event so they were a little harder to delete. Oh, the hunter I INSISTED my husband try. He got it to level 2. He didn’t do any quests he just walked around saying “What’s over there?” “Who’s over here?” “What do you mean, kill the wolf?” Then he was dead and that was the end of it. There’s the one I made one Hallow’s End when the neighbor’s son wanted to see what I was doing. The candy buckets were a big hit with him. So yeah, still some emotional attachment even though they were low level.

I got rid of the Blood Elf that was always yelling at me, no problem there. What? What do you mean, Captive Blood Elf? He is NOT a captive and no, I didn’t delete him. I might play him someday … really. So all in all I feel like I got a lot of work done. I think I’ll log in again, I’ll get those leaves and kitchen floor taken care of tomorrow. Unless something comes up, then maybe the next day.

9 Responses to “Cleaning Virtual Closets”

  1. Wow! I woman that will rake the leaves outside?????

    It’s true the good ones are always taken! LOL!

    Oh Wait….you didn’t do any of that stuff did you . . hmmmm . . .

  2. Those “virtual closets” do need attending to, for sure. I thought of my own just yesterday. And I think twice, last week. And maybe I’ll think about it again this weekend…or next week…maybe. LOL!!!

    Some things are just difficult to get around to. 🙂

  3. I need to clean out some characters also, I HAVE hit the 50 cap, recently deleted an entire realm’s worth and promptly created more and now…now I am back at 50!


    • Oh no! It is a never ending struggle but I like to think that it keeps me from doing it irl. Unfortunately irl it’s my husband that collects things like shoe boxes and jars cause it might be good for something 🙂

    • I haven’t capped at 50…..yet. But now that you mentioned it, there does seem to be some sort of magic going around in the background. Every time I manage to send some alts off, there always seems to be replacements right around the corner.
      /dazed and confused

  4. +1 on the leaf raking theory. There’s still some up there so I’ll wait .. oh shucks. It’s snowed and now I can’t get at them.
    I just found the perfect method of cleaning up characters. Let your account get hacked. 😦 .
    Now the kitchen floor is a rather higher priority so I’d better get to … ooh a new blue… 🙂
    Hope hubby’s knee gets better soon.

    • Lol, I can only hope but so far no snow in our future, but it would sure solve the problem.

      Oh, I live in fear of that. I change my password so frequently and make them so ridiculously long and difficult that I need to keep a spreadsheet on them. Got my fingers crossed.

      Thank you, he is now able to limp around without the cane!

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