My WoW Wishlist — WWRD101: Class Syllabus

Yup, it’s time for another one of my harebrained schemes. The other day I once again had NPCScan go off while I was flying on a rental bird. I rarely see rares any other time. I really want Blizzard to implement an eject button but I’m sure someone’s already addressed that, so I won’t go there.

Blizzard didn’t pick up on my last raid learning tool so this time I’ll approach it differently. This time my WoW Wishlist is directed at the players, so I’m more hopeful. There would be no upfront costs to a player, unlike my wishes directed at Blizzard. You would MAKE MONEY, gold or real, your choice. Yeah, really! Are you excited? Want to hear more?

I’ll admit that some of my ideas are based on how cool I think a picture to illustrate it might be but this idea, I’m really serious about. I’ve been reading posts about how difficult it is to learn raids in an unfriendly environment, or with no direction. Whether in pugs groups or guild raids it can be difficult to learn on the job. Everyone wants you to leap into raiding with complete knowledge about every raid combined with razor sharp skills. People complain that there aren’t enough skilled raiders, but there won’t be, if they can’t learn in at least a moderately enjoyable way. This is where you come in!

Keep in mind I KNOW NOTHING about raiding. I probably never will, but it seems some enterprising and skilled raiders have a unique opportunity here to make some money. Open a raiding school, charge real money or gold. Okay, you’d have to look into the whole legality thing here. I’m not going to rain on my parade worrying about stuff like the law, but really, would that not be the greatest thing ever.

But you can’t just be a great raid leader with a lot of information to share. People skills will be involved. This has to be billed as a polite, patient, informative environment to learn in. Real constructive criticism is expected, but absolutely no MOAR DOTS! MOAR DOTS! (NSFW) Participants must respect the rules. No nerdraging allowed, no name calling, no blaming anyone for anything. Anyone doing so will be immediately suspended from school. It will go on your permanent record. No exceptions.

I know I would enroll. Gold or real money, your call. I’d sign up. Anyway, think about it and if you decide to start one, let me know. I’ll be there. Fenris, 10:00AM to 4:00PM. weekdays. Oh hell, if you wait for me I’ll even roll on your server.

8 Responses to “My WoW Wishlist — WWRD101: Class Syllabus”

  1. A friend of mine had a similar idea, starting a guild based on teaching and having different levels of membership – raid leaders and teachers, those there to learn and then casuals, friends, whatever. The only problem was, neither he nor I were good raid leaders. The end of my comfort level was being healer lead. We tried to find someone to raid lead, and that was a debacle in itself.

    But believe me, if I could get behind a raid leader interested in this – I would help out in a heartbeat. Because I agree with you: you have to know the raids to raid, but how do you learn the raids in the first place??

    Luckily, I have found a guild that was willing to take me in when I was in a less than prime position to restart raiding and helped me gear up.

    Granted, I already had all the basics. But if we were to go back into Firelands, I would be completely lost. 😛

    ~ Effy

    • Your friend’s idea sounds great, but I would imagine finding a skilled and patient raid leader is not that easy to do. I understand that skilled raid leaders want to enjoy raiding, not to spend all their time wrangling a bunch of newbies.

      The first guild I joined in WoW was wonderful, I would have learned a lot from them but the officers packed up one night and returned to their original server, lol, teaching us wasn’t as fun as they thought it would be.

      I’m glad you found the right guild when you wanted to start raiding again!

      I thought maybe the lure of big bucks paid in Guardian Cubs perhaps might seduce some natural leader into starting a raiding 101 school!

      • And perhaps it still shall! If you come across such a wonderful person, definitely keep us up to date! I imagine you would find a number of people willing to get behind such a raid leader. 🙂

        ~ Effy

  2. First of all, Tome, you scare me sometimes. Great minds and all that? That is what made me miss Xak so much the other night . I even was putting together my “fantasy football” team of raid members. But every leader has their quirks, as do players. I’m sure some responses you may get will be that there is the PTR, and simply practice and research. However, I never really learned anything from a video except affirmation for things I learned the hard way (i.e., Oh, that’s why I died then…and then…and then) Like all efforts, an agreement and clear expectations ahead of time are what matter. Maybe someday I’ll try my own hand at raid leading, but for now, it’s too parallel to real life. I have often thought/dreamed of starting a WoW School for Wayward Girls or something like that. Maybe I’ll steer the content of the blog in that direction in future posts.

    • Oh, WoW School for Wayward Girls sounds promising! I guess part of the problem is that we all learn in different ways. Some can learn from reading a detailed guide, some visually, but some of us need to actually do it.

      My problem is I have a hard time learning to “do eet” while being showered with invective, it’s distracting, lol.

      I’ve always thought that the time of day that I’m on was the problem but reading posts it seems it happens to people playing at prime time too.

      I can’t remember where I read this but I’m hoping it’s true. The blog posited that the elitists and meanies would be so offended by Pandas that they’d all leave WoW, one can only hope!

  3. Well, judging by what I witnessed at Blizzcon, I wouldn’t count on it. But: They’ll all be too busy playing Diablo IIi anyway. It does seem incongruent to take a panda bear and make him ‘mean.’

    It is the nature of randomness: even last night tried to take healer again, but this time she was the victim of the dps crew being sorely lacking in skills. Funny thing, that, just can’t keep a mage doing 4k with PVP shoulders alive for long, gasping *intelligence strong…mana….weeeeeeakkkk…..*

    • I was sure there was a post about you sneaking on the interwebs at work a moment ago and I was going to ask if you’re sneaking on at work. But there isn’t so I must be hallucinating again.

      May the mana be always strong within you padawan.

      • Oh…I am home today, blasting Nazi Zombie Dust Bunnies Who Made Me Watch Suckerpunch the Other Night with my trusty shark-with-lasers vacuum cleaner.

        Those are some mean damn bunnies.

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