Ask The Ancient — SWTOR L2P Vendor

I hadn’t planned on another “Ask the Ancient” so soon, but I was so excited about the “swtor L2P vendor” search term today that I thought I’d post about it in the hope that someone out there knows where he’s located. I know I could really, really, use a vendor who sells L2P. I’m pretty lazy, I mean I do visit sites and try to research my characters, but I’m afraid if they aren’t dying excessively I tend to just phone it in. I hope this is true, I hope whoever typed in this search term is correctly informed and there really is a vendor who will be able to sell me some L2P. Got my fingers crossed.

Well go ahead, tell me I told you so. Yes, I should have seen this coming. I’m now getting “swtor nude” search terms. Well I said I’d answer questions and I guess this is a legitimate concern to people so I don’t want it said I didn’t come through for anyone, so here. Your SWTOR nude.

Bowdarr agreed to model for me although he absolutely refused to take that harness thingy holding his weapons off. But anyway, I think this counts, I’ve fulfilled someone’s desires and that’s what matters here at Ask the Ancient.

I have to admit my favorite question isn’t WoW or SWTOR related.

“i don’t know what is the cheese doodles” Ta Da!! Is that not great?

I really don’t think there’s any mention of cheese doodles in WoW or SWTOR but someone with deeper lore knowledge might be a better source for this kind of question. Me, I think it’s cause I once said something about my blog being the epicurean equivalent of a cheese doodle. So anyway, it’s a bright orange, puffy, curly, junk food. Just say no.

Okay, I’m going to wrap up with a question that’s appearing more and more often now. I can only give you the Empire location as there’s a queue on the server my Republic characters are on right now, but I’m betting he’s right there on the Republic Fleet too.

He’s down the stairs across from the Galatic Trade Market. There have also been requests for the “speeder trainer” but I learned speeder training from my regular bounty hunter trainer at level 25 so I don’t know if there is an actual speeder trainer, I would guess not.

And oh, if anyone else is flying across space wasting gas like I was. You can redeem your planet commendations right there on the fleet. While I was looking for the speeder vendor I found those guys, I had been flying back to the planet I had commendation for, geez. Save your gas, they’re all on your Fleet ship.

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