SWTOR Early Access Vacation

Cyborg Bounty Hunter, yeah, I am a badass. I am badass personified; I am all that bad and more. As it turns out not so much, but more about that later. This is the lovely Zorah of Shadow Hand. I got my early access email yesterday morning and the whole rest of the day went out the window. We had to eat fried shoe leather for dinner as I skipped going to the grocery store. I’m sure I’ll calm down in a day or two.

It’s such a strange and sometimes wonderful feeling not to know what the heck is going on. While there is a lot of information out there if you get stuck, it’s not always easily accessible. When trying to google for information the guide sellers are the ones who prepared, so you get a lot of useless links coming up first.

I had read that you should stick to your class main quest line and I think I took that too seriously. I COULD NOT find the bounty hunter trainer anywhere. I think I probably missed a quest that would have sent me to them, in my dedication to only doing my main quest line. So for anyone like me, who had to do most of the early quests without training, the trainer is Zinny. If you were to come out of the Poison Pit where you start and run straight across, you will come to an area with armor merchants, Zinny is in the back of this area waiting to train you in the fine art of contract killing. At the time I wrote down the coordinates, but unfortunately I wrote a bunch down so hopefully these are the correct ones, -446,520.

At level six I got my companion Mako, who is wonderful. She heals me while I run around like a witless gerbil killing all the things. I am so bad. Um … my bounty hunter is level 7 now and the only points she’s received are for the light side. Absolutely no dark points. What kind of a bounty hunter is she anyway. She don’t need no stinking light points! Sigh … so like any true altoholic I made a Jedi Consular to see if she’d rack up dark points or light. She’s only level 3 so I can’t say yet.

My first impression is that I will pay for a subscription for both WoW and SWTOR for a while. Is it a WoW killer? Pssshaw, not for me, it’s new and fun and I’m going to be vacationing there for a while but I’m not leaving my crew in Azeroth. I’m just having a fling, I hope they understand.


10 Responses to “SWTOR Early Access Vacation”

  1. Cyborg Bounty Hunter all the way! 😀

    My CyBoHu is actually pretty grey. His only real rule is to finish the job you get hired to do. No bribes. No ‘take this and pretend you never saw me’ crap. So when Nem’ro wants a head – he gets a head. When someone wants their kid brother back? They get them back.

    Generally, he’s opposed to violence when it can be avoided, but when you’re hired to kill… well… you kill. So I think he’s currently overall at -50 at the moment, and just arriving at Dromund Kaas at level 12.

    Hope you enjoy your time in another galaxy! 🙂

    • Level 12! Your bounty hunter is really moving! I am enjoying the bounty hunter and the new galaxy. Haven’t played the jedi consular enough to know whether she’ll stay around.

      My bounty hunter doesn’t mind killing but she’s a little soft, she took a fake head back, sheesh, she needs to toughen up.

  2. I wish I had time to play SWTOR! I don’t think I do with all the time I invest in WoW…. I did make a bounty hunter in the beta test though, but your one looks hot 🙂 LOL a fling! Nice analogy 🙂

  3. Damn everyone are into this! another game to play? But im just getting tired of signing up for another game. after Aion, Rift and then this… after a few months i know its a new game, still end up playing WoW. oh well, thats just me. Anyway, great pic on your new venture with the new game. Good Luck!

  4. Have a good buddy from Whisperwind who’s starting SWTOR this week, and invited me to his guild–a wonderful compliment. I know he’ll be patient with me as well as I derp along, but I always secretly knew I was a Jedi Princess, deep in my heart. Keep us posted on your insights! I haven’t joined or done anything yet as far as SWTOR, but am planning on checking it out over the Christmas holidays. Was explaining to a mystified young druid the other day just what Star Wars meant to me–that was kind of tough to explain, but I said it was the first time a kid like me (at the time) had her own epic, ‘journey of the hero’ mythos in a time when there were no conflicts of any substance, and the real life heroes had all been dethroned. In other words, it was just cool. 🙂

    • I have a horrible memory but oddly I can remember perfectly standing in the lobby of the theater waiting to go in and see Star Wars. I was soooo excited. Funny what the mind decides is worth taking up storage space.

      I’m not making much headway now, I got my trades last night and I’m so taken with sending my companion out on trade missions I’m going to be broke soon!

  5. Grats on your adventures in space! I want to try the game, but I don’t even have time to play WoW 😦

    BlizzCon in October, just got back from Florida and I STILL havent finished the new bedroom. :p

    I remember when I came home from work and jumped into my games…seems so long ago!

    Good luck, though!

    • Thanks, I’m afraid my WoW characters are cooling their heels while I run around in space. But I look at it as a good way to stretch out the time until the next expansion.

      Oh no, the bedroom isn’t finished yet, well hopefully once it is you’ll be back to logging in when you get home.

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