IntPiPoMo — First Ten


Y’see, a picture is worth a thousand words.  The NaNoWriMo word target is fifty thousand. That means our IntPiPoMo target is fifty pictures, over the thirty days of November.

I have been seeing all the beautiful screen shots of the participants in Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate’s IntPiPoMo. I love screen shots but I kept telling myself no, you have a lot of rl stuff to do in November. I should have known better. I wouldn’t have been so behind if I had just let my screen shot addiction have free reign. So here’s me catching up!

4 Responses to “IntPiPoMo — First Ten”

  1. Such beautiful screenshots! I would have to add my vote over the vegatation in Uldum, it is quite interesting and beautiful.

  2. I like Uldum too, so many beautiful things to look at there, that I am hesitant to put more pics of Uldum because I worry people will say “What, not more Uldum???!!!”

    • I know, when I decided to join in IntPiPoMo I thought, oh I can do it I have tons of screen shots. Then I found that about half of them were in Uldum. I didn’t even know I had taken that many there!

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