I’m Thankful for …

I had decided to get the family together for a reunion. It’s that time of year. We picked a nice neutral location, Tanaris. Everyone showed except for the bank alt. Said she couldn’t take time away from the auction house, ugh, that girl needs to lighten up. My Death Knight and human Warlock were a little standoffish at first but they finally got into the spirit.

Then I found Amerence Love WoW’s post about Blog Azeroth’s Thanksgiving Event 2011! Perfect timing! I was so glad I found it prior to the event. I usually check Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topics and find I’ve just missed participating by a few days, so for once I’m on time AND the topic is timely, for me at least. I started this blog a little over a year ago. In that time I’ve gone from an extremely shy blogger, terrified to comment, to an extremely shy blogger who can now comment. Not a lot mind you, but I’m a virtual extrovert compared to a year ago.

I browsed the Author Introductions and ventured out into the WoW blogosphere and timidly made my first comment. Yikes! I got an answer, a really nice one, hey I can do this!

Over the past year I’ve found so many blogs that I am indeed thankful for. Some are funny, some are helpful, and some I just like the tone of their voice. They could be writing about rebuilding a carburetor and I would still read them.

The hard part here is not putting up a monumental wall of text because I read a lot of blogs. First off, Döra of Döra’s Log and Ironyca at Ironyca Stood in the Fire are like my blog guildies. If they don’t post for a while I worry about them, hoping real life is treating them well.

I like to visit Sol at Moonkin Journeys especially when the real world isn’t going so well, I come away from Sol’s posts feeling just that much better about things, yup, Sol could write about carburetors. Through Sol I found World of Saz and participated in her Through Your Interface – 15 Days of Screen Shots without which, I would never have thought to dance with my dogs:

The other day I visited Shattered Beginnings post Crossing that line. Now I can’t say I’m really grateful about spewing coffee all over my keyboard when reading Jamin’s list of early WoW experiences, I was however grateful for the list and the laughs, when finding they were so similar to mine.

I don’t raid, but I get my vicarious thrills reading about raids at The Daily Frostwolf. Until Fenris has a guild of retirees and night shift workers who raid between 10:30AM until 4:00PM weekdays I’ll cover it there. Most blogs that feature raiding usually post strategies, which mean nothing to me while Navimie’s posts on raiding frequently are more about the dynamics between personalities and the sometimes difficult job of fielding a raid.

I don’t remember the last time I actually consulted a cookbook. I just search what I have on hand at Allrecipes.com and find something to make. I’m grateful that now I can first visit The Gamer’s Fridge to check for WoW recipes. I then delight in telling my unsuspecting husband that he just ate Crispy Bat Wings.

I’m grateful for Bravetank’s stories of the hair-raising trials of tanking. They are always an almost guaranteed lol. Okay, okay, I’ll try to wind this down but I’m really grateful to Psynister’s Notebook and The Land of Odd, the idea men behind the WoW Ironman Challenge that gave me months of fun in-game.

I guess I’m most thankful that I took that first step and introduced myself a year ago and joined a community that’s helpful, clever, and best of all, plays WoW. It’s a slow process but in the last year I’ve gone from inveterate lurker to sometime commenter. Given another year I might turn into a outright conversationalist. Doubtful, but you never know!

Wait, what? A Twitter account, I need a Twitter account? How did I miss that. Okay, I did it. Well since I’m here, /wave Zaren of The Rusty Shield! And oh … just a sec …  got to check for a new chapter at Feral By Nature

25 Responses to “I’m Thankful for …”

  1. I cannot express how much I love that image of you as a bear dancing with your dogs. Many giggles, handle it!

    I’m very thankful that we have stumbled upon each other in the blogosphere. It’s always a treat to read your posts and to receive your comments. Not to mention one can never have too many feral friends in the world ; )

    I’m hoping to have a new Feral By Nature chapter up sometime later this week, so please do not strain your refresh finger quite yet! You just may want to hit that button soon(ish), haha.

    • It’s my favorite screen shot, so I was happy to have a reason to post it again!

      I always try to remain calm and give you time to get the new chapters up, when what I want to do is say “Is it up yet, huh, huh, is it up?”

      Yay! I will be hitting Feral by Nature soon(ish)!

  2. A family get-together! Awwwww, so warm and nice. I can just imagine what a feast table that was 🙂

    I’m thankful that you ventured into the blogosphere’s comment world, otherwise, I may never have met such a wonderful writer I constantly enjoy reading. Along with all the really great screenies you post! Oh, and did I mention that aura of inspiration surrounding you?

    Thank you, Ancient friend!

    • Thanks Sol, I always like to visit your family, they seem such a nice leveled headed and kind bunch. Okay, I know Khrox likes to beat people senseless in BGs but aside from that he’s such a gentleman!

  3. This has been my first read of the Blog Azeroth Thankslinking event and I must say I am glad that this was the kick off. Truly grateful that you have branched out of your social starting zone and started uncovering more of the map of our community. To see how we all impact, influence, and inspire each other is a huge source of encouragement.

    One honest thing that I hope blooms as a fruit of everyone’s labor is we discover other: bloggers, writers, humorists, and sources ofmusings. I am blessed and entertained by having been introduced to your blog via Twitter.

    Keep the great work and keep reaching out to the community. We don’t bite normally, and even then it is the feral Druids and Gnomes. So watch out.

    • Hi Draccus!
      I think my frequent bad experiences while playing WoW made me even more hesitant to comment. Imagine my delight on finding all the wonderful, friendly people who blog about WoW. They are the guild I wish I were a member of, and now I feel I am.

      I know, being a kitty druid it was hard to learn how to behave in polite society but I haven’t ripped or bitten someone in years now!

      • Nibbling counts, the Worgens are furious. They keep saying it was a Druid and not a Dingo that ran off with one of their babies.

        Seriously though welcome to the Blog Azeroth/Twitter family. There is a writing guild on Argent Dawn-US called Singular Abstract Noun I believe. Best part of our guild no drama over loot drops or raid time starts.

  4. I just love that dancing pic. The dogs are like “What the heck?” XD

  5. harpysnest Says:

    The dog and bear picture is just amazing.

    “In that time I’ve gone from an extremely shy blogger, terrified to comment, to an extremely shy blogger who can now comment.”

    I so identify with that.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I just signed up for a Twitter account and I find it overwhelming but I really have become much better. I guess because I’ve had good experiences commenting.

      I lurk on a blog for ages before I decide it’s safe!

  6. This is the first BA Thanksgiving Event post I’ve read too & it’s lovely. It’s great you’re a part of the community and that more and more people are discovering your blog. I know I am really glad I did 🙂

    • Thanks Bravetank. I’ll keep reading yours and at some point maybe I’ll be inspired and get up the nerve to do what I’ve always wanted to try, be a bear tank. Probably not, lol, but I can dream!

  7. Hi!!! I can’t thank enough for all my fellow bloggers who participated on this event, without you guys this won’t happen at all. I also love your pics! so much creativity there! and your thoughts are wonderful! Also I am thankful that I maybe one of the reason that you signed up for a twitter account! that means no shyness now huh? Just be confident, I was once like you, lol anyway, Welcome to Blog Azeroth/ WoW community and of course Twitter world! =) Good Luck on your entry!

    • Thanks Amerence, I’m still shy but not as fearful so that’s a step in the right direction. You are right I would never have signed up for Twitter without this event and I would have missed the sense of community it gives me!

  8. Firstly Tome I want to say thank you for including me in your thanksgiving post, I never imagined a popular blogger like yourself would follow or read my antics on my little blog! I really am honoured beyond words. I have only ventured previously to your blog to read your 15 days of Screenshots (I swear Saz got lots of people into the blogosphere with that challenge), and drool with envy at your Camel Hoarder title. It’s amazing how reading your Thanksgiving post changes what I imagined you were like – I never thought you were a shy blogger, I thought the exact opposite! I think one of the reasons I like your post so much is because my beginnings were similar, my blog was started just for myself more like a journal where I would keep memories and track kills and achievements, but once I saw the screenshot challenge I just wanted to join in the fun – who doesn’t love a good screenie?? And from there I did the terrifying first post on some one else’s blog… I don’t know if anyone understands how hard it is when you write something for the first time and the terror you have if you think they are going to think “Who is this nub writing, and why should I pay you any attention?” but after a few hesitant comments I got more confident, probably like how you did. None of the posts I have read so far for Thanksgiving have made me feel so… appreciated, and read, and I want to thank you for making my day and making me feel that my blog isn’t all yawns and silly stuff.

    • You are quite welcome Navimie! I know, that Screenshot Challenge is how I first found you. You have been on my early morning list of blogs on my iPad I read with coffee since then.

      Although you have lots of good stuff unrelated to raiding, I found I enjoyed reading your raiding posts, which was a first for me.

      I’ve been a follower since Saz got us all together and I can assure you there’s never been one yawn on your blog.

      I’ll probably never be able to raid because of my very weird online schedule so I thank you for letting me tag along with you guys!

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  10. Dancing bear, in the snow? How have I not “found” this blog before? Well, that’s been rectified! +Follow

    A great post and I enjoy the tone/feel of your writing. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hilarious photoshop image !

    Did you really spew coffee over your keyboard? Did it survive?

    • I did! But my monitor got most of it and it cleaned up pretty good. This did it.

      Wondering why enemies could still see and attack me even when I was standing behind a rock or in a bush.

      Although all Jamin’s experiences I shared, I just cracked up on this one, I thought, in fact I was sure I was the only one who did that!

  12. Your bear & dogs in the snow picture is an awesome, very creative response to Saz’s challenge! I never would have thought of combining a screenshot and an IRL photo in that way for her prompts!
    I’m glad you’re part of the WoW blogging community, even — or perhaps especially — because you’re “seriously outside the demographic” — the more different voices, the bettter!

    • Thank you Kamalia! I’m afraid I take every chance I get to sneak my dogs in posts.

      I though I was a special snowflake but I’m finding there are more of us “outside the demographic” than I had initially thought, and it’s great not to be the only over “mumble, mumble” player I know!

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