A WoW Christmas, or Else

Oh awkward … I should have seen this one coming. It appears that my Druid paid a visit to Dromund Kaas to tell the Bounty Hunter in no uncertain terms that I would be spending the holidays in Azeroth. It apparently got a little ugly what with the Bounty Hunter making remarks about how she loves to hunt big game, especially cats. Oh boy, not good. Can’t we just all get along?

Well, as I’ve come to find out the Bounty Hunter is really just all talk, and no matter what she does she just keeps racking up points for the light side, so it didn’t come to blows. And as long as my Druid doesn’t shift into cat form she’s usually pretty laid-back. So they finally agreed on the holiday arrangements, someone could have asked me, but whatever. I’ll do what’s needed to keep the peace. I’m just happy the Druid approached the Bounty Hunter rather than the Sith Warrior—that would not have gone well.

So it’s settled I’ll be celebrating the holidays in Ironforge. The Druid likes to be first in line when Greatfather Winter starts handing out the presents. So happy holidays to all and may all your holiday drops be epic!

5 Responses to “A WoW Christmas, or Else”

  1. Merry Christmas Ancient! May your Christmas be filled with joy, blessings, gifts, food and all that stuff haha! Anyway, Have a Prosperous New year too! =)

  2. Well, since Santa (grumpy Capricorn that he is) refuses to help me with a new PC, and we are keeping Mac kosher, I will not be able to play SWTOR any time soon. This saddens me, but sometimes ya just can’t fight that old elf. Hope there are lots of goodies under the tree for you!

    • Oh no, I was hoping to see you there. Luckily we’re a bi-puter family, my husband’s the Mac. Trouble with Macs is they never, ever break down so his is ancient. I’ve heard you can run SWTOR on a Mac with Boot Camp but you have to buy a Windows operating system.

      A Merry Christmas to you, Matty!

  3. Well, we’ll see if I can soften up Santa. I do tend to get my way – 🙂 Love our Macs, but still….will keep you posted!

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