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Cleaning Virtual Closets

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I thought I should log off and get a little work done. Not money-paying work, the other kind. My husband has injured his knee and has to limp around on a cane right now. I think it’s safe to say he’s not going to be able to rake the leaves. That darn cane would keep sinking into the ground. It looks like it’s up to me and the dogs. The kitchen floor needs cleaning, I mean really, really needs it. It is a lovely off-white, such a perfect color to accent muddy dog paws. Yup, this is what I should do. But, you know it’s kind of windy. I should wait for tomorrow. Then ALL the leaves will be down and I won’t have to do it again. Same with the kitchen floor. It’s wet and rainy out; it will be muddy again in an hour. Yes, definitely, I’ll wait until tomorrow. Instead I’ll face the task I’ve been dreading, who will live and who will die today.

Who says WoW is all game and no housekeeping. I have to prune my characters. I don’t like it but if left unattended something like this can happen.

Yes, that’s right. The Great Dumpling Fiasco, the only time my Druid and I had words. It wasn’t pretty when I had to confront her about her dumpling hoarding tendencies and I don’t want to let the character situation get out of control.

I really wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t at the cap of 50 yet, almost but not quite. I think a lot of them were created a few years ago when Blizzard would take whole Battlegroups down for some type of upgrades that I don’t remember now. I’m very proud that my elite fighting force is now down to a manageable 26. Okay make that 27, there’s one on an Oceanic server too.

Most of the characters were low level, so there were no big emotional partings. I was surprised though that a lot of them reminded me of a time or an event so they were a little harder to delete. Oh, the hunter I INSISTED my husband try. He got it to level 2. He didn’t do any quests he just walked around saying “What’s over there?” “Who’s over here?” “What do you mean, kill the wolf?” Then he was dead and that was the end of it. There’s the one I made one Hallow’s End when the neighbor’s son wanted to see what I was doing. The candy buckets were a big hit with him. So yeah, still some emotional attachment even though they were low level.

I got rid of the Blood Elf that was always yelling at me, no problem there. What? What do you mean, Captive Blood Elf? He is NOT a captive and no, I didn’t delete him. I might play him someday … really. So all in all I feel like I got a lot of work done. I think I’ll log in again, I’ll get those leaves and kitchen floor taken care of tomorrow. Unless something comes up, then maybe the next day.

Have Gun … um … Axe Will Travel

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I’m just all about my Paladin right now, just can’t stop playing her. Since she’s got to take a temporary break because her quest hub was just barbequed I thought I’d talk about her instead. I have started many Paladins before and they were always deleted before ever reaching level 20. There must be something about the race/class combination that clicked this time. But I have many questions.

I don’t know enough about Paladins to know whether they are really this powerful or is it just the heirlooms and the easier 1 to 60 content. When I started playing her I looked for beginner Paladin guides and couldn’t find any. There are a lot of fine guides if you’re at level cap but I wanted something more basic. As it turns out she doing fine without it, I just randomly mash any key that’s cooldown is up. Now is that what I’m supposed to be doing?

I have to keep moving to new zones looking for a little more challenge, but that doesn’t always work as the quest givers won’t give her a quest because she’s too low a level although she can easily kill the mobs in the area.

Who knew! I guess I now know why Paladins are so popular. She doesn’t even have plate other than the heirlooms yet and I still feel omnipotent while playing her.

Another first is the pace. I have no idea whatsoever why I race to level 85 like the devil’s chasing me. I always do it, which is stupid and it’s why I immediately have to roll another character because I missed stuff, which was the whole point. Aside from having to do quests below your level to get The Loremaster I like to do quests the first time on a level appropriate character. The Paladin is the first character that’s taking her time. She fishes, cooks, piddles around, levels her professions and generally is more laid-back than any of my other characters.

Okay, those quest givers must have reincarnated by now, back to work saving the day. For the Light! Or whatever good Paladins say, I’m not up on proper Paladin etiquette yet. Any experienced Paladins out there feel free to stop me before I let her run into a dungeon alone, because it sure feels like she could do it!

Stormwind News Team 9: Mr. Wing Interview

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I don’t know why WoW years seem to go by like dog years. It seems a lot longer than about a month since I heard from Ironsally. So I was really happy to see she managed to get another exclusive interview. I can’t imagine how she talked him into it if he’s who I think he is, geez, that girl will stop at nothing to get her story. I hope she’s alright, didn’t get … toasted. He certainly seemed … um … passionate about the Mists of Pandaria.

Well, she obviously gets to travel to exotic locations in her new job so I know she’s happy about that, she always was quite the adventurer. I’ll have to remember to log into Zangarmarsh and say hello and just make sure she’s not crispy around the edges.

Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty

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Once in a while I get all optimistic about the idea that I might actually get the Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan for my warlock and my archeology profession enjoys a spurt of activity. When what I get is my 55th pair of Dwarven Baby Socks the urge goes away. I decided to fly by the Thandol Span. The area holds a lot of memories for me, good ones. I guess expecting the Thandol Span to be repaired is a little silly, I mean it’s been that way since the Third War and the Alliance has more recent damage to worry about like Menethil Harbor, hard times all round.

I checked to see if that dwarf was still in the broken turret with his quest. Nope, nobody there. I guess there’s no point now as you can fly in Azeroth. I don’t know how many times I fell trying to get to him until I realized I could probably jump across in travel cat form. I wonder if Sully Balloo’s Letter is still down there.

Now when you cross over the span and take that right turn over the suspension bridge you can breath a sigh of relief. No evil mobs to fight, just an enterprising businessman.

While I was setting off fireworks I thought about all the changes Azeroth’s been though and got all misty-eyed. There are a lot of things I miss but don’t really want back, know what I mean? The death march to Ironforge from Darnassus was like a rite of passage for me. A character wasn’t a keeper until they’d tackled that and won. A lot of the things I missed belonged in a game with 60 levels, but in a game with 85 levels you don’t need those road blocks to slow you down and entertain you while the developers plug away at getting the next expansion out. Some of the things missing now are good memories, some of them I am so happy that they’re gone and some are both good memories AND I’m happy that they’re history.

Good Riddance

  • Weapon Skill (hated you)
  • Level 40 Mount ( I can’t believe I did all that walking)
  • Fishing (the old agonizing method of learning to fish)
  • First Aid Books (miss them, but glad they’re gone)
  • Non-sparkly quest items (the reason my hunter leveled mostly by grinding, she couldn’t find anything, lol)

I Miss You

  • Death March (but it’s okay)
  • Elite Group Quests (big shock here as I hated them then, so hard to find people but met nice players this way)
  • Racial Mounts (Yes, players used to ride them and I sort of miss that but I also remember the excitement when I got my first Talbuk Mount)

Those were a few things that came to mind and I was surprised that there were more that I was happy to be rid of than things that I missed. So while I’m not very happy about the rumors of the destruction of Theramore I guess I’ll live through that change too. Theramore will become another good memory. At least the new Theramore will, the old one was pretty boring.

I’ve completed my visual alt tracking device. With this I will be able to keep track of all the doings of all my alts. Believe that? Yeah, me either. More likely I’ll be able to keep track of them because of the tip from Zaren about the Altoholic addon.

My daughter had to go to a conference, on looking over the agenda she found this:

Adding Value with Research When Drowning in an Ocean of Data
Jason Anderson, Director, Global Consumer Insights, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

I told her she had to attend that! She’s back, I can’t wait to hear about it. I told her to say “hi” to him from me but I’ll bet she didn’t. Oh these kids today … in my day we had to walk from Darnassus to …


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I’m not looking forward to the rest of the day, it started out inauspiciously and I’m hoping it’s not going deteriorate further, sheesh. I spent ten minutes this morning trying to get an eyelash off my face, just couldn’t get a hold on it. I finally dug out a magnifying mirror and to my horror found out that I’d been picking at a wrinkle, yeah, it’s a permanent eyelash. Once I had my contacts in I saw I also had a big zit right on the tip of my nose. Considering the available square inchage on my face it seems unfair that it selected the EXACT middle of the tip of my nose … really, like it used a ruler to be sure it was in the optimal position to be prominently displayed for everyone to appreciate. I have a big lump on my lip; I don’t know how I got it. I’m starting to wonder what goes on here at night, anyway …

I wanted to go to the store as we’re out of grape jelly. I don’t NEED grape jelly but it’s one of those things I feel is essential to have on hand at all times, like ketchup, and mustard and peanut butter. If a disaster hits I want to be fully stocked with condiments. But NOW with this thing on my nose I don’t want to venture out.

I don’t have any work right now. Clients aren’t shy about calling at all hours of the day or night when they want something. I do find however that when what they want requires them to provide you with something, this triggers an immediate communication lockdown. You don’t get an email saying they’ll get back with the information, they just go stealth mode. So great time to play, but the servers are down for about four more hours.

OMG, how cool is that! I decided to write this in Word for a change rather than directly in WordPress. I see Word has given me a semicolon, something I never use. This is really lazy because if The Oatmeal explains it to me I can usually grasp it, but I’m not a writer. If I could communicate strictly through pictures I probably would, which brings me to what all this rambling is about.

I’m having a hard time keeping up with all my alts. Where are they, what level, who has the heirlooms, what professions need leveling. So I decided to come up with a visual way to track them. I thought it would work much better than the little scraps of paper I use. I misplace them and I can’t read my writing half the time and when I can the notes are rather cryptic. I mean what does “mo croof fen” indicate? Whatever it is, someone apparently needs ten of them.

So rather than go to the store and endure the check-out guy staring at my nose I’m going to work on my visual alt tracking device. At least until the servers come up or my client resumes normal communication. He’s at like DefCon 1 now but he might come down to a 5 later today. Probably just when the servers come up, it’s that kind of day.

I Need Transmogrification for Dummies

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I thought this was going to be easy but it’s turning out to be harder than I expected. Above are the two sets I wanted for my druid. The Tier 4 set on the left would be her good clothes for things like, I don’t know, WoW job interviews or something and the set on the right would be her everyday work clothes.

After consulting WoW Roleplay Gear, I set out to get the Malorne Harness. I got the head and glove token first time in Karazhan, hey, this is going to be easy! Next stop, Magtheridon’s Lair for the chest token. Piece of cake … not so much.

The Magtheridon fight was a lot harder solo than anything in Karazhan, but he finally went down. I wasn’t paying much attention when I looted him and flew back to Honor Hold to see what good new stuff I now owned. It didn’t even occur to me that I might not get the chest token. Well, I had three tokens and all of them were Paladin, Rogue, Shaman. Arghhh … no, I have to do that again? But I did get his Satchel, what’s cooler than stealing a Pit Lord’s bag, not much.

Next was a quick attempt at Gruul’s Lair. It was quick because it didn’t take long to realize this wasn’t going to be one of those fights where you could just show up unprepared and wing it. I ran off and Shadowmelded to save on repairs and I’ll have to study up on this one. High King Maulgar was beating on me the whole time I was trying to take care of his four friends, there was a lot healing and fearing going on so it looks like I need to come back with my PVP trinket and a strategy, sigh … no spur of the moment attempt possible here.

As far as her work clothes go I was lucky to finally find the Bandit Jerkin on the AH much to my delight. Blackened Defias Leggings however are not showing up on the AH and they only drop from a Defias Overseer in the Deadmines of which there are only two. I’ll have to step-up my attacks on The Deadmines I guess.

Some of the pieces I may be able to find a look alike for. I really, really want the Dark Leather Gloves but they haven’t been on the AH and the drop rate for the pattern doesn’t look good enough anywhere to try to farm it. I guess I could ask my paladin to try fishing it up in Lakeshire.

Oh, she is such a sweetheart. In spite of the lousy weather in Lakeshire she agreed to go there and try to level up her fishing and possibly fish up The Dark Leather Gloves pattern. It’s getting kinda creepy though, once again she closed her eyes just as I took the shot … just like I do, weird. This is turning out to be a lot of work, but I guess being stylish isn’t for the faint-hearted!

What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate

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I was writing a post about the trials and tribulations of trying to collect my desired transmog gear when something happened that made me see guild drama and guild friendships in a whole new light. I’m in a guild, we all get along because we’re all me. Oh sure, we have our bad days. The times when an alt gets a drop/mount/pet that the main wants it gets a little tense but usually we’re all BFFs.

I called my daughter and asked her to see if my son-in-law could log into Fenris and invite my new paladin to the guild. He has a level 9 in the guild and logs in every year or so to invite my new characters.  I always try to bribe him to stay with offers of gold but it hasn’t worked so far. When he plays WoW he’s as loyal to his server as I am to mine. If I ever manage to get the parental lock off my account maybe we could play together through real ID. Yup, parental lock, I’ve locked myself out of real ID, but that’s another story.

We chatted a bit, I told him I was an official gold buyer now. I felt like I had to buy a Guardian Cub and sell it. It seemed like one of those things you just have to participate in like the Zombie Event. I got in the zombie spirit then and mildly annoyed people just enough to feel I had done my part. One of those, “I remember when …” moments. Yes, sonny, I remember when I was in the great cub gold rush back in ’11, them was good times.

I got sidetracked and wasn’t paying attention after a while and then noticed in the chat panel “bye” and then immediately after, “son-in-law” has logged off. For a second I forgot who it was and though, Oh, are they mad? Did I do something? I then remembered who it was. I started thinking about the conversation we’d had. Since I know the real life person I had context, I tried to imagine the numerous ways things that we’d typed could be misinterpreted if you didn’t have context and didn’t really know the person, their sense of humor or lack thereof.

When I was in guilds with actual people, for the most part they were fraught with drama. The first guild I joined was great, but after they disbanded I joined a succession of drama-laden guilds until I just gave up. What’s wrong with people, can’t we all just get along. Whoops. I’m now thinking it’s somewhat amazing as many friendships are born in an environment of just text, no context. I’d think having Vent would make it easier as emotion and humor convey through voice, but just text, man that’s hard. So I apologize to all those who I thought were being drama queens for always being in a snit at someone. Interpreting text is harder than I thought and humor has to be conveyed through funny little character combinations. If you say something without remembering the lol, you may have just started drama or hurt someone’s feelings. I think it’s astounding that so many friendships have been made in WoW through the medium of text. Not an easy thing to do.

Oh, and another one bites the dust. I hear that song every time I zone into Uldum, I have my fifth Stood in the Fire now. Deathwing is really, really, mad.

Anyone know the movie reference of the title? Hey, it won’t give away your age, you can just say you’re an old movie buff … ahem … you know, like me.

I Know the Devil’s Name — Rant

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I’m sorry but I need to vent. This is totally unrelated to WoW except for the fact that I can’t play right now because I’m too pissed off. You’d think wanton killing would be just what I need, but it’s not working. This is a rant about Verizon. Are they the devil? Not really, I’d say greed is, I assume that’s what’s turned them and other companies into disreputable, dishonest, thieving liars. I need to call them again but in this mood it will quickly devolve into me screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs and I doubt that would be very productive, and I would be screaming at someone who has to work for Verizon. I’m sure they aren’t treated any better than customers are.

So fellow WoWers you can move on, nothing good here unless you too have had dealings with Verizon. This story is about my elderly mother but a little background will help. We had a land line through Verizon for years, never a problem with it. When Verizon dug up the neighborhood to put in FIOS they then started hard selling it over the phone and in person. We didn’t want it. You can hang up on the overzealous people on the phone who all got straight As in assertiveness training. I finally started bringing the dogs with me to the door which worked wonders on the pushier Verizon representatives.

Then the troubles started, we began to have a loud buzzing on our land line, it was intermittent. Few days on, few days off. I called them, they said they’d check it. They told me there was nothing wrong with the line but I should upgrade to FIOS. This made little sense to me, why would I reward them by paying them more money to get rid of the buzz they’d caused. I don’t know if it was intentional. I don’t know if Verizon is that crafty, and thought, hey, we’ll screw up everyone’s land line and they’ll switch to FIOS, no brainer. They just didn’t care, one lousy customer has a buzz on the line, big whoop. We got rid of Verizon and got Comcast, we now have VOIP which I didn’t want but the only land line available is through Verizon, who I’ll never deal with again. I’ll use smoke signals if it comes to that.

So we had a history, me and Verizon. I won’t go into all the calls and hours and hours it took to extricate ourselves from them but I’m sure most people have had similar experiences, with either Verizon or another company. Imagine my horror when my mother told me a nice young man called her and she’s getting a “new TV.” I finally figured out what that meant. She switched everything to a Verizon bundle because the nice young man told her it would save her money.

The bill started out around 200.00 monthly. Within a couple months it was over 400.00. She didn’t know why. I told her to SAVE the bill so I could see it. Apparently Verizon had realized they had got lucky. We’ve got a live one here. This old person has no idea what’s going on, let’s soak her. And they did. Every month there would be a new charge for a gaming addon, online storage space, virus software, etc. It’s a game of let’s see if you’re paying attention. Then you have to call them to have it taken off. This is a continual game, you have to play every month. They put it on, she has to call to take it off. Except since she doesn’t understand the bill nothing was done until I managed to get her to save one. I’m SURE she’s a valued customer to Verizon, along with every other customer who doesn’t understand their bill.

It became apparent recently that she shouldn’t be living alone. She didn’t want to leave the area she lives in so we found a new senior apartment where all the utilities, TV, phone, are included. She called Verizon to cancel. The first woman told her no, we don’t want to lose you and never allowed her to cancel. She went to a Verizon office and a “nice young man” canceled everything. He also told her to throw out her Direct TV box as he didn’t want it. He didn’t mention that he didn’t want it because she had to cancel Direct TV herself. Yesterday I found that nothing’s been canceled. Everything’s still billing at full bore, yup, they don’t want to lose her.

I really dropped the ball on this. I know my Mom wants to be independent and do things for herself. I try very hard to let her, and I didn’t think that canceling services would be a monumentally difficult task, but I should have.

It seems each part of the bundle has to be canceled separately. I made the mistake a little while ago of being honest when I called and said I was her daughter. Big mistake, wouldn’t let me cancel. I would have asked the neighbor to “play” my mother but she wasn’t home. I’ll call again in a little while with my best blue-haired lady voice and impersonate her.

I could go on with a blow-by-blow of everything that’s happened but that’s not my point. Yes! I really do have a point. A while ago Big Bear Butt had a post about hatred in America. I loved what he had to say and the response it got.

My mother is a Veteran, she was in the Navy. She served her country, land of the free, home of the brave. Right now I feel she’s just a commodity, not a customer. She’s there to be bilked out of every penny they can get. Verizon’s unethical business practices are no secret. Just google Verizon, you’ll find websites dedicated to helping people try to deal with them. No one seems to care, just business, nothing personal. I want to know when was it decided we’d no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave and instead be the land of the mean-spirited and greedy. I didn’t get that memo.

U Mad Bro?

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I’ve been obsessed with getting the achievement, Stood in the Fire for about a year now. I camped places Deathwing was known to visit, I leveled archeology on two characters and still, nothing. These are screen shots from the last three days in Uldum. I don’t know if this is a fluke or a sign of things to come, like really soon.

Deathwing seems really put out about something. Some of my gatherer characters have been turned into crispy critters multiple times. Could this be seen as a harbinger of 4.3, is he upset about the discovery of Pandaria?

My druid tried to pursue him to ask but no luck. Deathwing … hey … what’s up, u mad?

I don’t know what he’s got his knickers in a twist about but when the time comes, I can finally leave Cataclysm for the shores of Pandaria happily. Thanks for the screen shots man, I owe you.