Remembering Theramore Isle

No matter how much fun I was having, it was time to jump off the SWTOR speeder train and get down to serious business. I keep thinking I have plenty of time to document Theramore Isle but I don’t want to get complacent and be taken by surprise. If your first trip to Theramore is by ship from Menethil Harbor, the docks will be your first stop.

On arrival, one of the quests will send you to the Lighthouse to talk to Babs Fizzletorque. Although Wowhead has this quest chain marked as deprecated, I was able to accept and complete the chain much to my delight. I wanted to bid farewell to Tethyr.

I was feeling thirsty so I stopped by the Inn to have a few pints and rest up for my showdown with Tethyr. There’s always someone around to enjoy a few with you.

Found some trainers relaxing in front of the fire, telling tall tales of adventurers who had never returned from a search for forked turtle tongues. An unlikely story, but enjoyable. Forked turtle tongues indeed.

I headed to the kitchen to see if I might convince the cook to … Eeeuuuwww! Eeeuuuwww! Oh no, I did not just see that. Forget the kitchen, we’ll forget we ever saw that. Apparently the Kalimdor Health Department doesn’t make regular stops here in Theramore.

Outside the Inn sits Smiling Jim. I always stop to talk to him, poor Jim. If you do the quest chain to find out who burned the Inn between Dustwallow Marsh and the Barrens you’ll learn his sad story. Will he survive the attack on Theramore … would he care.

Across the way are the endlessly training troops. They must be in complete readiness by now, I’ve never seen such dedication. Will they get a chance to defend Theramore bravely, or will it be a surprise attack. Only time will tell but I hope they get a chance.

And oh, here’s that sadistic bastar … um … the good Doctor Gustaf Van Howzen who gives you the quest Triage. I remember back in the day, doing that over and over. Then a line would form and I’d have to quit and come back later and try again, so the traffic wouldn’t back out the door. Hey Doc, hope you make it out okay.

Dustwallow Marsh and Theramore Isle were revamped by Blizzard in Patch 2.3.0, for me it went from a zone to bypass to one I really enjoyed. I will miss it. One of my characters spent a lot of time there leveling fishing by the lighthouse.

I worry about all the vendors that make their living on Theramore Isle. Will we be saddened by the deaths of NPCs we came to know like we were by the destruction of Auberdine. Will they have warning?

What about Timothy Worthington, the tailoring trainer. I hope I find him well, with a new shop in Stormwind come The Mists of Pandaria.

Just about everything can be had in Theramore if you have the gold. A full-service stable with mounts and trainer right there in Dustwallow Marsh. A portal trainer in the tower, a vendor with special patterns, anything an adventurer could possibly need.

Beautiful mornings, the sea birds flying. You could take a short swim to Tidefury Cove and visit Nat Pagle and possibly earn yourself Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole.

And Lady Jaina Proudmoore. I don’t know about you, but to me it looks like she might have a feeling that trouble is on the way. What will her part in it be? Jaina has been through so much already I think she’ll be prepared for whatever the coming attack brings.

Only one thing left to do. Bring down the dreaded sea monster Tethyr. With the help of the cannons and twelve brave soldiers we defeated Tethyr with ease … and um … the character I used was level 85 which might have helped a little.

I couldn’t help myself, I tried a few times to warn them. Get out while you still can, there’s to be an attack! Theramore will be destroyed! But duty holds them there, they would not be swayed.

I’ll probably visit again before Theramore is history—give one last warning. But I can now rest easy that I will have a visual record to come back to. To remember Theramore the way that it was.

23 Responses to “Remembering Theramore Isle”

  1. What a good idea! In all the excitement about all the new things coming with Mists, I’d kind of forgotten that Theramore would be going away. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures – you’ve reminded me that I should go take some of my own while there’s still time. 🙂

    • You’re quite welcome Tzufit! There are a few places in Azeroth that I occasionally go to … well, just sit there and look at. Theramore was one of those places even before I knew it was going away. On this visit I even found two mounts I hadn’t bought yet!

  2. I really wish they were going to invade any zone but this. I love Theramore and the marsh around it. Hopefully it won’t be razed to the ground and I can still hang out in the ruins as the sun sets, killing Horde.

    • I know, there are so many places I’d gladly surrender to them but I guess they want a port city. Yes, while I was there I kept wondering what parts might survive unscathed and hoping for the best.

  3. Hey great post!

    I remember going there on my Human Priest esp. for the tailoring guy. The pics bring back memories… pre-flying of course 😛

    • I know, it’s full of “back in the WoW day” for me too. Especially that darn Triage quest, I thought I’d never be able to leave there. And that was back when bandages were still really useful so I HAD to complete it lol!

  4. Loved this post! I remember doing that Triage quest on Saz back in the day…horrible. It was horrible! I officially gave up on First Aid for my shaman until that whole silly achievement system came into play and they gave achievement points for having maxed First Aid skills. *hrmph* I also recall spending a good chunk of time first trying to find Nat Pagle, and then doing all of those silly things he made us do to get a fishing pole…or fishing skill…or whatever it was that he gave us (I can’t remember! I just know that when I think of him, I somehow think of my Salty title, and it’s just alllll fishing all the time!).

    It’s sad that the residents of Theramore won’t heed the warnings given to them. Then again, maybe they have Chicken Little syndrome, except we’re the chickens. “The sky ain’t fallin’ ya big chicken. Now go out there and get us some lasher oil.”

    Thanks for reminding me that I really must get out there sometime very soon!

    • Thanks Saz! I was so happy to find I had an 85 who hadn’t done these quests, so yesterday was a nostalgia trip through Theramore. Except I think she made a rude gesture at the good doctor, and I don’t really think she warned him like she did the others.

      I kept thinking there’s time but keep seeing predictions of summer release for Mists and thought something might happen sooner than that to Theramore so I wanted to be safe.

  5. These are gorgeous, and of course, it’s not just about this virtual world, but all places we love and the inevitable changes.

    As far as the rat, perhaps he is a Ratatouille-esque character, and is helping chop onions?

  6. Outstanding round up there!

    Brilliant scrrens, ttention to the finest of details too, not forgetting the Tethyr!

  7. Oh My Gosh!

    A really great post Ancient, and with such a beautiful pictorial record of our beloved Theramore. The memories of all those adventures came rushing back as a great flood. tbh, I hated that Triage quest so much after so many failures, I never did go back for it. And Tethyr kept qlitching so much, he probably took a good 5 or 6 tries. But it was all fun back then and will be dearly missed.

    I hope Blizz at least has some lead-in where we can at least be part of whatever attack is coming.

    • Thanks Sol, yes, I remember coming back and scouring the area for quests when I was working on the Loremaster and I was so surprised to find the revamp had been that long ago as it seems only recent to me.

      I’m just guessing, well hoping maybe that the lead up to Mists will have some kind of action we’ll be in on in the area, I’d hate to just install Mists and find it gone.

  8. Oh god! great post Ancient, Theramore holds lots of memories for me as well, not just that but its a connection for both worlds riding a ship from Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor Islands. Yes indeed I remember doing the First Aid quest Triage with both of my toons my rogue and priest. Like Saz was saying it was horrible. lolx, Anyway, Lots of great memories in this Island it’s one of those places that You will never forget because of quest lines, npcs, Lady Jaina Proudmore who will forget her? and many others as you all described here. thanks for sharing this its nice to look back and remember the place how great it is, hope they can still hold and defend from any attacks coming. =)

    • Lol, I’m so relieved to find out I wasn’t the only one who had issues with Triage!

      Oh, you’re right, the first ship to a new area was always magic.

      Me too, I’m cheering for Theramore to defend all attackers!

  9. JD Kenada Says:

    I’m so glad you included Tethyr in this. I remember the first time I even saw someone doing the quest I was in freakin’ awe of it. Then I did it myself and I’ve continued to do it several times as it’s really amazing. When other people are around to help it’s one of those little things that feels like you’re accomplishing something together (even if you can solo it…at the appropriate level).

    Lore wise, the Alliance must be taking something back soon otherwise between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms there are only Menethil harbor and Rut’theran Village/Darnassus/Draenei Isle left. Theramore’s getting sacked and anyone who took on the Greench this year got a friendly reminder of the warm fuzzy glow coming from Southshore these days…

    • Oh JD, I think you’re on to something. I had forgotten about Southshore and Menethil Harbor’s in pretty bad shape after Deathwing.

      Do you think the Horde really is Blizzard’s favorite and the whole destruction of Theramore thing is a ruse to distract us from a combined attack elsewhere?

      • JD Kenada Says:

        No, I think it’s war. You win some, you lose some. I think Theramore Island is honestly going to be a launch point where Jaina no longer tries to remain neutral and also becomes a real beacon of power for the Alliance. So long as she doesn’t Mary Sue to the level Thrall did this expansion, I’m looking forward to that.

        Some will argue the Alliance is favored, and others say the Horde. It’s all relative and perception. Who’s to say the Blue & Yellow don’t sack Stonard or Grom’Gol? I don’t think you’re going to see the world changes (in terms of faction control) that we saw in Cataclysm, but don’t be surprised if there’s some give and take. Let’s be honest, Jaina’s response aside, Varian thinks incredibly highly of her and this action by the Horde will not go without response.

        I just plan to enjoy the ride.

  10. Questing through Theramore/Dustwallow Marsh (and taking lots of screenshots along the way) from the Alliance perspective (I’ve played through the zone several times as Horde) is pretty close to the top of my “bucket list” (such as it is) right now. I’ve already got an appropriately leveled alt parked there waiting for me to spend some free time doing it.

    • Oh, you’ll enjoy it. I appreciated it more this time not knowing what will survive and it brought back good memories.

      This was the top of my “bucket list” but now I’m stuck on what to do next. I think I owe it to my Forsaken Warlock to get her to 85. She’s been patiently waiting in Dalaran for another alt to return her heirloom weapon.

  11. Loved your post!

    I will have to make my way there. I don’t want to be taken by surprise by its demise! (hey that ryhmed!)

    Man… I HATED that Triage quest!!! I REALLY shouldn’t, however, cause I did it on 3 or 4 characters and each time I someone showed up and we grouped up to complete it. I’m just really glad I can level my First Aid without stepping into the mad doctor’s practice! Muhahahahaaaa!…ahem.

    I hate the fact that Theramore is going away! But if Alliance had to give up a stronghold, I’d rather it be Theramore than Stormwind again!

    Since we are giving up territories, why don’t we reclaim and refurbish Stormgarde or Lordareon? Sure, Lordaeron would be a real mess to clean up, but it seems wrong that the kingdom should stay in ruin especially since the last Good King of the original human kingdoms is buried there. At least with Stromgarde, you just have to get rid of some ogres and uppity humans.

    As far as Jaina Proudmoore, I’m sure she will survive. After all, she’s a powerful mage! She can port out whenever she wants… unless it is a surprise attack. (of course)

    • Hi Zaren, good to hear you again. That’s a great idea, I mean I don’t begrudge the Forsaken their town but I really would like to see it cleaned up.

      I imagine Stromgarde would be the best bet, like you said handling the ogres and bad guys shouldn’t take much.

      Yeah, I think we’re all hoping that crazy doc doesn’t get out of Theramore!

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