It’s Greench Time!

Ah, she’s so cute. She wants to tell Greatfather Winter that she killed that old greench but she’s a little shy. Thanks to The Harpy’s Nest I knew that it didn’t matter who killed the greench, the sacks would become clickable once the greench was dead to complete the daily, You’re a Mean One… and she would finally get the achievement, Simply Abominable.

I wasn’t too hopeful. It was just before 7:00AM but I thought I’d go check. He was there with a group of people standing around. I thought I’d help when I realized they were standing around because they were all either hunters or mages. I thought about offering to tank (thoughts of total carnage running through my head, no contacts in yet) when a horde warrior showed up and we all got our Stolen Treats.

She has other holiday business to take care of; she just needs the hat to complete her Winter Garb Set. According to comments on Wowhead it looks like the hat still drops from Grand Magus Telestra as long as you do it on heroic so she’ll be spending some time in the Nexus trying for that hat. If it drops she can finally get ‘Tis the Season done!

So much to do, so little time … what? Real life? Oh go ahead, throw cold water on my Winter Veil excitement. Yeah, I have even more stuff to do irl, but priorities, we all have our priorities and right now mine is running the Nexus for that hat. I’ll finish wrapping later, really.

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