Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Into the Real World

From Amerence of Amerence Love WoW comes a really interesting shared topic.

We all know that we play WoW in a fantasy world, but I am just so curious to know What if your characters are ported to the Real world? Where will you stay, What Inn? What food to eat? What clothes are you going to wear? How will you use your powers to help others in what’s happening in our society nowadays.

My Druid has visited us before but never for more than a few hours. Since she planned on staying a few days this time I ordered her some clothes that might make her fit in a little better. I thought about lending her some but while I’m tall, I’m not THAT tall.

There was a little misunderstanding about housing. She thought the garden shed was to be her “cottage” but I assured her that a room in our house would be preferable. I didn’t want anything happening to the wildlife hanging around the shed. The dog’s reaction to her was not surprising. The one who thinks cats are playmates was interested in her, the one who thinks a good cat is a dead cat wouldn’t go near her.

After settling in she watched the evening news with us. She was appalled by a story of car-jackings and attacks on holiday shoppers at local malls, or as she put it, in our “trade district” and wanted to help. People being victimized during Winter Veil shopping got her growling at the TV which started the dogs barking, so we said, okay, okay, we’ll help.

The next day, after assuring my husband that she rode a chopper in Azeroth, he lent her his.  He also adjusted an old helmet to fit her ears and gave her directions to the trade district. We were a little worried as really, she is still just a noob in this world so we followed by car. I mean it took me ages to stop being a noob in her world so a little patience was in order.

When we all got to the the mall there was some discussion on how to best carryout her plan without causing drama and mayhem when shoppers saw a large feral cat walking the aisles. She came up with the clever idea of stationing herself in front of a toy store, where shoppers would think she was part of the display. She put a bow on her hair like she’d seen in a Hello Killy display to try to blend in.

Her idea seemed to be working, so my husband and I decided it would be okay to leave her for a few minutes to get coffee. Unfortunately (for him) a thief struck a shopper coming out of an electronics store across the way. She sprang into action. I little more action than was probably called for, but hey, she’s still a noob here.

We found her guarding the body of the thief waiting for the guards to come. The thief was still alive, just chewed up a little. I told her she should get back in the toy display and we’d wait for the guards. I really didn’t want to have to try to explain the giant cat. Luckily when security came, the poor man the thief had attempted to rob was so shaken up, his story of toy cats leaping to his rescue was chalked up to hysteria and no one was the wiser.

All in all, I think her day at the mall went quite well. A few more visits and I don’t think we’ll need to shadow her. She’s getting it, it’s like she just learned how to keybind. She’s a quick learner. Oh, and she really enjoyed the coverage that night on the news too, giant toy cats leaping to the rescue … really … if they only knew.

29 Responses to “Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Into the Real World”

  1. This is a sitcom that needs to happen. Just saying.

    Also, Druids as Mall Cops? Yes please!

  2. This is WONDERFUL – this could be explored so many ways. Gives fan fiction a whole new perspective! Thanks for the inspiration, and the photos are fantastic. I rock my imaginary horns, hooves, and tail every single day, clicking on the rage button when I am most unhappy angry face. If only others could see it, then at least they would be warned. Of my characters, the shaman and paladin are the most similar to me: if they came to visit, the shaman would be putting out her fire totems constantly to keep warm, the paladin would be arresting n’er do wells, the rogue would be looking for silver to pawn (sorry girl, none here), the priest would be reading steamy romance novels, and the hunter would be looking for the woods. (Now, to write!)

    • Thanks Matty! Oh! Maybe my shaman should visit us next, I could really use her fire totems around here in the winter. I’m afraid the heat pump just doesn’t cut it so I’m swathed in long johns and layers all winter.

  3. omg! ROFL I love the pictures! Druid looks so cute with the bow! ^_^ Very awesome post 😀

  4. I love this. Druids are AWESOME!

    • Hi Karengina! Yes, between you and me druids are my absolute favorite. But don’t tell, I don’t want the rest of my crew to find out, I can’t imagine the drama that would ensue, especially my warlock who has such a temper.

  5. Hearing of your Lady of the Wood’s adventures beyond the login portal to the real world was really entertaining and well told. Just imagine the initial shock and awe that she experienced when materializing as a 3D high definition living avatar. I am willing to bet that even the Ultra settings on her pix-elated graphics will hardly hold a candle anymore.

    I especially loved reading about her dueling the mall thief in Cat-form fashion. “Is that stuffed adorable kitty alive……oh no this is going to hurt,” had to be running in that guys mind. Stealth, pounce, rake, slash until crowd is controlled.

    By the way congratulations to your husband for farming the materials and hiring an engineer to craft him a sweet bike. Real life mounts really can be fun to ride. Just hope you can keep the repair costs down.

    *Miss riding down a country road with the wind in my hair. Leathers covering my body*….. sorry I digress.

    Great story perhaps we can hear more tales of visits from the other side of the login portal again.

    • Hi Draccus, I think some of my other characters are going to be visiting. If only to keep the peace, they think my druid is my favorite … pshaw … not true, I love them all … well, except maybe the DK miner.

      Oh! Digress away, I would love a free story! I missed my chance when he bought that, I should have said to him, only if you agree to play WoW with me!

  6. OMG, this is wonderful! I love the pictures! lol

    This being the first Shared Topic post of the week, I dare say you will be a hard act to follow.

    BTW, the bow is definitely a good look. *searches WoWhead for a head-piece drop to transmog*

    ~ Effy

  7. JD Kenada Says:

    This is bloody brilliant. Creative, original, and absolutely hilarious. As others pointed out, the pictures are icing on the cake. You should be incredibly proud of this.

  8. Heya Ancient,

    Your the first post on this topic that I thought its a really great idea, I’ve been so busy with raiding since i joined 25 man environment now. I need to catch up and post mine probably tmr. or friday since I am off. I can’t beat you with the pictures you posted that is so brilliant like how I would picture mine. Mind helping me edit my pics? haha! Anyway, Great Read and I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it for this week’s Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth! ❤

    • Oh no, thank you Amerence for the great topic! You did the hard part, coming up with the idea. Too busy because you’re raiding is a good thing!

      I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to when you visit the real world.

  9. Seriously outside the demographic… says it all ; )

  10. ROFL, loved every second of this and the amazing pics!

  11. LOL I love those pics Ancient! Personally love the bikie pic best, but the story is so cute too 🙂

    No offence to the other topic posters but this was the best!

    • Hi Navimie, thank you! Getting my non-gaming husband to take the bike pic was pretty funny. I told him I needed it for my druid to ride. He’s so used to this now he didn’t even ask what that meant.

  12. Only just caught up with this. It’s fantastic. I absolutely love the bike pic. Brilliant.

  13. This has got to be one of my favourite posts of all time. That is all 🙂

  14. Thanks Ancient for sharing your thoughts on this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, I thought this was an easy topic for me but it’s not I can’t even respond to my own idea on this. Especially editing the images etc. Sorry I failed on this one, but you sure did nailed it. and also it seems like its only you and kajite replied to this topic and no one else is interested with it. So sorry I failed on this one. Anyway This is was a good read. Don’t really know if I can post one tonight or tmr. but most likely not. >.<

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