I’m on Fire!

I mean literally, I’m on fire! Yeah, teach you to mess with me, you Rustberg Villager you! I spent an awful lot of time in Rustberg Village trying to get a screen shot of my meteorite crashing down to earth, talk about shock and awe! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to react quickly enough and I’m left with just the fiery cat part. I love my Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball. Mr. Robot tells me Fluid Death would be preferable and I believe him, but I’d have no fiery meteorites so I’m keeping it. Seems like a ramble huh, yup, start of the week, it’s inevitable.

4.3 is supposed to be here tomorrow and I feel sort of guilty. After looking at my search terms an awful lot of people are arriving here today expectantly looking for “true facts” about 4.3 because of an old Ironsally post. Sorry, my bad. I’ve just been goofing off, I have no “true facts” to offer. I’ve been busy embarrassing myself and giving into addiction.

My alliance Warlock is hanging out in Uldum grinding cloth to make an Illusionary Bag for my Druid. Since she’s there I always do the two Ramkahen rep dailies as it’s something to do first thing before I have my contacts in, don’t really need to see. So I was doing Fire From the Sky and I was smoking hot! Those guys were running and flying in the air higgly piggly. I had to have killed thousands, why wasn’t the quest completing. I put my nose to the screen to see my count … 13 … what! But I’ve been acing it, what’s going … oh … who threw that bomb … yes, someone else was there, THEY were the one who was acing it, sigh, awkward.

So it’s not like I didn’t see this one coming. I admit I did manage to resist for quite some time but I finally succumbed. A fiery, meteorite throwing Druid just isn’t enough. I must also have a  psychedelically-colored troll Druid Mon. What else, oh yeah, the addiction thingy.

I have an overabundance of Whiptail. It doesn’t really sell well anymore and it’s expensive to list so I send it to my scribe to mill. So now she has an overabundance of Blackfallow Ink. So she’s been making Mysterious Fortune Cards which is fine but none of them are reaching the auction house or being made into Fortune Cookies. Why? Because I apparently now have a Mysterious Fortune Card gambling addiction, I’m flipping them all before my bank alt can get them. Yes, I’m ashamed. I know the odds of getting this card are pretty remote but I just can’t stop myself. What’s the number for the local chapter of AGA? Oh, come on, so I suppose you want me to believe YOU don’t do it too, so you don’t know the number of Azerothian Gamblers Anonymous. Pshaw, fine have it your way, I’ll just have to look it up.

8 Responses to “I’m on Fire!”

  1. It’s okie. I am sure there is plenty of help out there for kitty gamblers.

    You could always try and make yourself the deal that you can only flip 1/2 and you have to sell the other half. Farm moar herbs!

    ~ Effy

    • Lol, I can try but I bet I’ll flip the whole stack! I’ve kept track and at least I’m not losing gold, I usually come out a few gold ahead so at least I’m not going broke over it!

  2. My Rogue has Ricket’s trinket as well. The sad part is HOW BLOODY LONG IT TOOK ME TO REALIZE IT WAS COMING FROM MY OWN GEAR!!! Yeah…I felt like a fool, but I still laugh about it.

    Even if it’s the after affect, that’s an awesome screenshot of your Druid on fire.

  3. The trinket is really fun! The first few times Khrox dropped meteors in bg’s were rofl moments. And that was after the first few times it also took me to realize they were coming from me. /duh
    Great shots, love them both.

  4. Oh, I came to the realization this past week that this is what makes playing worthwhile–so glad to know I’m not the only one with harmless addictions. Could be worse, right? I was feeling “guilty” last night over all the things I didn’t do to prepare for the (cue the large half-naked drum beating men sounding boom-boom-boom-GONG) patch this morning. Flip those cards, my friend. There is a reason why the slot machines don’t have a lot of empty seats.

    • Well, now that you put it that way, instead of anxiously awaiting servers coming up to see all the new stuff, I’m anxiously awaiting servers coming up to make ALL those Blackfallow inks into cards and flipping them all, guilt free!

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