Too Stuffed to Jump

Yeah well, it was overdue. I haven’t posted any dog photos for a while. I just thought I’d put this one up as a cautionary measure. Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and you know what can happen, this. Just say no. If where you live you don’t celebrate a day of thanksgiving tomorrow, well don’t do it either, or do if you want. I was just looking at the dog’s baby pictures and this one so reminded me of how full I’ve felt after eating thanksgiving dinner, flopped on the couch watching football and I wanted to post it.

In his case this was taken after his stupid human left a 20lb. dog food bag unattended. I didn’t know he would drill into the side of it releasing all the food. I didn’t know he’d attempt to eat all the food. I know him better now.

What does this have to do with WoW? Um, nothing, I’m getting to that. Oh wait, and another thing, if you ever find yourself working for yourself here’s a heads up. If a client tries to get a better price, or faster turn around by hinting at future work, said work will NEVER be offered. It’s like a rule. One of these clients just called. Every time she calls it’s an emergency. She needs it done immediately, she’s sorry, she just got out of the hospital, she’ll do anything if I can just get this done NOW.

Well, I’m trying to catch up with screen shots for IntPiPoMo but okay. But really, every single time she calls she says she just got out of the hospital. That’s the trouble with telling stories, you can’t keep track of who you told what. If it were true she wouldn’t be walking around, she’d have no working parts left. I work for money, end of story. You don’t need to make up excuses for asking for last minute work, you just have to pay me, simple.

Oh geez, yup, sorry. What I WANTED to say when I opened WordPress this morning before the stove packed it in and the last-minute lady with hospitalitis called was that I feel like something of a nitwit. This post is actually Paladin related. See below,my lovely Paladin, mesmerized by that piece of pie.

I wish I wouldn’t get all over the place like this, it makes it hard to decide what category to put it in. But, anyway, a while ago I said that I was having a hard time learning about how to play her. I said all the guides were for level capped Paladins. So you should never listen to anything I have to say on serious topics. Why?

I visit MMO Melting Pot daily. After I read my blogs I go there because they will find me yet more blogs to read. Apparently I only look at the left side of the page. Last night my eyes must have been rolling around with fatigue and accidentally veered over to the right side of the page. Eureka! What have we here. Quick Start Guides for all classes! Retribution Paladin DPS in 4.2!  And, What am I doing wrong as a … Retribution Paladin. Maybe you don’t need that one but I do. So, if you need a starter guide to a class, they’ve got it covered. I take it back, there are guides out there if you’re just starting out in a new class you just have to look at the … whole page.

I don’t think I’ll get my catch up set of  screen shots up today. I have to start cleaning the house to make it appear tomorrow as though it always looks clean. So to anyone celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a great Thanksgiving Day! To all those who aren’t, have a great Thursday!

2 Responses to “Too Stuffed to Jump”

  1. Hey, thanks!

    Really glad you liked those guides – particularly the “Newer player” guides. It was hard to get the word out about those, and reactions were mixed, so I’m glad to hear you’re finding them useful!

    • Hi Hugh, yes I did. I decided to give a Paladin another try and I wanted something to get me started. I didn’t want in depth coverage, just a point in the right direction, it was perfect. Now if I decide to try another warrior I’ll know where to go!

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