Parental Control Woe

Well my Druid finally committed to an outfit. I like it; she looks like the sort of no-nonsense Druid you’d call to help out with a dragon infestation. Anyway, before this goes off track and turns into a pocket lint post, a few words about parental control and well, me.

First off, I am the parent. I parental controlled myself. Why? Why indeed. In retrospect I can’t believe I jumped on the hysteria bandwagon, I usually don’t do that kind of thing. Must have been a bad week. Back when the real id drama was at its peak, WoWinsider had a post saying that if you were worried about real id just turn on your parental control, they had instructions on how to do it, easy. Done. No worries now about being stalked, murdered in your sleep, stoned, tarred and feathered, whatever. I’m not sure why I thought this necessary as I don’t post on the forums anyway.

I think parental control is excellent for parents, I thought the post at WoWinsider was a great idea to calm the WoW masses but what I didn’t account for was me. When I started playing WoW, I didn’t give any thought to the email I signed up with. I used an email address that’s through the hosting company where I host websites. The hosting company had the greatest customer support ever. They became so great that a big hosting company bought them. They are now the worst hosting company ever. They block many addresses; they can’t KEEP THEIR COLDFUSION SERVERS … okay, sorry this isn’t about them. The problem is I can’t receive email from Battlenet.

I was blissfully unaware of this until my son-in-law said hey, we should real id each other and do Molten Core or something. Great! That would be great, I thought, and the epic struggle to uncontrol myself began.

There had been signs. I ordered Fraps and didn’t get the code to unlock it. I contacted them through PayPal and they had been sending it but my hosting company was blocking them. I didn’t think much of it until I logged into Battlenet and followed the instructions to receive the email which would allow me to remove parental control. Nothing happened. No email. At this point I email them again with a different browser, and another one. I emailed different times of day from different computers, still nothing. I know, I know, proving I’m insane according to Einstein.

By this time my son-in-law had moved on to other games so I kinda forgot about it. Recently, someone who I’d like to chat with asked if I’d like to share real ids. I had to explain the mess I’d gotten into, embarrassing. I tried the email approach again, nothing. I can’t change my WoW email by email since I won’t get the email. My hosting company deals with everything with the deny, then blame method. Of course they aren’t blocking my emails, they are probably in your spam folder, what else can we help you with today? Sigh … have I mentioned that I have developed issues about talking to customer support of any type? I have. It’s so bad I now have a phone phobia. When the phone rings I stare at it like it’s a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike. Sometimes I hesitate long enough that it stops ringing. Good, it was probably the pharmacy robovoice telling me I can get a flu shot. So with much trepidation I called Blizzard explaining the problem. I don’t know if I just got lucky or their support is that good but I managed to get my WoW email address changed with no problem.

Yay! Finally! I logged in and sent the email that would get me my instructions on how to turn off the FREAKING PARENTAL CONTROL … nothing … I got nothing. I’m guessing that while I did manage to change my login email the parental control email is still the one through my FREAKING TERRIBAD HOST.

I’m tired. I’ve stepped in the dog’s business of parental control but I don’t have the will right now to contact anyone’s customer support. I’m thinking of paying for a vent server to talk to people. It would be easier. The collective might of all the customer support departments has broken my will. I give up.

Anyway I just thought I’d share that cautionary tale in case you were thinking of using parental control. Want to use parental control? Control the urge. Or at least use an email address that won’t change, or won’t block half the world’s known IP addresses. Whew, got that out of my system. Now I’m going to go to a room with no phone and eat a bag of potato chips – all purpose therapy.

6 Responses to “Parental Control Woe”

  1. I do believe there is a form somewhere on Blizzard’s customer support site that will allow you to change your email address associated with your account without having to click the confirmation email sent to the old address. Or you can just call them.

    I had to do that because the original address I signed up to WoW with was through an old ISP that we got rid off, leaving me with no way to access that email address.

    Now I just use gmail for EVERYTHING. ^_^

  2. I so understand your customer service phobia…seems like every other day something new crops up where I need to untangle some thread or other that involves calling some customer service…and I just give up…leave the overcharge on my credit card, throw away the broken clock, give the pants that don’t fit to Goodwill…whatever. I just can’t deal with “customer service” anymore – it’s not worth the mental agony. And yes, I ❤ gmail too 🙂

    • I know, do you suppose that’s their plan? If customer service is bad enough they know we’ll give up. I spent hours on the phone impersonating my mother to cancel her Verizon services. I got 3 out of 4 done and finally told her to keep the cell service I couldn’t take it anymore, lol.

  3. Stlll going to keep this in mind in case I have over-armorous Night Elf hunters in PUGs.

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