SWTOR — Cyborg Companion Pet

Horrifying isn’t he, yike! Oh hey, it could happen, I mean there are cyborgs in SWTOR why not cyborg companion pets? Okay so there aren’t really cyborg dog pets yet in SWTOR, I may have fudged that a little. This picture was actually therapy for me. When one of our dogs was a mere pup he was as destructive as a platoon of bounty hunters, chewing through our house at an alarming rate. I think after he chewed the leg off the dining room table I went upstairs and did this to vent. The part of the cyborg that’s actually my dog is the lovely brown eye.

I really hadn’t planned on saying anything today but I woke up this morning and checked my blog stats and I was ecstatic! 510 page views yesterday! Unbelievable! Yay! Thank you kind readers! Hey, this is exciting to me. I’m not a cool kid. I’m never going to be featured on WoW Insider, so to me this is one big whoop!

I was somewhat bemused by the traffic, I mean even I wondered what the hell they were doing but I finally got to the bottom of it. SWTOR speeder vendor. The magic keyword. So I can’t give you fine writing but I have decided to become the SWTOR Faxzinator! Your one-stop shop for SWTOR facts. So I admit the whole cyborg pet thingy was a scam the following facts are not. I went and got them for you just to say thank you for yesterday.

Smuggler Fact

Sometimes I don’t know how I manage to level in game. I tend to run around looking at all the sights and I’m totally oblivious to the really important things like my skills. Emergency Fleet Pass! How cool is that! I have another Smuggler on another server who is about level 15 and I didn’t know she had this. I accidentally found it when clicking the general tab instead of smuggler. A free get out of jail card. I used it just so I could let you know it is indeed on an 18 hour cooldown but still, great to have.

Since I was there thanks to my Emergency Fleet Pass, I ran around and found the location of the Republic speeder vendor too, out of gratitude to those 510 people. Pretty much same location as on the Imperial Fleet.

So there, some SWTOR facts for my precious, precious, 510. Okay, one scam companion pet but two true things so it kinda balances out. I love you guys, you are my BFFs!


Come back again, I’ll serve virtual cookies!

2 Responses to “SWTOR — Cyborg Companion Pet”

  1. So, yesterday I was reading my traffic locations to my cross-dressing rogue and he said maybe Chris Metzen was reading it. Maybe.

    You just never know, Tome. You just never know.

    (My response was if Mr. Metzen was smart he would be reading blogs like ours.)

    In any case, you should be featured — you’re wonderful!

    • Oh, thank you Matty. I think we share the same sense of humor not to mention music selection!

      My new BFFs are very quiet. Just after the facts or maybe shy, I can relate to shy.

      I did spend the day in Azeroth, this commuting thing between galaxies is a little rough but worth it!

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