My WoW Wishlist — Drop Box of Good Stuff and Hardcore Realms

Well, we’re out of the “honeymoon” period and she survived. Now that you can train riding at level 20 most of my alts make it that far, but some no further. She even managed to find a Takk’s Nest and get a Leaping Hatchling which seems an appropriate pet for a troll. She’s come across all manner of things that might be valuable to someone else, but are little value to her and she’s too impatient to bother selling them on the auction house.

She found herself wishing she could deposit these in a box of good things, a place where others could browse and take what they need. Like a guild bank, but for anyone. Yes, I know, it would never work. I suppose it could be coded to let you take only something that you had the profession for, or the appropriate level and class. I doubt Blizzard would be interested in implementing a good stuff box just so she can deposit 4 light leather and 3 bolts of linen. But she’s a dreamer and comes up with typical druidy ideas.

What do I want? A reoccurring theme on Twitter and the blogs I read is that nice people feel like letting their subscription lapse because of the abuse heaped on them in randoms. Everyone has encountered the jackasses that ruin your day, some days it feels like WoW is populated by only these people. We need a way to find the other nice players, they are out there.

I want Hardcore and Casual servers. When queuing you could pick which one you want to be grouped with just like you pick healer, tank or DPS. Now the success of this plan hangs on how it’s promoted by Blizzard. I don’t think true hardcore people are the problem. I think hardcore raiders are studying up for the next raid, they aren’t the ones talking trash and being obnoxious in normal dungeons. What we want to get on the hardcore servers are the hardcore wannabees. Blizzard needs to get someone like Vin Diesel for the hardcore promotion and the announcer has to be the Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! guy.

Casual is such a broad term that the promotion will have to make it look unappealing to the trolling, fun-sucking, hating haters. I think they should get Kermit the Frog to do the announcing and Hello Kitty can be our spokesperson.

No self-respecting hardcore wannabe is going to check the casual button. It will be our little secret. We nice people have no ego problems and we can happily check the happy face casual button and then finally find the other nice people and play the game we love in peace. When the truly hardcore figure out what’s up they may come here too, leaving the nasties all alone where they can rage at each other. And if any of them come here to bully us we can overcome them with /hugs, and /waves and /kisses and give them pieces of Delicious Chocolate Cake. Muhahaha! Trust me, they’ll leave, they don’t want THAT buff.

8 Responses to “My WoW Wishlist — Drop Box of Good Stuff and Hardcore Realms”

  1. You make me smile 🙂 /hugs /cake

  2. JD Kenada Says:

    O.M.G. to the ROF.L.MAO

    Flashcards make everything better. I love the idea, since I enjoy raids and instances but just in a laid back manner. In an ideal world, this would happen. In our world, assclowns would still find a way to ruin it and that sucks.

    Definitely a “fresh” post that, like Imraith, made me smile.

    • Hi JD, I know, no matter what kind of deterrent you use they just keep creeping in. Kind of like the mice we get in the basement in a bad winter, only difference is I don’t really mind the mice!

  3. We need to talk. 🙂

  4. Interesting.

    I will say now. It will never happen. Blizzard will never want to create borders between here audience (Well , not so directly). Also, who’s to say everyone won’t just check hardcore anyway.

    Also, ‘hardcore’ players reap what they sow (at times). They can bite themselves in the ass when another ‘hardcore’ ‘elitist’ comes along who may be better than them or have a different method of doing things. Then you have Clash of the Titans XD

    Though, I do grasp what you are getting at!

    – Jamin

    • Hi Jamin, yup, it will never happen. If I were able to roll on an EU server I would join Paranoid where all the nice people are, you know, you, Ernee, and where is that Ernee/Döra anyway. But since I can’t I’ll just dream about my hello kitty server, lol!

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