IntPiPoMo — Fifty of Fifty


Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate’s IntPiPoMo. She writes:

Y’see, a picture is worth a thousand words.  The NaNoWriMo word target is fifty thousand. That means our IntPiPoMo target is fifty pictures, over the thirty days of November.

Fifty! Whew, I made it. The first screen shots in this group are about my Druid’s beginnings. Remember when Timbermaw reputation wasn’t so easy to get? Countless Winterfall and Deadwood furbolgs died by her claws. The last few are from BC, probably the expansion that she’d say was the most fun for her. Doing the Swift Flight Form quest chain, enough people around to bring down Durn the Hungerer and do the Ring of Blood.

14 Responses to “IntPiPoMo — Fifty of Fifty”

  1. These are stunning. Your blog is continually a delight to read and admire ❤

  2. Oooh, that Badlands screenshot is super cool and creepy! And I just love the sunshafts in Terrokar.

    I am so enjoying all these IntPiPoMo posts!

    ~ Effy

    • Thanks Effy! I know, I thought that Badlands group was a perfect reminder that you’ve got to watch out for yourself there.

      Me too, some of the sites in Azeroth we all seem to like but I’ve seen a lot of new ones too, makes me want to do a world tour again!

  3. Well done for the 50!!! Gorgeous pictures. I really love the Thandol Span one in particular – the way it reflects in the water is beautiful.

    • Thanks Bravetank! The Thandol Span area is a favorite of mine. My very first character was just starting to learn how not to be a noob about that time and things were making more sense to me so if I see a dig site on my map in the area I always go visit.

  4. These are stunning! (And your earlier ones have been as well, I’m just a lazy commentator ^^)

  5. Ancient I love that badlands one! Grats on finishing 50 IntPiPoMo! Oh and I never knew that about screenshots… I read that link and now hopefully I will take better shots too!

    • Makes you wonder who they were and what were they doing in the Badlands!

      It helped a lot for me, I can usually tell which of my screen shots were taken before I changed the settings or after.

  6. I loved that last picture. The following is what came to mind when seeing it.

    “All this will one day be yours Simba. As far as the eye can see.”
    “What about that shadowy swamp area over there?”
    “That is beyond our border, it is a place where only Cenarion Expedition rep grinders go. You must promise me that you will never go there.”
    “Aw man!” *thinks to himself, (Oh I just can’t wait to be Revered!!)

    Young gamer named Simba sneaks off from his overly controlling GM and finds a female Hunter to go with him into Zangamarsh.

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